Hysteric Glamour

It's been so cold these past few weeks!  maybe its the after effects of the hurricane! Fall is here I feel it in my bones! I am secretly excited for Fall, but I am sad that summer is coming to an end! no more cook outs, outdoor water parks, and sun tanning and all that fun stuff that summer brings! Oh well! I bought this top at a random boutique. I loved the picture and the fact that it said  LOVE ALL KINDS OF HAIR (because I am a hairstylist) just thought it was a cool top so I bought it! 

I paired the top with my cut offs, because I wanted to be more on the casual side!

A little jewelery to complete the look and VOILA I'm done! 
xoxo Ty


Betsey Johnson: heels
random: top
American Eagle: shorts
BCBG: clutch
Random: jewelery


In The Name Of Stripes....

I was threatened by one of my followers to hurry up and do a post already! LOL so here it is! Anyways I have been M.I.A for a minute! This month has been an extremely busy one! With back to school shopping, a new part time job, and my hair gig, I'm just all over the place! Seriously need to get more organized! 
Sorry I didn't take pics of my Blonde hair it was a disaster! I didn't end up toning it or should I say I procrastinated, its now a red brownish color, under my wig, I promise i will tweet a pic but I'd rather not! It's a Hot Ass Mess if u ask me! 

I love this stripe top and I've been literally wearing it with everything! It's slowly taking the place of my white h&m top LOL  I've worn it at least 3 times for the week! And this Old Navy utility vest is bananas! I actually stole it from my sister and you know how that goes, it's now mine! LOL 
Overall, life is good, just hectic! I will try my best to post more often but things will be back to normal as soon as school starts! I used to love back to school shopping as a kid, unfortunately my lil one doesn't and I feel like I literally have to drag her around the mall with me! NOT FUN! 
Hope you all enjoy what's left of the week, and stay tuned for more pics... I'm actually going to a dinner party this weekend so some really dressy pics coming soon! .....
xoxo Ty


Zara: kids striped top,shorts
Old Navy: Utility Vest, belt
Micheal Kors: watch
Vince Camuto: Heels
Oliver Peoples: Sunglasses


Something New, Something Thrifted, Something Owned, Something Gifted!

So it's been a while since I've done an outfit post, I promise you guys that I will get on it ASAP I just have lots of pics to sort through, and watermark! It's always hard narrowing down to 8 pics! Sometimes I cheat and add an extra 2 pics If i really like how they turned out, where as other days I hate them so much that I don't even want to do a post! LOL 
Zara crotchet dress
Steve Madden sandals
 Thrifted from Value Village
Anyways this is a post on what I've been wearing as well as a few new purchases! I love all these items and wish I could wear them everyday! Enjoy and stay tuned for more pics!! 
Thrifted clutch from Value Village &Hermes belt
Prada heels and dress from Marshall's
Urban Outfitters two toned Oxford, Bazaar and Elle Magazines
H&M shorts

xoxo Ty



So this outfit totally took a turn for the worst! I felt like a complete grandma! Sorry this is not a recent picture, will upload new pics as soon as I watermark them! However I was a bit reluctant in posting these! What I originally planned to wear with this skirt was my black bustier and my big gold buckle belt! However It wasn't the right time and place for the outfit so I switched it up with my "go to top" you know the one that I've been wearing all summer! LOL oh well.... It's funny how the top changed the entire look of this outfit! My daughter looked up at me and said "Mom the top has to go" OK thanks for the encouraging words! 

 I love this skirt! Its so sheer and the color is perfect for fall! The length is definitely something new for me, I never do the pass the knee Length skirts, but it's something different and I'm loving it!

On another note I wanted to say a BIG thank you to all those who have been supporting me, your kind words, and support really means a lot! In my last post I mentioned about the bloggers wardrobe project! For those of you that were completely lost, it's basically just a opportunity for fashion bloggers to work on major projects involving fashion, traveling and meeting with other fashion bloggers! Totally Inspirational if you ask me! 

xoxo Ty


Bedo: skirt
Betsey Johnson: heels
H&M: top, clutch
Micheal Kors: Watch


Bloggers Wardrobe Project

Opportunities come once in a lifetime, or when you least expect it! Every fashion blogger dreams about traveling the world, trying on the latest trends, and just the overall experience of what it has to offer! I recently received an email from bloggers wardrobe project where I was carefully selected for this opportunity. I feel that I am very deserving of this! I have proved that I am a fashion chameleon and my style is forever evolving!


BDIB: Arm Candy

Went out the night before, and I totally forgot to upload these pics! Sorry I focused more on the arm wear than the outfit, but I was wearing plane old jeans and a black tank! I spiced up my  outfit with lots of colorful and assorted bracelets of all shapes and sizes, since my outfit was all neutral colors! I also opted for a patterned clutch to break it up a bit! I loved the finishing result and I have the cutest outfit in mind that would look so awesome! Stay Tuned........ 

xoxo Ty


Guess: colorful Bracelets
Aldo: gold cuffs
Ardene: Lucite bangle
J Brand: jeans
H&M: tank
Miu Miu: heels (not seen)



I've missed talking to you guys.....Sorry I've been M.I.A for a while! You can just imagine how far behind I am  in my blog readings and comments! Give me some time to catch up!  I needed to take a tiny break away from blogging to focus on me! Life can be totally unfair at times, leaving you feeling helpless and confused! I've been fighting this emotional battle for quite some time!  No one will ever feel your pain the way you feel it! In other words you gotta look out for yourself before you look out for any one else! 
Without getting to deep, My sis and I was having a conversation and she said something that put a smile on my face!  "Smile even though your heart is breaking" It Might not be the best thing to do when you feel like shit but it just showed me that was her way of saying 
"Be strong!" It feels good to know that you can count on a few when you need them the most! My circle is not very big, but I do appreciate every last one of the people that surround me daily! And they know who they are!
Sorry for ranting and turning this into a depression post but you guys have become part of me, it's like a second audience of people that has become a part of your life and I'm as real as they come I don't make my life seem as if its perfect to the outside world neither is my life an open book! So sorry but you're stuck with me! :) 

On another note I'll be fine and I'm so happy to be back! Can't wait to share my outfits with you! We had a long weekend here in Toronto, and there was so much to do! Haven't had that much fun in a long time! The weather here is great and I'm really just enjoying it before it comes to an end, Although I'm secretly excited for fall! The stores are already bringing in their fall collections and as much as I love color its a bit refreshing to see the army greens, and Burgundy colors for fall! I'm predicting that I will be wearing lots more dresses with tights and heels rather than jeans and thigh high boots through out fall! Stay tuned......
xoxo Ty


Bcbg: Top
Club Monacco: shorts
Aldo: Sandals
American Eagle: Belt
F21+H&M: Accessories
LV: Purse
Micheal Kors: Watch