Wrapped Up

Hey Ya'll hope everyone's enjoying their week thus far! I'll be happy once the weekend's here! So spring is around the corner *yay* and is taking its sweet time getting here! I have the BIGGEST love hate relationship for spring! All the colours, bold prints, and textures just wants to make you Swipe your card and deal with the regretful bill later! Trust me I know! Working a part time retail job doesn't help my urge either! The store is filled with neons, pastels (my current obsession) Geometrics, metallics, and color blocking! Can't wait to share my new pieces with you guys! 

What's on your spring wish list do tell! As Trendy as I can be at times, there's apart of me that still dresses "safe" This spring, I want to experiment with textures! Color not so much because I've always been a color ful person, but I would love to mix textures a lot more, that's what makes the outfit even more daring! That's a challenge that will definitely take me out of my comfort zone, And I'm so ready for it! I don't ever want my fashion to be predictable that's boring!
Wearing: Ralph Lauren- Cape, Gucci- scarf, AA- Disco pants, Top-Zara, Sunglasses-Oliver peoples, Ring-BCBG, Shoes-Ziggi
Anyways, These pics are nothing much! I was having a bad hair day, so that explains the scarf! My hair has finally grown long enough to wear it in a bun! It took forever to grow to that length, as I type i'm wearing it up in a high bun! Sadly enough it will be all chopped off by summer! boo hoo! 
Going back to the short do when the weather warms up! Talk to you guys soon! 

xoxo Ty


A sequin Kind of Day

Hey Yall,  I'm back! Thanks for all the Bday wishes! I had a blast although I am still celebrating! LOL I did the usual, go out to dinner, and a few nights out with the girls! Lots of pictures to come! It's unfortunate that each year we get older,  but it's also good to know that with age comes wisdom! 

( I love the open back of this top! )

The pics came out really crappy this time around! The sun had already gone down,  forcing me to take pics inside! The lighting was terrible, so the true colours of my outfit was not able to come through in these shots! But the skirt is a beautiful golden colour with beaded and sequin details! This was my first time getting to wear my zara heels and they were so uncomfortable, but chic none the less!  *_* 

Spring is almost upon us and I cant wait! My tiffany blue nail color is giving me life! (My new fave colour) I really love this outfit and I definitely will be wearing it again but for next time I have a different shoe in mind! 

Thanks for reading guys,,,,, Stay tuned for more pics! 
xoxo ty



Hey Ya'll, so I could just imagine what you'll are thinking! Where in the hell did this girl disappear to? Don't judge me *side eye*Its been very stressful me not having a photographer and all! I think its time to start thinking about getting a TriPod! (Really serious this time around) I'm also recovering from the flu! I felt like a zombie, weak and helpless! Although I'm not fully recovered yet, I needed to enjoy the outdoors today! 

Anyways now thats out of the way, Im actually excited about my bday! I've never been one to care much for birthdays especially my own but I guess sometimes you gotta come out of  your "party pooper mode" have fun and make the best of your day! So thats exactly what I'm going to do! I celebrated last weekend with my girls at a party! (I will tweet a pic of what I wore) I'm looking forward to shopping and did I say Shopping? LOL and perhaps dinner with fam & friends! 

I'm in desperate need of a new do! Will switch it up sometime in the week! I was absolutely loving the weather today and all the sun! SPRING is around the corner! I'm not going to jinx it nor am I going to complain but this years winter has been a mild one!

What I'm Wearing: Zara; blazer BCBG: top, VeroModa;leggings, Gucci;heels, Michael Kors;watch

I will try my best to keep posting on a regular! Thanks for all the love and support and A warm welcome to my new followers! Also I do have a giveaway coming soon so stay tuned for that just trying to get everything in order! 
enjoy the rest of your week! 

xoxo Ty