Omg .. I Finally Won A Giveaway

Hey dolls , I hope you guys are all having a wonderful afternoon. I know I sure am. Recently, I was having a conversation with some of the ladies on twitter and I told them that I dont really like entering giveaways because I never win anything ! It just so happens that I decided to test my luck and enter for a giveaway that was being held by Claire from http://fashionbombdaily.com/ and I won this beautiful Pavon dress fromhttp://www.shopklassiq.com/! I am extremely excited to wear this and break necks lol ! This dress was also seen on socialite Amber Rose !   Once again , thank you Claire and ShopKlassiq for this dress ! 

& To all my followers , I know that I have been slacking with the updated posts , but normal postings will resume because I was camera-less for two weeks !!

xoxo , love ty


Girls! lets talk Makeup!

 So I received an email from a lovely reader asking about my make up! It's funny because I'm not the biggest make up fan, but what girl doesn't like make up? even though you cant apply it! I pretty much stick to what works for me! I used to be a big MAC fan until I discovered Makeup Forever! Now I can't do without it! The MAC foundation that I used made my face overly oily and I naturally have oily skin, so that didn't help at all, I was always breaking out! I am in no way a make up expert and the products that are pictured below are all products that I have tested and purchased because I liked them! I am a google and you tube addict so whenever I want to tryout a new look, I check out my girl EMAN (she has a you tube channel and she is the best at make up tutorials) I am slowly learning and my make up goal is to learn how to do a brown smokey eye, without looking like a raccoon! And I hardly ever leave home without my make up only because it completes me, I also have a few dark spots that I wish would just one day disappear, but for now my Makeup Forever works magic! Ok well without rambling on, I hope that I've been able to answer all your beauty questions or In fact Alexis's question! 
Alexis asked:

Hey….so I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog.  You give me so many ideas for outfits.  But, I have also noticed that your makeup is flawless, while very natural at the same time.  I know your blog is mainly about fashion.  But, haven’t you heard the saying, “My face feels naked without makeup” ? lol  I’d love to see a post about your makeup routine, brands, shades, etc.  Because, an outfit is definitely not complete without the fresh face/do to go with it.  Think about it. J lol

Alexis F, 

 So I first start by washing my face, using Aveeno Positively Radiant cleanser, followed by the Toner, and lastly the daily moisturizer. A pint size amount will do, putting on too much of this stuff will increase oily skin through out the day! (well for me at least) 

1. Then I apply my primer;
I use Smash box Photo Finish Oil free Primer (the best!) 

2. I apply my Foundation using this kind of brush its from QUO  
(sorry don't know what its called but you can purchase a brush like this from CVS)
 I use Make Up Forever Matt Velvet in 70

 3. I apply my Primer To upper lid and under eyes,using my ring finger I gently pat it down until blended evenly
I use Smash box Photo Finish Lid Primer 
 (It gives great results and keeps my make up on longer it is also waterproof)

4. I apply eyeshadow of my choice. 
 I love MAC colors and a basic make up palette which we received when I went to hair school! It was mandatory that we learnt the basics about makeup because it was part of my cosmetology class!

 Pictured above are a few of my MAC Pigmented favorites In; Off the radar, Blonde's Gold, Lark About, Dark Soul, Spiritualize, Sweet Sienna, Steel Blue

Above are hard pressed eyeshadow also from MAC In; Fab & flashy,  Climate Blue, Era, Naked Lunch,(is what I wear almost everyday) Expensive Pink

 Pictured Above are pot paints also by MAC In; Nice Vice and Cash Flow

Pictured Above my school Palette. It's very basic but I love the browns

 These two are my fave browns

5. I apply eye liner of my choice! I sometimes line my bottom lid and sometimes I don't just depends on my mood! All my liners are purchased from CVS  From L to R Bonne Bell in Indigo, Smash box in Dark, Annabelle In Fiesta, Rimmel In Pure White My black MAC is not pictured, but I wear it almost every day!

6. I apply Loose powder all over face
 I use Make Up Forever HD Powder

7. I apply My Blush 
It's from Lise Watier and it's; 74 MOKA

8.When I want more options, I use my blush palette from my school kit

9. I apply my lipstick using a lip brush
(This lipstick is discontinued)

Pictured below are A few of my fave lipsticks; From L to R Ruby Woo(MAC), Douala(Nacara), Princess, Rich Cashmere Lancome (My everyday lipstick) and Funny Face(NARS)

10.Lastly after a long process I finish up my look with mascara. I use any of the four, they all work the same and gets the job done!

11. This step is optional, but when I do put on lashes which is hardly ever, I do them last and I don't use fancy brands just QUO

 Yes it's a timely process and it takes me 30 minutes to do my make up every morning! For those of you giving me the *side eye* I totally deserve it I get it from the hubby every morning! LOL 

I thought I'd add my Hair must haves since we're on the beauty topic, If you don't know what a GHD flat iron is then you're missing out big time! It's the best out there and if you're a hair stylist like me you'd know! After using tons of styling tools this flat iron is the truth It brings shine and smoothness to the hair cuticles, it's ceramic plated and once you try it you wont be disappointed! 

Another one of my Hair Must Haves is the CHI heat protector. It protects the hair from heat damage and should always be used before flat ironing! And  CHI silk fusion which speaks for it self! It's silk packaged in a bottle! This does wonders to the hair and smells divine!

xoxo Ty


Shoe talk

Usually I just want to skip most days of the week and go straight to Friday but I am stupidly excited for this Thursday Morning! I will be attending the biggest shoe sale event in town! I make it my duty to attend this event yearly! The shoes ranges from Sam Edelman, Franco Sarto, Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, (And yall know I love me some Jessica Simpson!) BCBG, and a whole lot more! Here's a link to my past closet post if u missed it the first time

 (My babies)

From the time I step foot in that warehouse I'm on a serious mission, (game face on) No time to waste, and if you find a shoe that grabs your attention, but not sure if its worthy enough to purchase put it in your basket anyways, these women are vultures learnt that last year, when some woman dipped into my basket helping herself to my goodies! Now WOAH! I had to set the record straight that this basket belonged to ME! I'm pretty sure everyone else caught the drift when they heard me from several rows down the shoe isles! Yah I had to get loud, but still remained civil!  But on the real some serious cat fights happen up in there, till you are escorted out with no shoes, now that sucks to be them! HA

(My recent purchase; Betsey Johnson Bow shoe)

I do get a little crazy over my shoes but I can't help it! Growing up, my besties always wanted to borrow my clothes and shoes, clothes I didn't really care for but everyone knew about me and my shoes!  (this started at a very young age) They're for my feet only! It's funny cause my big sis is totally the opposite! I'll wear her shoes if its something that I really like I'll borrow them and return them whenever I feel like  LOL but she is not allowed to wear mine! I sound real selfish now don't I?

(My back wall, some of these flats are 10 yrs old!, its hard for me to give away shoes even when I don't wear them! Very odd i know) 

Anywho, I'm off to get ready to see how many shoes I can snatch up! And did I mention that today was VIP day only? SWEET! I get first dibs on everything! For those of you who reside in Toronto, Canada be sure to check out the Petite Feet sample sale today at Mississauga International Centre! You might just get lucky today! So these are just a few pics of my shoes! Enjoy guys



It's Monday morning and the weather here sucks! We actually got a bit of snow yesterday which put me in the grumpiest mood ever! So here I am going back to my furs, scarves and jacket, who would have thought? I hope somewhere out there one of you are having fun in the sun! 

Anywho, I wore this outfit on Friday to run some errands and grab dinner with the fam.  I love the way these jeans fit, I could wear them like everyday! This was the perfect "walking" shoe! I was on my feet almost all day and didn't stop to think about my feet once!  I'm happy that I was able to cross this shoe off my want list! It's supposedly sold out in stores everywhere and if you are one of those people who didn't get one then sucks to be you! LOL j/k but I feel your pain!

On another note my hubby is becoming extremely annoyed at me! In his own words " You really need to invest in a tripod, because I am not your photographer!" Yes he gave it to me!  LOL He says that I give too many orders and directions while he is TRYING to take my pics! And as a result of this blog we are always late for everything because I wanna take 1000 pics! Well now, that is so not true! He just doesn't have the patience! So guys I will have to invest in a tripod for THIS blog as he calls it! LOL he kills me every time! So for those of you that use tripod's I desperately need your help so that I can put an end to his misery!


Le Chateau'; Vest
H&M; tank
Gstar; Jeans
Bcbg; Clutch
Zara; heels
Micheal Kors; Watch


Yesterday's Memories!

TGIF! and I really mean that! Fridays are the only day of the week that I look forward to most! It's also the only day that I don't cook! Fridays are also known as "Take out night" The kids look forward to it too, since it's the only night that they can get away with not eating greens! To be a kid again! I would give it all up, just to be responsible free!

 I love this bag, and just like my credit cards I hardly leave home without it! Can you imagine if it really was a Chanel bag? I would feel sorry for the rest of my bags! But until I can cross the real thing off my list this will do!

I love this biker vest! I usually wear it dressed down with BF jeans and heels/flats but this time I wanted to dress it up a bit! Who says something casual can't turn into something classy? The lace top seen here is also a dress, that I tucked into my skirt! Those tights have been so good to be throughout the cold winter season, but I'm glad to say that there is no more need for it! Hello Spring!

  I wish every day could be Friday! Then I too like the kids can look forward to Pizza and take out everyday, I hate cooking but I love eating! My big sister on the other hand loves cooking and eating, she tends to taste her food a lot while cooking, and before you know it she pretty much eats up the entire damn pot! 
Oh and before I forget I recently got interviewed by Patricia from AfroElle! Check it out and make sure to show her some love!  Thanks Patricia You're awesome! Click the link to read more! http://www.afroellemagazine.com/2011/04/fashion-inspiration-tysha-james.html

Happy Friday Y'all
 xoxo Ty


H&M; lace dress,tights, FF scarf
American Eagle; Vest
Zara; Skirt
Steve Madden; Heels
Winners; bag


Just A Picture No Words!

Hey yall, Just a quick Post! My morning Isn't going so well! Talk to you guys later and will give you the run down of my day! Ciao Bellas!

xoxo Ty


H&M; leopard jumper
Zara; heels, cardigan
Aldo; Bag


His Jacket, My heels!

Hey luvs so today I'm just lounging with nothing really to do! I woke up quite hungry this morning, craving a Philly cheese steak from Denny's! I never knew that we had a Denny's here in Canada thanks to my twitter friends they found me 3 locations which is all about an hour drive from where I live but when I have a craving for something it doesn't go away until I get it! So with that said I will be making a trip out west to get that Philly Cheese steak! (I know totally random, but it's what's on my mind!) 

This over sized Jacket was stolen from the hubby,  it's like 7years old and he's only worn it once! I've been eyeing it for quite sometime, but always forgot to sneak it out of his closet whenever he was not there! Ha ha mission accomplished! He doesn't seem to find it sexy when women wears their men's clothes! I find it dead sexy.... Carrie from (sex and the city) was famous for wearing Mr.big's shirts all the time! I'm obsessed with boyfriend jeans and blazers now his jacket! 

This is the 2nd time that I've worn these snake print shoes, and forgot how comfortable they were the first time I wore them! And oh yes before I forget I would like to say a very special Thank you for the new friends that I've made! (my followers) I really hate the word followers! It just doesn't sound right and like I mentioned before I would love to get to know you guys I love interacting with you on twitter and you guys are mad funny! You keep me sane and I love reading your comments they make me smile and puts me in a good mood! Anyways I'm off to munch on a salad, (I wish there was something unhealthier in my fridge to eat, but the greens always gets eaten last! )You know the rundown, Mondays are always a drag! So be safe and enjoy the rest of the week my loves! 
(looks like I'm wearing a toupee') 
Oh and I did enter a giveaway for a pair of shoes over at FASHIONdujourdaily.com blog so wish me luck, I never win anything!

xoxo Ty


Aritzia; Leather leggings
Jacket; Stolen from hubby
Guess; heels
Zara; top