Summer on my mind!

I'm really excited for this week to be over! Too much has been going on these past few weeks! I've been ranting on twitter about my messed up brows! I would love for those who are already on twitter to follow me and i will return the favor, i would love to chat with you guys and find out more about my followers! You know get to know you guys a Little better! Twitter is a great way to stay connected! I've had a twitter account since 2009 but never really used it till now! 

Anyways, i decided to go get my brows shaped at my regular spot, Only to find out that the person that usually does my brows was away on vacation, so i trusted that someone one else do it! BIG MISTAKE! and i was livid, like i know its partly my fault because I should have walked away once i found out that kathy wasn't there but i was desperately in need! I'm very anal when it comes to my brows and my hair! If its not done right then i feel like my entire face is rearranged! which is weird and that's exactly why i do my own hair! Anyways Prissy came to my rescue and told me to fill them in! I've always done that but only to make my eyebrows more exaggerated never because of an eyebrow crisis! Anywho that's on my to do list! 

On another note, I've been craving summer, and it was actually warm out on Tuesday, So i decided to bring out my leopard jumper that I've been wanting to wear for a while now, I have so much planned for this jumper and its extremely versatile! Like i mentioned before, I have lots of photos that still needs to be watermarked before posting them so i will post them all and i wont be taking any more pictures just so that you can catch up! When I do start to re post then it will be of what i wore the day previous or the day of!

Anyways talk to you soon!
xoxo Ty


Eddie Bauer; Denim Jacket
H&M; leopard Jumper
Nine west; shoes
Vintage; clutch
F21; love necklace
Nails; OPI (Por Favor)


Mom Mode

Happy Monday Yall... So I've been MIA for quite sometime, I'm sorry, you know how it is when you're a super woman! Lol Last week has been quite a busy one, I'm sitting on so many pics that still needs to be watermarked before i post! Yah there's a bit of procrastination on my part, but i promise I'll try to post at least every 2 days, so don't give up on me just yet! It gets frustrating at times because i always gotta ask  hubby to take pics, or my sis or who ever is with me at the time! Usually when I do get home it's already late and the sun has gone down which makes it a bit harder to take pics, so some outfits don't always make the cut! But summer is just around the corner which means warmer days and more sun! 
Note to self: I gotta get a Tripod 

 Don't know what's been going on with my hair lately!I'll be switching it soon!
Gotta hit the gym, getting that double chin again (that's just my way of knowing I'm putting on weight)

I haven't gone shopping in a while, since Vegas that is . I'm trying my hardest to Mix and match the existing clothes in my closet! So you will be seeing lots of the same pieces recycled into every outfit! It is very hard for me to say NO to anything wearable! lol Staying out of the malls has helped quite a bit and also hiding my credit card from myself! (I do this all the time then i freak out thinking that its lost!)

Took some time out of my busy schedule to attend my daughters PTI (Parent Teacher Interview) a little parent slang! lol And that very same day I also volunteered to be one of the helpers for Science in the classroom! She was thrilled because normally her dad is more present at her class functions than i am so she got to show me off to her friends and teachers! It's quite funny how her teacher said to me that i looked awfully young to have an 8 yr old! The famous question of the day was; How old are you? Before i knew it i was surrounded by a bunch of 8 year olds taunting me to tell them my age lol  Don't you just love them? What a day! It was quite fun, watching my superstar hard at work and on her best behavior (maybe because i was there) lol 

These are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes i own, and still I wear them, i don't know why!  But I always make sure to pack a pair of flats in my bag when my feet has done its time!


H&M; blazer, jeans
KBG; bag
Aldo; heels
F21; top
Aviators; random


Vegas Purchases

hey guys so i was going to wait till i wore my purchase to post them, but due to the messed up weather we're having here in Toronto i doubt I'll be wearing them anytime soon! The past couple days has been sunny and a little windy, and now they're calling for 2-4 inches of snow! Hands up i seriously give up! Regardless of the weather I've always worn whatever, when ever! But to steal my hopes of spring being here to stay is what aggravates me most! Now i really wish i was back in Sunny Vegas!
 I wanted the pumps instead but they were sold out everywhere, so these were my second selection which i love! 

A coral tank! Short at the front and longer at the back! I think you can tell by now that i'm obsessed with draping! 

Shirt and shorts
Tangerine color shirt and khaki shorts seen here

Coral pinkish Trousers
Love the pleated details, and the fit is amazing!
(American Apparel)


"Confidence is the key, I can only be ME"

There is so much of the world that i have not seen yet that i want to see! Paris, LA, New Orleans, Italy, London, Africa... Too many to name, but i think that you have more appreciation for the culture when you have experienced it yourself. I also love food and nothing beats trying different sorts of food, from other countries!
 view from our hotel window

Before going off to Vegas, I've always seen the Caesars Palace and the Flamingo Hotel on TV and movies, but its a different kind of feeling when you're standing face to face with this  landmark. It reassures you that its existence is real! Same as the Eiffel tower, sure I've seen it many times on TV, but to stand in front of the real thing is more than surreal!

I don't know where my next destination will be but i definitely want to visit the Philippines (Bantangas)
One of my girls just came back from there after celebrating her bros wedding on the beach! The scenery was heaven, Everything about it seemed right. But previous to the Philippines i had my eyes set on Krabi!  I think its some where in Taiwan and like the Philippines its heaven! Well lets see where my heart takes me next! And it would be an awesome trip for the kids!

Didn't have any time what so ever to polish my nails :(


H&M; leopard cardi
AA; Mesh bodysuit
F21;shorts and necklace
Zara; shoes
BCBG; clutch
Oliver Peoples; Sunglasses
Diesel; belt


C'est La Vie

If you haven't been to Vegas before then the shopping will definitely excite you! My head was literally spinning! lol My guy was like woa! Slow down you're here for four days! Four days are u kidding me? Four days is never enough to go shopping in Vegas! Well for me at least two weeks will do! 

We went to a few outlet malls, and stores like F21, American apparel, Sax Fifth, H&M, Levis and a whole lot more. Their H&M was like a newly invented store! lol  the spring colors mesmerized me and had me wanting every thing in the store! (sometimes i can get a little carried away when shopping, having to put back lots of things due to my budget! :(  But i can't complain i scored some really cool stuff that i cant wait to show you guys! 

Loving the spring colors

The famous Caesars  Palace
Doing a little shoe shopping 


Zara; top and shorts
Aldo; wedges
Diesel; Belt
Gucci; bag and sunglasses
F21; Necklace