A few years ago if you were to mention jogging pants and heels in the same sentence i'd shoot you a look like, what planet are you on? Same goes for socks and heels.  Who would have thought that these fashion faux pas would come back with a vengeance.  However, while I'm totally on board the jogger and heels train, I can't say the same for socks and heels.  Some trends are clearly not for me.  
I love the thought of comfort and chic sharing a moment. The results 

This hat has been my lifesaver as of lately.   A quick fix to not having to deal with the nappy situation thats currently  residing under my hat.  

Don't be fooled by the snow, it was gorgeous out today! 

Some thing about an ankle cuff heel, I don't know what it is but I like it......

H&M; Fur stole, Cap/  BCBG; Asymmetrical vest, and vke top/  Zara; joggers and heels/  
Target; bag 

Talk to you soon