Been experimenting with pastel colours lately! I must say I'm loving this color palet! The softness of the colours makes a well put together outfit! Coral and mint has been one of springs biggest colours, As much  as I love coral and the variety it brings, I am loving the mint color a whole lot more, In my opinion, mint can be carried into fall with anything black or neutral, where as coral strictly screams summer! But hey that's just my opinion! 

This purse is my newest find! Love the color, and the little detail on the front gives such a unique look! 

I've been going through a hair phase, My hairs finally grown in and I can wear it in a pony! Sadly to say It'll probably all be chopped come summertime! But for now I'm enjoying it! :) I hated my hair in these pics, and when my hair's not right I feel like everything else is off as well! But everyone has their days, And clearly it wasn't my day! 

Thinking of doing a DIY on this necklace! Thinking of painting it neon green! hmmm just a 
What I'm wearing; Zara; blouse, H&M; pants & necklace, NineWest; heels, ValueVillage; purse, Revlon; Lily nail polish

xoxo Ty



Hey loves, Hope every one is enjoying their week thus far! I'm actually not looking forward to this weekend! *covering face* My weekend is looking pretty hectic! Wish there was Two of me to go around! 

So I'm slowly packing for a possible vacay trip in June! Not getting my hopes up, but the thought of shopping for vacation outfits excites me! I'm loving the swimsuit collection from H&M! I've been on a hunt for the hot pink swimsuit with the knitted detail at the neck! It's stunning, and would make a perfect match with my black wide brimmed hat and some killer sunglasses, and of course a margarita in hand! LOL 

I am in love with this thrifted blouse! The color the pattern and the material (silk)  The print gives off a bohemian vibe, Which was the reason I was so drawn to it! I hate to admit, but I've already worn it like 5 times! It goes with everything!

What I'm Wearing: ValueVillage; blouse, Gucci; belt, Guess; Jeans, Aldo; wedges, F21; necklace, Bod&Christensen; Jacket

xoxo TY 



It's FRIDAYYYY! can you feel my energy coming from the computer screen? The veins in my neck looks like they're literally about to explode! LOL 

I've noticed that i've been neglecting HOT TOPIC FRIDAY'S! Of course it's not intentional, but I do want to get back into it! I enjoy reading your comments and different points of views! It also is a great way to interact with you guys as well as strike conversation since many of us are miles and plane rides apart! 

What I'm Wearing: Zara; blazer, Value Village; blouse, F21; shorts & earrings, SteveMadden; heels

I thrifted this floral blouse a while back and finally I get to wear it and show it off to you guys! I was really drawn to the colours and its not your typical floral print! A lot more bolder and watercolored like! The buttons are very interesting as well! To finish off the look I wore my leopard heels for a little pattern mixing! Although i'm not liking how these pics turned out I am loving the outfit! 

Anyways I dont have much to say today, so I will leave you with these pics! Have a fun, safe and carefree weekend I know I will! 

xoxo TY



Hey Y'all, Hope everyone had a great Easter! As for me mine was great! I took a road trip to Ottawa (about 4 hours drive out side Toronto) to visit my Fam! It was great hanging with Family and people that you haven't seen in ages! I'm glad that I made the trip down it was long overdue! 
Spring is slowly making it's entrance here in Toronto, still a little decisive wether its here to stay or not! Its  been miserable getting dress because of the weather! Im so over it! Ugh! 

What I'm Wearing: F21; top&pants, H&M; bag&necklace, Gucci; sunglasses Prada; heels

 Got these pieces from F21 a while back! The trouser's fit perfectly and the cream pin striped detail on them is amazing! Its blended into the pants so it kind of hard to see! I also scooped this coral pinky cropped top, another great piece that can be worn with anything! I've been into crop tops lately, as you can tell from my previous post! I wish I had the abs to go with anything cropped *covers eyes* but i'm working on that! LOL 

Talk to you guys soon! Have a great start to the week and stay safe! 
xoxo TY


Shagged Away!

Hey guys and happy Monday to all! Hopefully I'm back up to speed with my postings!  I would love to be somewhere sunny right now sipping on some sinful drinks! The weather here in Toronto is still very on and off! While other bloggers are flaunting their spring wear, pastel colours and open toe sandals, Im still wearing layers and jackets! Sucks to be me! 

Anyways, I love this jacket, or should I say I've grown to like it!  Normally, this is something that I would've never bought, but my blog has challenged me to wear different things and I'm loving It! Lately I've been walking into stores with an open mind willing to try on stuff that i would normally shy away from! I purchased this jacket from Zara for only $29.99 I think it was regular $129 talk about amazing deal! I've gotten so many unexpected compliments on this jacket! It also came in black, but I decided to give the tan a try! 

What I'm Wearing: Zara; jacket and top, Nudie; jeans, Gucci; heels, LV;glasses, MK; watch

I finished off the look with my gucci heels and most comfortable pair of jeans I own! Enjoy the rest of the week and be safe! Hopefully spring will decide to visit Toronto soon! Sigh,,,,, Take care Guys! And Talk to you Soon! 

xoxo TY