Hope every one is enjoying the week thus far! I've had a very busy and productive week! Don't you just love it when you can cross everything off your to do list? Yes I make lists, It's the only way to keep sane and remember what I need to do through out the day! I swear to you if I don't make a list my entire day falls apart, and I'm running around like a chicken  with its head cut off! 

It's been a rainy week here in Toronto! Bah! Not complaining because its better than snow! And the sun does come out occasionally, allowing me to sneak in some pics just at the right time!  (thank you) Cause if anyone knows Tysha James you know that my hair and rain don't mix! My hubby says isn't that all women? Uh no! I've seen plenty of women walk around in the rain and couldn't care less if it poured on their head! Just let the tiniest drop of water touch my hair and I'm running for cover like I just saw a bomb! Don't you hate it when you get a fresh perm/relaxer and water touches your hair! Not a cute look! 

#Quit playing Face...(my hubby kept saying the rain is coming down run for cover! he already knows I don't play that! )
Anyways this dress reminds me of those lifesaver candies! hence the name of the post! Do they even sell those anymore? I love this dress its a new purchase from h&m I was going to get the top version to it but then I saw the dress which was a better buy! I paired it with my BCBG heels to tone down all the colors going on! I originally wanted to wear my Prada's but I decided to give them a break! They've been on some heavy rotation this this week and last! 

#Hair Problems who would have thought! So I've been on Tumblr a lot lately in search of some hair inspiration! I'm dying to switch up my hair but I've done almost everything You can possibly think of. Any suggestions? They are much needed! Please and Thank You

Anyways I'm gone to attend my motherly duties.. LOL I don't know what they'd do without me.. 

This is a normal day at my house, don't know how I deal! 

Daughter; Mom where's my back pack, where's my DS
Hubby; Where's my keys, what jeans did I wear yesterday, where's all my clean socks
Baby Dee; walks around the house attached to my leg all night long!
Sigh...... goodnight 
xoxo Ty


H&M; dress
Winners; Jacket
Bcbg; heels


  1. Love the stripe on stripe action.:)

  2. Gorgeous dress! I need one in my life!

  3. You are so right about getting out of the rain…can’t ruin that hair do! This dress is to cute and love the bag. I wish we had a H&M.

  4. I have seen this dress before and truly want it in my closet. It looks spectacular on you. And I get nervous even if it's windy;)

  5. I LOVE this dress it reminds me of sherbet. it is so cute paired with that jacket! You look FAB!

    P.S. thanks for the hair tips. Have you worn the big puffy or wavy hair?

  6. Love this outfit! The jacket really looks great with it.

  7. i love everything about this look! :)))

  8. Love this look!Buying the dress was indeed, a better choice. I hear you about the hair...same here:-s xoxo

  9. Dress is beautiful..I need to pay H&M a visit.


  10. HI:=)
    Amazing colorful dress!!
    I was enjoining academic week,that's the reason of my lack of posts.
    Everytghing is fine with you?

  11. love the look!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :))

  12. Loving the dress....super cute!

  13. I saw the shirt in H&M, but did not see the dress. I love it!!! Its the perfect fit on you. I love how you toned the colors down with neutral colored heels & trench. I def feel you on that hair thing. Wet hair is a no-no


  14. I am so glad I found your blog! I love this look, I am a striped addict, and I love the combo with the neutrals. Good work girl!

    btw I have the same MK watch, gift from my hubby too! You two have good taste :-)

  15. love this dress..just bought it from hm online...just waiting to get it!

    look good on you :)



  16. love the outfit... i want that dress. Girl i use to run when i seen rain but i go with God wants my hair curly and i let it get wet... lol

  17. i love the outfit. and i agree 100% about the rain and the hair. the right side of my hair is puffy bc the rain got to it. UGH!! had a fresh perm too...smh! hope the sun visits you soon :-)


  18. LOL, Ty you just make me wanna come to Canada and hang out with you! YOu crack me up.

    I want that dress and I keep passing on it everytime I go to H&M. I coldn't think if how I was gonna wear it without looking 12, but seeing it on you it looks very modern and fresh. Watch it not be there next time I go to H&M. Ugh! Lol.

    Eboni Ife'

  19. Love this dress on you and how you put the look together! I must stop by H&M soon! lol

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  20. I love this dress! Love the colors, love the shape.

    Please check out my blog at iloveallthingsfashion.com

  21. I absolutely love that outfit, I'm going to hm today to find that dress. Just beautiful

  22. I love this dress and the belt! Your hair is fab too! Very cute!


  23. You look like so cute and not in a kiddie kinda way but a Real Housewife going to meet the girls for lunch kinda look. You known LifeSavers will never go out of style and hun you have lots and lots and lots of style :)

  24. This dress gives me life! LIFE I TELL YOU! See, I need you to be H&M pusher. We don't have one in Houston. I need to set up some type of arrangement so you can pick me up goodies!