Good Times!

This post is dedicated to my girl Keisha. Such a beautiful person inside and out!  And im glad i got to have celebrated this blessed day with you! Happy Birthday hun… Last night was a very interesting and fun night! We celebrated my hubbys cousins bday at the Rosevelt (a popular restaurant known for its good food and red carpet celebrities) and drank and partied the night away at Empire night club! Can't remember when last i've gotten this drunk. My excuse? i was drinking to my girls birthday :D But i must say i have lots more fun when under the influence of liquor! ha ha im a bad girl! Anyways like i said it was fun catching up with people i havent seen in years, or maybe months.

And whenever we go out we roll deep!  picture this the entire restaurant was filled by our people only! The night was filled with laughter, good food(the watermelon salad was the bomb!)louboutins, moe't and a bunch of drunk  girls! HaHa

On another note i got bored of my short do! I've NEVER and i mean NEVER kept a style longer than a month, so you can just imagine how bad i wanna switch it up! It was LoOoOOng overdue.. Now i am loving my new do and falling in love with long hair all over again! Yes that happens when you've been rocking a short do for almost a YEAR! EEK! anyways my luvs im out, still tryna get over my hangover, i literally felt like i puked out my brains this morning the aftermath=not a good feeling! xoxoxoxoxoxo
CAUTION: Pic Overload

The birthday girl xoxoxoxoxo

My girls Loubys  Too fierce!

Oh what a night! lol 


The Ladies xoxoxoxoxo
FCUK dress, Bcbg shoes, Thrifted clutch(vintage)

The new BUZZ

This has captured my heart! i fell hard when i seen these babies. Who ever thought of this color and design colaboration is a genious. I want it! with only 36 pairs made of this color even more reason to own a pair i'm talking EXCLUSIVE!  Boo if your'e reading an early anniversary gift would be nice! xoxoxox I'm already on the hunt for this baby, and lets just say its not an easy hunt no where has it, but it will all be worth it when its in my hands and i can feel that pony fur! Dang! PONY FUR? i'm all over it! Peep it and fall in love too! 
u know you got it bad when youre dreaming of it!
Doesn't even come close!
I'm talking PONY FUR! 


T.G.I.F (Thank.God Its Friday)

Hi my loves. Don't you just luv Fridays? Here are some pics to lust over! :) Talk to you soon.

Those evil little skull heads are taking over the world! I love it.

I would rock the hell outta this body suit!

Sickest peice of jewelery ive seen in a minute!

I need me one of those cut out bras! 

or the bodysuit cut out even yumier!
New louboutins! FRESH OUT DA BOX! DrOoL!

Im sorry im not over lace yet! 

Play in style! Black on Black Cards…...


What do you get for someone that has everything?

Hey luvlies…. Happy Monday to all Hope every one had a splendid day, I know I did! (My son took his REAL first steps today without holding onto anything!) I'm so proud of him, I remember feeling that way in 2004, when my daughter turned one and took her first steps as well!  *tear drop* my kids are growing up! SIGH…... It was very slow at the salon today,I think we should be closed on Mondays, (not much business) 
Anyways.. my sis and I went on a birthday hunt for my hubby! His birthday is coming up (Virgo)  and i am pulling out my hair on what I should get him! He has almost everything! literally! He's gotten too many colognes and watches from me I think its about time I switch it up. Speaking of very high maintenance, that he is. His closet is swamped with designer labels, from Hugo Boss, to Ralph Lauren, ( he is a brand name whore) and he loves shoes (especially sneakers), So my sister and i paid a visit to Gucci to see what goodies we can find him! Just in case he's reading this post I dare not say it out loud! What do you get someone who has everything? My sis says Gift Card,  Yes or No?

Steve Madden heels, Gucci bag, F21 top

Essie nail Polish "Chinchilly"

F21 shorts


Genie in a Bottle!

Hey luvs, what do you know tomorow is Monday already! Still cant get over how fast the weekend sped by! I am having a severe case of sun burn right now, my skin is peeling and it looks awful! I feel like i have really bad eczema! I've tried everything and nothing helps any ideas? i would greatly appreciate it….

Anyways on to other things. So i've been dying to try this look since i seen carrie bradshaw sporting it in SATC2. The "Genie Look" Ofcourse hers looked alot more chic than mine but im loving the look, so i decided to put my own little twist to it! Remember back in this post i was on the hunt for genie pants?

I was missing my gold bracelets in order to complete this look. Oh well! check it out! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

sorry for the dark pics i had to adjust my cam to the right settings..
My bis sis! My partner in crime & the only chick that puts up with my bullshit!

American Apparel pants, h&m scarf, seychelles heels

Ya Heard?

Having some early drinks :D

*Bottle Service*  Girls just wanna have fun!

I'm paying the price for this amazing tan!!!!!!!! OUCH!

kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo