HANA Blowdryer Review

This review is long overdue! I've been using this blowdryer non)stop since I got it!

So most reviews goes something like this....they send you the product and you rant about how wonderful it is! (Even when you know it's not the greatest product) I'm all for supporting others and their products but I'm not going to rave about how fabulous it is if it doesn't happen to interest me! 

However I'm happy to say that this review was different! 

I was contacted by Brian Hunt from Misikko products a few months ago to do a review on the HANA hair blowdryer. I literally jumped at the offer, mainly because I am a hairstylist, and I work with heating tools daily! I've heard great things about the HANA brand but I wanted to be the judge for myself! Now I'm happy to say that this blowdryer is my absolute favourite!

The blowdryer was packaged up with lots of love! :) As you can see from the pics below it included:

  • The fuzzy lil guy (a monkey) that my son has now claimed as his own LOL
  • The HANA blowdryer 
  • An eye lash curler
  • Hand Sanitizer and nail files 
  • HANA shine shield (leave in treatment) 
  • A silicone heat mat
  • lavender bath petals
  • A straightening comb (not pictured) 
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • HANA sleep mask(not pictured)

And last but not least A Thank You note from Misikko products themselves! Too sweet 

The very next day after I received it, I brought it to the salon to test it out! 
  • It was much lighter than my previous blow dryer that I had been using and that's a plus in my book! 
  • It wasn't as noisy as most blowdryers (believe it or not, blowdryers can get annoying when you're around them all day) LOL 
  • The MAJOR plus was less static! And less static gives better styling results! 
  • The shine shield was a great styling product, leaving the client's hair shiny and healthy! 
  • I love that it's ceramic as well! 
Overall I had not one bad thing to say about this product! I highly recommend checking out their website! They carry everything from styling products, CHI Flat Irons, leave-In treatments, and the BEST blowdryers 

Take a look at the amazing results! 



Blow-dried and styled using the HANA shine shield (not flat ironed!)

Blow-dry without style  (not flat ironed)

Thanks Brian for this amazing product! 


  1. Misikko sent me a HANA flat iron and I was honestly not expecting it to be as amazing as it was. I'm so happy to see this review because even though I rarely blow dry my hair, I can see this being an upgrade in my future!

  2. looks good but I prefer the one I use, it's the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer which dries really fast and keeps my hair in well condition, shiny, frizz less and soft. :D

  3. Looks great! Lovely packaging. I own a Karmin G3 Salon Pro hair dryer myself, it's got 2000watts, ceramic heat, ionic technology...the works. My hair is so conditioned and soft after using it!