Summer Glow

TGIF Its a sunny 29 degrees here in Toronto, and I'm all smiles! Finally get to enjoy the weather! On another note I was so happy to wear my F21 dress for the first time! My bestie picked it up on one of her F21 visits! We actually both own this dress! Our style is so similar that its scary! We buy things that we didn't even know the other had! It happens so often, but we always put our own twist on it! That's where  personal style comes in! 
Wearing: F21; dress, Aldo; earrings, Vince Camuto; sandals, LV; bag, H&M; bangles, Dita; sunglasses 

I love the color of this dress! Its very summery and I love the fact that its sheer ! The open back is so unexpected and the belt adds just the right touch of color to break up the green! I'm thinking of wearing my leopard heels and leopard belt next time I wear this dress! The leopard print would compliment the green quite nicely! However I wanted to be comfy because I was hanging with the kids and doing quite a bit of walking hence the sandals! 

To complete the look I wore Rose gold accessories and these Oversized earrings which I am currently  obsessed with! I'm a big earrings type of gal! And big earrings wears well with long hair, In my opinion! 

On another note I am happy that you guys love the giveaway prize and I too am excited to see who the winner is going to be! Sorry about the shoe size I know not every one is a size 8 so I will make up for that with the next Giveaway! Keep the entries coming! 5 more days before the contest closes spread the word and good luck to all! Enjoy your weekend and spend it with the people you love! 

xoxo TY


HANA Blowdryer Review

This review is long overdue! I've been using this blowdryer non)stop since I got it!

So most reviews goes something like this....they send you the product and you rant about how wonderful it is! (Even when you know it's not the greatest product) I'm all for supporting others and their products but I'm not going to rave about how fabulous it is if it doesn't happen to interest me! 

However I'm happy to say that this review was different! 

I was contacted by Brian Hunt from Misikko products a few months ago to do a review on the HANA hair blowdryer. I literally jumped at the offer, mainly because I am a hairstylist, and I work with heating tools daily! I've heard great things about the HANA brand but I wanted to be the judge for myself! Now I'm happy to say that this blowdryer is my absolute favourite!

The blowdryer was packaged up with lots of love! :) As you can see from the pics below it included:

  • The fuzzy lil guy (a monkey) that my son has now claimed as his own LOL
  • The HANA blowdryer 
  • An eye lash curler
  • Hand Sanitizer and nail files 
  • HANA shine shield (leave in treatment) 
  • A silicone heat mat
  • lavender bath petals
  • A straightening comb (not pictured) 
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • HANA sleep mask(not pictured)

And last but not least A Thank You note from Misikko products themselves! Too sweet 

The very next day after I received it, I brought it to the salon to test it out! 
  • It was much lighter than my previous blow dryer that I had been using and that's a plus in my book! 
  • It wasn't as noisy as most blowdryers (believe it or not, blowdryers can get annoying when you're around them all day) LOL 
  • The MAJOR plus was less static! And less static gives better styling results! 
  • The shine shield was a great styling product, leaving the client's hair shiny and healthy! 
  • I love that it's ceramic as well! 
Overall I had not one bad thing to say about this product! I highly recommend checking out their website! They carry everything from styling products, CHI Flat Irons, leave-In treatments, and the BEST blowdryers 

Take a look at the amazing results! 



Blow-dried and styled using the HANA shine shield (not flat ironed!)

Blow-dry without style  (not flat ironed)

Thanks Brian for this amazing product! 




Thanks to all that entered and the winner will be announced right here on June 5th 2012 

Hey ya'll I'm super excited today, it's Friday as well as Giveaway time!!! I still didn't get to include the project that I was working on for this Giveaway but hopefully it will be ready in time for the next one! I love these shoes and I hate to see them leave, but you guys are more important, I want to say a special 
Thank you for the support through out the years you guys are truly amazing, my twitter BF's, my Instagram and Facebook buddies and all my beautiful friends! This is my way of saying Thanks! Good luck to every one! 

The rules are real simple: 
The giveaway prize entails 1 pair of zara heels in size 39 (EUR) size 8 (US),1 china Glaze nail polish, H&M neon purse and linked bracelet!  

All qualified contestants MUST be following Shopnowsavelater via Google friend connect 

To Enter the giveaway :

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*By doing this 1 entry will be awarded for giveaway.

For additional entries: 

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A maximum of 3 entries will be awarded to any contestant.

Please Comment on giveaway post after every additional entry

Good Luck! 


Code Blue!!!

Yah I'm back,, been in slow motion lately and slacking off a bit on my posts! You can blame it on the warm weather that we've been having lately! I'm loving every bit of it! 

Did a bit of shopping this past weekend, went a little overboard with my swimsuit purchases but hey they were too good of a deal to pass up! H&M is where its happening! It's hard to not want every thing from that store! I was very impressed with the collections and I will be back to cop a few more goodies before they're all sold out! 
What I'm Wearing: BCBG;blazer, F21;dress, H&M;accessories, Jessica Simpson; heels

Finally got a pair of hot pink suede's! 

I've been so disorganized this past few days, that I totally forgot to post the giveaway, so I will leave it for friday! I sneaked a  preview of the giveaway on Instagram yesterday just a bit of it there's lots more!  Enjoy the rest of the week, stay safe and have fun in the sun :) 

xoxo Ty


All In The Details

Happy Friday to all! Hope this will be a fun and exciting weekend for us all! Have a few stuff planned for the weekend since I have the weekend off, should be fun! I am also attending a Men in suits women in dresses event this weekend! My out fit is VERY simple! All black, but I am going full out with my accessories and not to mention shoes! 

I'll fill you in on the details and try to sneak in a few pics! The hubby hates taking pics when we're going out at night because we're alway heading out the door in a rush! Follow me on Instagram to see pics from the event! I will try my best and update the pics there! 
 I've been addicted to Instagram as of lately, My twitter has taken the back burner *covers eyes* but hey don't miss me too long I'll be back! 

I'm happy to announce that The Giveaway is finally ready, it took a while to put it all together and I apologize for the wait! A post will be up by monday with all the details so please stay tuned you wouldn't want to miss this! ....

Anyways nothing special about this post! I wore this to my daughters ballet recital, and to run a few errands! Enjoy....

What I'm wearing: Zara;top, Helmut Lang; leather jeans, Vince Camuto;heels, Value Village; clutch, LV; Glasses