I've been sitting on this wedding info for about a month now! I'm freaking out cause i don't have a dress as yet! I guess i better get started! I've never been out those ways before but i am definitely looking forward to it! Its funny cause my hubby was there last year for a bachelors weekend party, and now he'll be back there again for a wedding! lucky him! i guess he'll be my tour guide since he's experienced all Vegas had to offer!  Vegas here I come! Where all my Vegas followers at? 


I am Superwoman

I'm a Wife, I'm a Mother, I'm a Daughter, I'm a Sister, I'm an Aunt, I'm a niece and I am a Friend 
My name is Tysha and you can call me Supa woman! (lol) Just like any woman out there, i have my daily struggles, tribulations and baggage, but how you deal with theses things are what makes or breaks you in the end! I get people (strangers and even my friends) asking me all the time, how do you do it? Be a mom, wife, dress up and have time for myself, cook, work, clean and possibly everything you can think of! 
 My superwoman cape lol

Let me start by saying i am not perfect! I too have my flaws because i am human! We tend to always blog about the merrier sides of our lives, but that's only normal right? You won't see the side of me when I'm mad, angry, frustrated, confused or teary eyed, but i do have my moments! I tend to only blog about happier events in my life because i want this blog to be a place that uplifts people and brings inspiration rather than talking about depressing things and sadness! And when i blog about these tings in turn i see that the positive things in my life always outweighs the bad! So i intend not to waste my positive energy on negative things

Every woman is a super woman no matter if you're a widow, or single mother. And if there's something that you wanna do that you feel that you can't, just take it one day at a time, being a super woman is just doing the things that you have to do, that comes natural to you without you even thinking about it!

Here's a little Inspiration... Click to listen! superwoman by Alicia Keys
This is one of my favorite songs  


Ralph Lauren; Poncho (Christmas gift from hubby)
Forever21; top
Aritzia; faux leather shorts
H&M; Tights
Zara; heels


Back to basics and my fur collar!

Finally recovered from that horrible thing called the stomach flu! It was the worst three days of my life! Speed walking to the bathroom every 5 minutes...not cute! vomiting all at the same time...so not cute. I threw up so hard it felt like i was giving birth all over again! phewwwww  

Anyways I'm going to pretend like this never happened... even though it really did!  And enjoy what is left of the week! Its been so cold lately. I miss you spring! Well my boo is finally back, couldn't be any happier! every thing is back to norm! 


H&M; over sized, sweater, fur collar
forever 21; earrings
Zara; leggings
Browns; boots


The Person That Betrays You Won't Yell Out His Plans To Turn On You-But He Might Think Them So Loud You Can Practically Hear It! JAY-Z

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! It's been quite frigid here in Toronto. Right now we're sitting at -15 degrees with a windshield of -20 Brrrr.  But what can i say the week has been good to me!
So for those who read my posts often, you would remember me saying that i would be leaving my job, for a  bigger and better opportunity! I will be looking for another salon in the mean time where i can work part time,while leaving my schedule open for school! i am pretty excited, to be moving on to something new! Hopefully 2011 is good to me! Having no regrets about this!

These pics are fairly old! The fam and i went out to dinner, before my hubby left for his trip! Hopefully he'll be back soon safe and sound and in one piece! :)

My baby girl Tae'ja

 My hubby hates my hat and always makes fun of me whenever i wear it!
"where does that hat fit in with what you're wearing?" blah blah blah

These pics are fairly old! The fam and i went out to dinner, before my hubby left for his trip! Hopefully he'll be back soon safe and sound and in one piece! :)


Aritzia; faux leather leggings
zara;top, and vests
Christian Louboutin; heels
Christian Audigier; clutch
Micheal Kors; watch


Check Me Out On TheFashionRecords !

Hey luvlies,
I was recently asked to do an interview for http://thefashionrecords.com/ ! How exciting is it to have such an opportunity such as this ? I am truly blessed and I can't wait to share it with all of you guys ! Check it out right here http://thefashionrecords.com/2011/01/the-fashion-records-lookbook-tysha-james/  I am also uber excited as well because you guys will be able to see some more photos that I have not yet been able to put up as yet , you know how it is being a supermom, so littletime ! xxoxoxoxo enjoy loves !


Smile it's contagious!



Zara; faux fur vest, and heels
H&M; cardigan, and tights
Winners; dress and purse
Micheal Kors; watch



 The hubby hates taking pics! Arrrg! I guess it's just a guy thing  *kanye shrug* As women we tend to naturally embrace the camera way more than men do. Hey what can i say we like to get in touch with our Kodak side!

Wearing: Women's Nike high tops, and Men's Converse

These pics were taken sometime last week! We were just hanging around having a convo with our neighbor. His wife then stated how cute we looked in our matching jackets! So i asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a few pics! (of course i didn't tell her what for! it would be pretty strange having my neighbors husband gawking at me through his computer screen! he kinda freaks me out anyways!) 


Nike;Women and Men's Jacket
SMG; (supreme Music Group) My hubbys music production 
Ty Ty: True Religion Jeans
Hubby: G star Jeans and Gucci belt

Nike Sports Wear


Post- Midnight Boredom

It's now 1:30am and i am bored as hell and in sooo much pain from falling down my stairs! (yah most people would be in bed dreaming sweet nothings by now) so what's up with me? It feels a bit lonely on the other side of the bed! (trey songs "your side of the bed" just came to mind :(  (hubby left today) sigh.... so i grabbed my blanket, and  the munchies and propped my self on the chair while i channel surfed! Sex and the City Reruns, works for me! lol  but i will leave you with a lil Midnight Inspiration as i would like to call it! Falling asleep slowly........
Ciao bellas xoxo Ty






 (source: theseams.com)