So this is the second time my look has been featured on fabsugar! thanks alot xoxoxoxoxo this is what was said
 "This week, I'm going gaga for your color schemes — some of you went mellow in monochromatic looks, while others got bold with bright pops of Springy hues. However you dice it, this is some Fab street style inspiration, so click on to get the full rundown on my favorites:Paris fusionromper roomlaunch partyshower attiretaking a risksimplevitamin Cdinner datesweetness, and walk in the park." 
If you want to check it out, click on the blue links above, and im known as Vitamin C 


These leggings are the bomb! however a little on the pricey side. Why is it that everything i seem to like is way beyond what i can afford? It sucks....Finding the perfect peices is like finding the perfect guy! lol just thinking out loud... wish i had every last one of these leggings in my closet. The leggings trend has come a long way never thought it would have lasted that long but i like how designers are all putting their own twist on leggings wether it be texture, designs, prints, studs, colors, its a summer hit and a must have. Pair it with a white tee or white sheer tank, a pair of  heels or combat boots for a more edgier look and you're ready to go. sorry guys but you will have to click the link below to view.  CHECK IT OUT! 



Hello luvlies, hope everyone had a fab weekend. I was hard at work as usual. trying to enjoy my summer in an over crowded hot sticky salon :)  (not like im complaining but we gotta get AC) Yah it sucks, but im happy the sun is here to stay..... I can't believe june is already here, wow at how fast the months fly by! I wanna take a vacation this year and its been tough choosing a location, so far i have miami in mind, cuba, bahamas, and cayman Islands, which i hear by the way is breathtaking! My dream vacation spot is really dubai! i love the culture, and would love to experience the food and fine dining and all the other good things that come along with it! The shopping especially! I would also like to sail to St.barts and st.tropaz oh that would be the life but thats another topic all on its own! Moving along, this entire weekend i've been tortured by this amazing pair of shoes that i found. Purple/brown nike gladiators. how sick is that, you'd be crushing every body's heart if you owned a pair like these! you gotta check it out! 

This is a summer fab and its on my wish list! " i'm watching you baby!"

Dubai's white sand beaches
Dubai at night

A view from a villa in st.barts. To die for.......

The beautiful St. Tropez


Russell Vs . Sawyer

Is anybody disappointed with how the series " Lost " had ended ? After six long years, we all cozily sat by the television with our eyes glued wondering how is this going to end. Then , we all find out that they were dead all along, and just hanging out in purgatory. Anyways, there's definitely a point to this post. I am completely saddened that my television boyfriend from lost " Sawyer " drool, won't be on television anymore. He is totally one hunk of man, and definitely will be missed, hopefully he reappears on a television show. So for now, my new imaginary boyfriend has to be Russell Brand. My sisters call me crazy, and literally ask me over and over if I know who Russell Brand is, lol...but I definitely think he is incredibly sexy. His whole style and personality just really gets to me ! I think he is unique, and the hair, you just gotta love the hair ! Anyways, who do you guys think is sexier? Night Luvies, Love ty


Forever Young, I wanna Be Forever Young

Good Morning luvlies it is a beautiful day out today can't believe how hot it is today! And here i was impatiently waiting for the summer sun! well its here alright! They're calling for an extreme 
HEAT ALERT!  Its 30 freaking degrees out! 
Don't forget to whip out the sunscreen guys, especially people of color who thinks its okay not to wear sunscreen, our skin tends to burn faster, and as a result of that we get really really dark! ( not a pretty tan, rather very toasty looking) but this is awesome tanning weather, at least for just an hour! you wouldn't wanna die of heat stroke now would you? lol anyways the meteorologists suggest that if you don't have any where to go please remain in doors stay cool, turn on air conditioners if you have one, and do not leave your pets in the car people. That's a real big pet peeve of mine. You leave your pets in the car they die of a heat stroke and you're shocked out hell to find out they died in the car while you were gone for like 10 freaking hrs. terrible! and don't forget to keep your pets hydrated with plenty of water! Sorry for ranting on about it but it happens here all the time. 

Moving On..Yesterday was a holiday! Victoria Day is what its known as. We had amazing weather, great food and great conversation! My hubby and I went to to a friend's wedding reception! The reception was extremely beautiful so I decided to venture off on my own to the garden park that was across the lake away from all the laughter, drinks and unfamiliar voices. It was a breathtaking view, with all the flowers (most of them not already bloomed) and giant trees. It was so enchanting! At that moment I wished i was the bride wearing a beautiful tutu inspired wedding dress, 
( Like the one Carrie wore in sex in the city1) waiting to be swept away by my handsome prince.
 (my hubby of course who was across the lake being a social bunny as usual)  anyways after checking out the garden i ran back to the reception to get hubby so that he could take a few pics. I am definitely coming back here again,this would be awesome for taking pics. Okay so enough about me lol ...Check out the pics!
WARNING :PIC OVERLOAD (I've been doing that a lot lately)

H&M clutch (from riviera collection)

Jessica Simspon Sandals, H&M Clutch ( Riviera Collection ), O.P.I nail polish in Elephantastic Pink, Ardene Accessories, & Marciano Dress




Hello luvlies, hope every one is enjoying their day. I will be on a Walmart hunt for my chambray! Hope luck is on my side.....anyways yesterday was such a productive day! (or not!) lol i took the day off work well just half a day to go to a shoe sample sale, I had to go, it was the last sale before the summer, a girl's gotta stock up :) Although i only left with two pairs i was in there forever! There were so many delicious looking shoes. Sam Eldman had some awesome shoes but of course the small feet gals got to rejoice over them. ( All the Sam Eldman shoes were in size 6 i am a 7 or 7.5) I will put up pics in another post! But moving on.... so after the shoe sale, i decided to take some pics. its been a while since I've uploaded an outfit post! My shirt worn in this post is actually a new purchase from Zara! I'm a big fan of gaga and I loved the graphics on the shirt! so here we go enjoy!


f21 bracelet, Ardene rings, diy diamond studded bag

Zara tee, American Eagle shorts, h&m sandals diy bag