All I Want For Christmas, Is You...

  Michael Kors Chronograph Gold Tone Bracelet Watch
Acne Tasseled Loafers
Alexander Wang Bag
Forever 21 Wool Felt Fedora
Forever 21 Squiggle Sweater Top
Forever 21 Gingham Bustier Top 
Olivers People Sunglasses
Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Suede Lace Wedge Bootie , 
& Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Colorblock Wedge

Ebony & Ivory

Le Chateau Vest. Club Monaco Shorts, Leopard H&M Scarf, B2 Knee High Boots 

Day two of Christmas shopping and already I'm exhausted. Right now, I'm wishing that I had a personal assistant ! lol lol yeah right!What does your inner fashionista think?

Real Vs. Steal

I decided to add a Real Vs. Steal post on my blog , simply because designer clothing is hella expensive ! I absolutely adore this article of clothing . Alexander Wang is such a talented designer. When I saw this dress, I wanted it ASAP ! Lol, problem is, it's too expensive. I am a big fan of Bebe, and I saw this for less ! This is for all the girls out there who know what I'm talking about ! Thank God for dead on imitations :) What does your inner fashionista think?

D.I.Y Trendy Glasses Inspired By Rihanna

Hey Guys, okay so the first time I seen Rihanna in those lace goggles, a light bulb appeared in my head! They were so hot and I had to have them! so I decided why not design my own and add a little of my own style into them! I must say I had fun doing it and the pearls jazzes up the look for sure! I hope you guys enjoy it like I did. What does your inner fashionista think?


Retail Therapy II

Danier Leather Jacket ,  Forever 21 Skirt & Top, & Guess Pumps

Retail Therapy

Danier Leather Jacket ,  Forever 21 Skirt & Top, & B2 boots

30    Days, 22    Hours ,23    Minutes till Christmas cant believe the new year is almost here! today I decided to do some Christmas shopping! What do you get for someone that has everything? Don't you hate that? Arrrrggh! That's a real pet peeve of mine! So I decided that gift receipts are the way to go! i hope I'm on Santa's good list this year ! Tsk Tsk. What does your inner fashionista think?


On The Path To Success

La Senza Bustier , D.I.Y H&M Jeans ,  Zara Blazer, Baby Phat Pumps, & Dior glasses

So this blazer was a really good investment ! I love the stud detail going on. I guess it makes up for the blazer that my heart desperately ached for :( ! Anyways, I'm on my way to watch the movie Twilight with my hubby, but decided to stop and take pics while the sun was still shining ! I can't wait to watch the second Twilight installment : New Moon, it looks soo goooooooood ! What does your inner fashionista think?

Am I the only one rooting for the werewolf? Team Jacob !!!


On The Prowl

Guess Jeans, AA bodysuit, H&M Leopard Scarf , & Urban Behavior Sleeveless Asymmetrical Shawl
Just coming home from work, the usual, you know, I'm extremely exhausted.No, I did not get that vacation I was looking forward too , but soon I will be soaking up the sun in Jamaica next to my hubby and 2 kids for Christmas ! 28 days and counting ! What does your inner fashionista think?

Hershey's Kiss

 Forever 21 Dress & Accessories, Bcbg Booties, & Danier Leather Jacket

This outfit reminds me of a Hershey's kiss. Lol clearly because I'm brown skinned, and the dress gives me a futuristic look.
I'm heading out to the club to celebrate my bff's birthday! Ugh, I really felt fat in this dress! You may be wondering, "Why the hell did you wear it then?" My answer to that .....IT'S SUPER CUTE! FOREVER 21 <3 What does your inner fashionista think?


Out Of Luck

So I went on a serious hunt this weekend, to find the Balmain inspired blazer that I've been drooling over for months, OUT OF LUCK! Every single Zara was out of stock! What a bummer, and talking about unlucky , I totally missed the Jimmy Choo opening at H&M! Arrrrrrrg!

Boss Lady

Panache Clutch , Aldo Booties, H&M Blazer , Women's Dickies Jeans ( D.I.Y studded by me),Forever 21 Top & Accessories
Coming home from work and I am extremely tired ! I was really excited to take pics of my outfit, and to see how it was well put together ! I need a vacation from work , perhaps, somewhere hot and sunny ! Ahhhh... What does your inner fashionista think?


Le Rouge

Burnin' Rubber

Forever 21 Faux Leather Pants, Acid wash Bebe vest , Aldo booties, Forever 21 Accessories , & Forever 21 T shirt

 I am absolutely loving my Bebe acid wash denim vest! It's perhaps my best purchase of the month, and you can wear it in so many different ways! On my way downtown with my sisters, I stopped to take these pics to share my outfit with you guys! All I'm missing is my Harley! What does your inner fashionista think?

Ray Of Light

Jessica Simpson Booties, Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt, Forever 21 Accessories, Forever 21 Yellow Racerback , H&M Blazer , &Vintage Purse .

Oh, how I love you :)

This outfit was put together at the last minute totally not premeditated! I hate rushing! don't you? My blazer always seems to make an outfit complete! Going out for dinner and drinks with my sister and her friends! Mmm I love cosmos ! What does your inner fashionista think?