How to wear Leopard Print

Leopard is back!! I personally never thought it left, but the fashion gods have spoken. From the runway to the streets, leopard has become a wardrobe staple. I've had this blazer for about 4 years  now and it never gets old. Although not your typical leopard print, thats what I loved about it most. I chose to go simple with this look, complete with leather leggings and a statement shoe. However there are so many ways to wear this trend. Not big on prints or don't know to wear them?

Let me help you out...

If you're not big on prints, but you still want to try the trend, I highly recommend that you start small. Baby-steps..

A leopard scarf, headband, accessory or even a shoe can polish any outfit and have you right on trend. 

Don't splurge. NEVER spend on an item that you're unsure of. ALWAYS try cheaper stores like F21, H&M, and Zara for disposable Fashion Trends. 

I highly  recommend playing dress up in the fitting room of your favourite stores. Try on everything that you've ever doubted or was unsure of... then SNAP take a pic. Now that you've got a bunch of pics to scroll through in your camera roll, you'll be surprised at how good you looked in that leopard skirt or top. 

LASTLY, do organize your camera roll with your recent fitting room pics, creating an album on your phone. That way you will know exactly where to find that leopard print shoe (that you purchased of of course) you've been dying to show your friends.

If you're big on prints, then you definitely don't need help in this department, but thanks for reading. 

Zara: Blazer (old) & Purse 
Jimmy Choo: Heels

xoxo Ty


A Pink Easter...

As we welcome the spring, what better way than to celebrate in Pink polka dot pants, and fun sunnies. Paired with a fitted tee and a statement necklace. As the days are still a bit cold I decided to layer with a jeans Jacket, a classic wardrobe staple that every woman should own. 

I'm on a role with white pumps, and something about them screams spring! 

Wearing: Zara-Top, pants and shoes, H&M-Jacket, Aldo-sunglasses

Love the slit details...

xoxo Ty



 Let me start off by saying that this top is sooo out of my comfort zone. A year or two ago I would have never even given this top a chance, much less a place in my wardrobe. Im so happy I did not pass up on this top. I've worn it countless times, and not to mention all the compliments I've received. I mean every woman loves a good ole' compliment right? 

The exaggerated sleeves was what immediately caught my eye. Attention to detail is such an important element of shopping along with durability/texture and cost per wear.

Wearing: Forever21-Top, Aritzia-skirt, Zara- Heels Aldo-purse 

This mini purse is still a favourite of mine. 

xoxo Ty


Spring Transition

Zara has been my lifeline for as long as I could remember. No matter the function, I always seem to find some thing. Purchased this floral jumper on sale for $15. What I love about it the most? It's such a transitional piece.
As we transition from fall to spring (by the way today marks the first day of spring) we all know how bipolar the weather can get. Paired with a leather jacket, this look is still fall/spring appropriate. Also the jacket adds a bit of edge to such a feminine fit. 

As pictured above, I decided to pair this jumper with open toe sandals as I thought they completed the look, my fave sunnies and a dainty handbag. 
*Tip* - If you are going for an edgey look think "leather" If you're looking to go girly/classy throw on a blazer. The two combined will give you an effortless look, that will have heads turning. 

My fave sandals at the moment. Get them here. 

Wearing: Zara- Leather Jacket (old) 
Zara-Floral Jumper 
Ego Official- Sandals (linked them above) 

Talk to you soon 


Yellow Fleekuation

How delicious is this yellow duster coat? I drool every time I put it on. Money well spent 
*pats self on back* You know its a good purchase when_________ (fill in the blanks)  Lets hear your comments down below. 

I know its a good purchase when...
 1. I want to wear it everyday and 
2. I don't have to justify the reason for purchase

Wish I felt the same way about most of the clothes in my closet! Perhaps I should rephrase. 
Let me re introduce my self.  I'm Tysha and I'm a clothes hoarder. I rarely get rid of clothes 
(not sure why) however I've outgrown a lot of the clothes in my closet (physically and emotionally) Perhaps purging out my closet will allow for me to get rid of some things and fall back in love with my pieces all over again. 

Anyways Get into this look...

Wearing: Zara-everything \\ Ce'line- handbag



Monday's Stripes

For some, stripes are all the rave, others not so much. When worn the right way stripes are one of the easiest patterns to incorporate into your wardrobe. Wether it be a striped scarf, top or pants, it's such a fun look to add to any outfit. If you are not big on stripes, or not sure how to wear it, then I suggest taking baby steps. Start with an accessory. 

Some thing small like a scarf (tied around your neck) , paired with a white buttoned up and a pair of skinny jeans and of course a chic pair of heels. As subtle as it is, , the scarf will bring out your outfit, Think of it like a star on your christmas tree, your tree is not quite completed until you've added the star or angel.

In my case I decided to do a little stripe mixing. As you can see in the pictures above The stripes run horizontal  along my sweater and vertical along the side of my pants. As I am no stranger to stripes, and patterns I enjoy mixing prints.

Talk soon 


A Change of Heart?

Chunky knits over winter jackets? Yup i'll take it! Although it's not sayonara to winter jackets as it's still winter here, Ill take the warmer days.

Scored this knitted sweater from H&M on sale, a couple months ago, and I have nothing like it in my closet. I was automatically drawn to the colour. I visualized this outfit with grey jeans and my 2 year old white pumps (which by the way I've never worn until last week)

I've been super hesitant on wearing them. Let's just say I'm not a fan of white shoes. I've never liked the way they've looked. Like a flower girl walking down the isle, or those little blue smurfs with the white booties its a constant reminder why white shoes did not own a place in my closet.

 Fast forward to last week, I wore two pairs of white shoes for the first time in life! (Yup your girl was hella confident)  Now I'm not going to say that I'm officially obsessed with white shoes, but I think they might be growing on me. With that said, I'm not sure if I will be adding any more to my closet.

What are your thoughts on white shoes? Do you love them or can you do without? Let me know how you feel in the comments down below 



New Year Resolution or New You?

WOW... What a year!  I can't believe that 2017 has come to an end. I remembered like it was yesterday counting down the minutes till 2017 and now here we are doing the same for 2018. I am elated and blessed that I am able to see another year and spend it with my loved ones, however I must confess that I'm afraid of what 2018 holds. The suspense of the unknown is what scares me the most! 

I was almost sure that 2017 was going to be my year. As I scrolled through my IG feed, a plethora of resolution posts had me feeling shitty for not having a new year resolution.  Who am I kidding? I've written this list a million times before only to stop at my top two. On top of that, I had friends proclaiming that 2017 was going to be their year and it would be mines too. HA! (I'm still looking for it ) Although 2017 wasn't all Losses, I still wouldn't count it as my best year either.

I felt like I was putting in so much more energy than I was receiving. 2017 started off with a few wins but went down hill as fast as 2018 came around. Financially I was not where I wanted to be, emotionally I was a wreck, career wise I felt like I should've been self employed , or at least doing something that I loved, friends who you thought would ride out till the end in wheel chairs together with you, just ended up being a bunch of fakes. Despite it all I still had family, my health and most of all God. 

I promised my self to not look back into 2017, however it has taught me a lot about myself and gave me some time to reflect on all the things that I need to change about my self going into the new year. Ive also learnt to speak things into existence, mean it and then live it. "SPEAK it, MEAN it, LIVE it" my mantra for 2018. I will walk with god going into the new year, seek him more and walk into the new year with faith and not by sight! 

Now that I have a 2nd chance, let's try this again, 2018 is going to be my year and yours!!!! I know it and proclaim it. Now let's get it!!! 


xoxo TY

Wearing: Winners~ sweater,  J.Crew~ coat, Target~ pants, CL ~ heels