"Find Yourself And Your Own Unique Signature Style Rather Than trying To Be "Of The Moment"….. Dita Von Teese, Burlesque Queen

It's quite late right now but i gotta squeeze in a post after all, its been a while since i posted on here, and shared a few things. Anyways thank god its thursday, i can see the weekend so clearly around the corner!  It sucks that i work on Saturdays but hey sometimes you just aint got it like dat! 

On another note i would like to say thanks to all who participated in the give away! As you'll know tommorow is the dead line! So hurry and get those entries in… Good luck to all the participants, and there will be lots more give aways to come. I will be announcing the winner on october 3rd on a video clip!  Exciting...

Took some pics a few nights ago and despite the quality i figured that i'd go ahead and post them anyways, i think its time for a new camera! My camera takes perfect day time shots, but sucks at night! so sorry for the shit quality. I've been thinking of some really cool DIY projects lately, but time is not on my side! i've been extremely busy at the salon leaving me no time for a social life! I will try my best to at least finish the ones i've started!  I'm out my luvs ttys!

<3 Ty

 Grease Ball!

H&M Scarf Worn On A Jacket

My New Obsessions for the Moment! My Her'mes Inspired Bag lol , And Opten Toe Slingbacks Both From Aldo and AA leggings


Left earth for a second, brb!

Gucci 2011 spring collection

loving the color combinations 

Camel is the new black

Fringe. fringe. fringe



Just a quick post before i go to bed! The kids and i had an awsome night… My daughter got tickets to go see the next star live at Canada's Wonderland (An amusement Park).  For those of you who dont know what the next star is, well lets just say that's how justin bieber was discovered apart from usher managing him!   These kids really know how to put on a show! I felt like i was at a live taping of American Idol.. My daughter was singing and dancing the entire time….. too cute I love spending time with my fam. My kids bring me so much joy and i couldn't ask for a perfect hubby! Some one said to me last week that i had the perfect family and i am truly blessed. Indeed i am.
trying out hubbys new lenses canon 7D 
the next stars 6 finalists
Aldo; bag, shoes, f21 skirt, H&M tank, leather jacket
crazy turnout!

and the winner is……DIEGO
The judges


Hey guys! I swear my eyes are close while im writing this.. I'm in serious need of sleep! My last two weeks has been the busiest yet! Did some one say vacation? I'm in desperate need of one! Anyways besides my busy life i hope you all are doing great! 
I havent been taking any pics of my outfits lately. Jeans and blazers has become my look for the past few weeks! (due to all the madness at the salon) my schedule has changed and i've also gained some new clients so…. i guess that equals more $$$$$$$ but also more busier days/nights. I will be back to posting on a regular i just need to recuperate. 

These pics were taken a while ago.. totally forgot about them! My handsome son and i hanging out together. I cant belive he's growing up soooo fast, and did i mention he luvs to read! He's my little champion! 
This was a no make up day! 
Jessica simpson flats

Jacket; Canada Goose, Ny yankee hat, Zara; jeans Sneakers; Jordans

American Eagle; plaid top, Nudie jeans, Leather jacket, Gucci; bag



Im So Hard! Part 1

Stopped To Take Pictures at my favourite new spot!       
Military Swag

American Eagle Top, F21 top, H&M skirt
Bcbg Generation boots

Im So Hard Part 2

These pics were all taken on the same day! Ha ha I was wearing my armor body chain underneath...
Gangstar when I wanna be
Drop and gimme 50….

1.Always says “huh” even when I’ve already heard the question
2.I have the worst road rage ever
3.I used to work in a thrift store so why isn’t half my closet thrifted?
4.Chocolate or vanilla? Who cares its ice cream!
5.Why hang up when leaving a message? Its called voice mail!
6.My nail polish always gets smudged before I'm even done polishing my nails. Piss off…
7.I can tell you what’s coming up next on tree house! 

8. (At my local f21 store)…why do I know more than you and you work here?  Want to trade places?
9.I love when it rains
10.What ever happened to the group divine?
11.Blackberry over iphone any day!
12.How many unpleasant thoughts run through your mind while on a plane!
13.Love lots of butter on my toast (maybe that’s why I cant loose weight)
14.PC who? I use Mac honey
15.Pens should have erasers too
16.Hate when someone knows you but you don’t know him or her…
17.Its sad that I don’t have a clue about cars except that I like driving them
18.Kanye West and Amber Rose sooooooo overrated
19.Did you know that a baby cannot recognize his or her own reflection in a mirror until he is one years of age?
20.Girls stop replying to your self as “Barbie’s” its plastic!
21.What’s worse skydiving or bungee jumping?
22.I want to be a millionaire so freaking bad!
23.I don’t really care for Valentines Day
24.I hate stopping on red lights, especially when I'm late for work
25. @ “Snooki” (from jersey shore) can I be your stylist for at least one day? I promise to change everything about the way you look….
26.If you ever have a hangover drink pickle juice!