Madam In a Midi

I was a bit hesitant on posting these pics! Dont ask me why! But I've been asked by emails to post the look! For those who follow me on Instagram, this look is not new to you! So here it is!

I got a few stares that day, and I even had someone tell me that my outfit looked very June Ambrosish! I never really seen that until she pointed it out! Well I guess i'll just take the compliment, seeing that the woman can dress her but off! In true June fashion she would have completed this look with her trusty birkin, round signature framed glasses, and a turban or floppy hat! HA 

I bought this midi skirt sometime last year and at first I loved it! That always seems to be my problem though! Fast forward a year later and I'm not feeling it as much as I once did! Why did I buy it again? OH YES!!! because I envisioned it with another piece in my closet and thought it would make a FAB outfit! I hate that I get over clothes so quickly! 

Wearing; AA-crop top, BEDO- skirt, Chinese Laundry- shoes, Baci- bag, H&M- belt

If theres anything I'm wearing that you might be interested in please let me know I just might be willing to sell it! There's a lot of pieces that has yet been worn and pictured on the blog, so I might just do a  post on the things that I am currently selling! Ive been asked by a few readers to add a shop my closet link on the blog! Truth is,,,, I just dont have the time! Email me at Tysha_james@hotmail.com  if you have any questions or if you see something that you were inquiring about on the blog! 

Enjoy the pics 


Denim on Denim

Hey All I'm finally back! Its been a week and a half now since I've been back from a much needed vacay! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Sorry y'all but mama needs time off too! Nothing beats relaxing on the beach, room service and bikini's! HA 

Balancing a full time job,kids, home and a blog makes it extremely hard to post as much as you guys would like me to! Believe me I'm trying! I've noticed that I've lost a few followers in the process due to me not posting as much! I cannot please everybody, but I do want to say Thank You, to all of you thats been there from the start and those that came along the way. So with that said I'm not going to apologize for having a life but I will try my best to post at least twice a week! 

Wearing: Old Navy-chambray, UO-jeans, Chinese Laundry-Jeans, Gucci-bag & belt H&M- accessories, MK-watch
Finally my search for a denim chambray is over! I can finally cross it off my list! For the price spent, the quality and fit is perfect! Wish I had discovered it earlier! I've got my eye on the dotted chambray as well, similar to the one worn in this post! I'll definitely be making a trip back to old Navy! 
Ive always loved the denim on denim look! If done right it always works! These boots are on heavy rotation, and not for a minute do I feel sorry for wearing the heck out of them LOL They're made for walking! I completed the look with gold accessories and my go to aviator glasses! 

xxx Ty



Enjoying a much needed vacay and some fun in the sun! Will be back soon! Dont miss me too much! LOL