Leather & Knits

Hey Yall, and happy Monday to all, with that being said I wish Monday was actually over and magically tomorrow would be Friday, but what the heck it's here and there's nothing we can do about it but wish that the day goes by fast! 
These pics were taken on Saturday. The fam and I went out to get a little shopping done!  I wanted to be extremely cozy and comfortable and chunky knits always gets the job done! For some, cozy means coming out in your Pj's! That you will NEVER catch me wearing outside my house! I think as women we should have a little bit "I do care what I look like when I leave the house" kind of attitude! I'm really into experimenting with knits this winter cropped, chunky, and colorful knits are all on my winter wish list! And the best thing about knits, they can be worn continuously and never go out of style! That's totally worth the investment! 
On another note, It feels so good to be recognized! While shopping at the mall, A lovely young lady walked up to me and told me that she loved my blog and shockingly she recognized me right away! I was touched and I'm happy that you guys enjoy reading and being a part of this wonderful blog! Each one of your comments makes me smile! 
Wearing:H&M knit,Vera Moda: leggings, Icon:wedges, F21:necklace, Gucci:bag, glasses Micheal Kors: watch

Thanks for reading and stay blessed! 
xoxo ty


Pink Stripes & Caramel

It was such a beautiful day out today the sun was out but it was still a bit nippy out! I love this thrifted blazer, I haven't worn it in so long! I thought the hot pink and tan would make a perfect color  combination with a mix of stripes! 
Thrifted: blazer, Zara: kids sweater, jeans, heels, Gucci: bag

As you can see I've changed my hair once again!  I get extremely bored of short hair sometimes, although I'm told short hair suits me better than long! I'm wearing  16, 14, and 10 inch( for a layered effect) in colors 4(dark brown)and 30 (dark blonde) I used flexi rods to give it a wavy/curly effect! 
Anyways things have been a little boring here on my blog, so I wanted to spice it up with some conversation! I've decided to have a "HOT TOPIC" every Friday! And of course for those who follow me on twitter we can talk about the HOT TOPIC also! I love hearing your opinions and reading your comments and it'll be fun to engage in some conversation!
xoxo Ty have a fun and safe weekend! 


Ladies, Is matching your panties and bra a must? 

(a) Of course, I buy them in sets and they always have to match
(b)Not really, I don't really care for that, they're under garments and no one's seeing them
(c)Occasionally but I'm not consistent with it

My answer is : (A) When I was younger I was the total opposite, now I cannot leave home without them matching!


Orange Rust, Mustard and Leopard!

So last time I posted seems like a decade ago I swore that I was back to my regular posting schedule! UH-NOT! With the holidays  just around the corner I've been super busy with clients! So bear with me and my lack of posts! 
On another note the weather here has taken a turn for the worse! COLD is an understatement! Its time to put away my open toe heels and bring out the boots and booties! lately I've been obsessing over colored tights, they're so fun and its a great way to spruce up any fall or winter outfit! Pics of my colored tights coming soon! 
I am in love with this mustard blazer, the only thing is I wished that it had black lapels!
I wore my burnt orange h&m tank because I loved the color combination, especially with the leopard accents! I cant wait to wear this blazer again with my leather leggings and tan riding boots or even with my black booties! It was so cold AND it was raining out so please excuse my facial expressions :)
Haven't been shopping or thrifting in a while, but lets just say my wish list is looking really long! LOL  
Thanks for reading guys and enjoy the weekend!  
xoxo Ty


Zara; blazer
H&M; tank,umbrella,scarf
G-star; jeans
Miu Miu; heels
Old Navy;belt


Autumn Breeze

So I'm back to my regular postings! Hopefully I can stay on track now! LOL You know how I do! It's so much work to crop, re size and watermark these pics sometimes. Work has taken over my life, leaving me not much time to get anything done! If you haven't participated in the BDIB now is the time! Check it out!

I can't believe Christmas is 2months away! where did the months go? Before you know it we're all back to making New Years Resolutions! Lets just not go there, because I still have a list of uncompleted resolutions! (Don't Judge me) LOL Regardless of those uncompleted resolutions I'm glad for the ones that I was able to achieve. Life is a journey and when the route changes you just gotta take out your compass and get back on track! 
Anywho I am so in love with this top! I originally paired it with leggings but then changed into my power skirt! How are you guys liking my new booties? They are extremely high and comfy! My only concern is that the suede is thinning out and its only 2 weeks old! Oh well let's just see what happens!  And last but not least you know I had to pull out the furs! Fall is here Chickas! By the way has anyone started their Christmas shopping as yet? 
This is the New do that I'm currently rocking! Going back to the short do soon....
xoxo Ty


Marshalls; top
Louis Vuitton; Hubby's Glasses
Winners; purse
Bcbg; power skirt
H&M; faux fur scarf
Forever 21; jewelery
Zigi; booties


Summer colors In Fall Season

Really hate how these pics turned out! I must admit that I am not ready to let go of the bright colors just yet! Before color blocking was considered a "Trend" I've always been one to wear colors, especially during the fall/winter season! 

Once Again I'm not wearing anything special! Colored Jeans and My orange cropped blazer completes the look along with my nude Prada's!


J brand; Jeans
Prada; heels
Zara; blazer
F21; tank
Gucci; Bag
Hermes; hubby's belt
Micheal Kors; Watch