Tips For Looking Your Best & Having A Fun Night On New Years

Ring In The New Year W/ Your Freakum Dress

So now that Christmas is approaching I think now is the time to start shopping for our new years dresses! You don't want to be the one buying something from the left over rack because all the good stuff's gone. This year, Sequins are a come back and definitely a hot number! So here are a few hot dresses that you can't go wrong with on News Years !


Caution: May Cause Serious Damage... To Your Ego !

Calling all Fashionistas, Shoenistas, Stylistas, and all the Divo's, no boys excluded in this blog! I dare you to send me pics of you in your most daring, outrageous, ridiculous heels. With height, there is NO limit to how high you can go , or is there? Ha Ha ! The winner will be congratulated with a special post on my blog !! Good Luck . xoxo


Lace & Cake

Steve Madden Pumps, Cheetah Clutch, H&M Lace Dress , & Forever 21 Accessories

Went to a wedding today! I practically starved myself  so that I could enjoy the food at the reception lol oink .. However I was very dissapointed in the choice of food. The worst part  of all ,  no liquor! I know! dont ask! Well if you must know! Unfortunately, it was against their religon to drink, so sigh.Good news though, there was cake ! yummy yummy cake, which I took a picture of! What does your inner fashionista think?


Disco Fever

 American Apparel Bodysuit, American Apparel Disco Pant, Steve Madden Pumps & Aldo Sunglasses

This is my  first time wearing these pants since I got them from AA.! I love the way they look and the way they feel! I am definitely not the skinniest chick on the planet lol. I am very curvy, and I must say it felt like I was wearing a size 0! OMG ! No offense to all the skinny gals out there because I think every body is beautiful, but at the end of the day, I will not trade my size 6 for anything! but most def love the feel and fit! I give the disco pants five stars

Breakfast at Tiffany's

American Apparel Disco Pants, Steve Madden Pumps, Aldo Glasses, H&M Cardigan, & Forever 21 Pearl Necklace

Another Mall, Another Friday , and Another adventurous photo op ! I've always loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, and luckily, they finally opened one up at Yorkdale Mall. I was instantly inspired to a modern take of the film. It was so much fun ! I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn. She was the epitome of chic, class, elegance, and beauty. Although I was not allowed to go into the store with my camera, I still had a blast paying homage to one of the greatest fashion trendsetters. Audrey made the LBD what it is today. The LBD is a girls bestfriend next to diamonds ofcourse ! Thank You Audrey <3 What does your inner fashionista think?