Filters & Florals

Before I ramble on, these pics were taken with my Iphone and are dripping in filter juice! 
 I apologize for the quality! 
*Note to self: Always walk with your camera*  (I swear I usually do)
I'm baaaaack, and I'm slowly gaining my mojo back * sticks tongue out.  Its starting to warm up so the posts are gonna start rolling in, just bare with me. I have quickly came to the realization that I am floral obsessed! Not too sure why, but the over powering floral pieces in my closet don't lie. I've had this pencil skirt for years and never really felt like I've done it justice till now. I had fun pairing this floral sweater with a pencil skirt.  Although I envisioned these shoes with my outfit, the tan will have to do for now.  
Those shoes however are still on my list! 

Wearing; Jcrew- sweater,  H&M- necklace, Aldo- Purse, Zara- heels, Marciano- corset skirt

Love the corset detailing on the back of this skirt! Different and refreshing but still classic. 

Talk  to you guys real soon