Would you believe me if I told you I designed and sent these cards in just under an hour?
*pinky promise I kid you not! Technology is taking the world by storm.

Im a busy mom of two, with a 9-5, I'm a blogger, a soccer mom 4 days out of the week and a chauffeur to my kids 7 days a week. I must say I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of digital cards. I'm more of an old school girl who doesn't mind putting a pen to paper, but I must admit that it's been quite a while, which means.... who am I kidding?

I can barely even find time to wash my dishes much less send a happy birthday or congratulations card to my loved ones, and now you're asking me to get out of my car, find my nearest mailbox and mail a card? Well not going to happen because Im spoilt now. Thanks to paperless post. They do all the hard work for you, it's as easy as selecting your design, color theme, entering the info, entering your email contacts and pressing send. You even get a card tracking info that tells you when and if  your card has been read. How cool is that?

What I loved most about paperless post is that there is something for everyone. Bachelor party, weddings, kids events, brunch with your girls, Get togethers, birthdays, you name it! And to make life easier they're all categorized. With my girls brunch event coming up in just a couple days, I took full advantage of creating a couple invitation cards. It was so convenient to just do everything online, besides the new reality is we live busy lives, but we also live on our phones. I was impressed at how fast I navigated through the site and sent my cards in record time.

Lastly the Paperless Post coin system is very easy to follow.  Coins are sold in packages and can be bought according to your design plan, which will be calculated in the top right hand corner of the page whilst you design your card. Please use at your own discretion which coin system works best for you. So for ex. 100 coins will cost you $20. 200-$30 and so on.

Paperless Post also offers a free invitation and greeting card using the 'free' filter available under all categories, and allows you to send up to 2000 guest emails.

I hope I've made life just a bit easier for you. Now that I've found Paperless Post, I'm able to connect with friends and family in such a fun but convenient way.
What better way to celebrate important life occasions....Choose Paperless Post.