Pink Stripes & Caramel

It was such a beautiful day out today the sun was out but it was still a bit nippy out! I love this thrifted blazer, I haven't worn it in so long! I thought the hot pink and tan would make a perfect color  combination with a mix of stripes! 
Thrifted: blazer, Zara: kids sweater, jeans, heels, Gucci: bag

As you can see I've changed my hair once again!  I get extremely bored of short hair sometimes, although I'm told short hair suits me better than long! I'm wearing  16, 14, and 10 inch( for a layered effect) in colors 4(dark brown)and 30 (dark blonde) I used flexi rods to give it a wavy/curly effect! 
Anyways things have been a little boring here on my blog, so I wanted to spice it up with some conversation! I've decided to have a "HOT TOPIC" every Friday! And of course for those who follow me on twitter we can talk about the HOT TOPIC also! I love hearing your opinions and reading your comments and it'll be fun to engage in some conversation!
xoxo Ty have a fun and safe weekend! 


Ladies, Is matching your panties and bra a must? 

(a) Of course, I buy them in sets and they always have to match
(b)Not really, I don't really care for that, they're under garments and no one's seeing them
(c)Occasionally but I'm not consistent with it

My answer is : (A) When I was younger I was the total opposite, now I cannot leave home without them matching!


  1. Great color combo...and answer C for me.


  2. Love the new hair, the color looks great. It doesn't even look cold, still looks like summer weather. My answer is C, especially since I am single...it really depends on my mood.

  3. Very cute outfit, I love the shoes!!

    Answer: C

    Carsedra of:



  4. fab blazer and the answer is def. a c for me b/c i find it hard to find matching undies and bras that are my taste , i luv the hipsters and boyshorts and im a 36dd so its hard to find the combo i like in my size . every now and then i get lucky :)

  5. Great look,hon!Love the color mix and I love your new hair!

  6. Looking FAB!
    A.....Gotta match it up!


  7. Your "hair outfits" amaze me!
    it's awesome how you change hair so easily!
    They always look perfect!
    I always have boring long hair, I never know what to do with them! :P

  8. I love love love the shoes!

    My answer: C!


  9. looooooooooooove!!!!


  10. Love the hair. Ur so talented. I'm currently looking for a new hairstylist. How can I get in touch with u. O yea luv the outfit too.

  11. I'm bored with my haircut too and have been really considering growing some hair but I don't want to perm it or have to deal with the natural extra large head of hair. Decisions! Your outfit is cute and casual. Really like the addition of the colorful shoes!! My answer is C. I actually said more on Twitter when I saw it there (:

  12. This is such a great color combo and 'C'. My girls are triple d's and there are very few bras I like and vice versa with undies.


  13. OMG! 'a' ALL the way! I'm like Victoria Beckham, my skin's like totally allergic to mismatched undies. I cringe at the thought of staring at myself in the mirror and I have on a bright pink bra and a yellow thong. I mean, what IS that? YUCK!!!

    Btw, looking HOTT hunny! Best believe I'm like you, got bored of the short and switched up the length of my mane lol


  14. im bad about matching my bra and underwear... I should but I dont. Oops. I love your hair but yes I agree short does suit you better but I love it anyway. and those shoes... YES


  15. Love it! I love pink and stripes and I wore them both today ; )

  16. B - but I only wear all black everything so I guess I am always matching. ; )
    Love the look.

  17. Mine almost never match because I love to wear panties in all different colors, patterns, and fabrics, but I only wear simple smooth-cup bras is in black or nude (with the exception of those that I buy for lingerie, but those don't leave the bedroom LOL).

    There goes that jacket again. Who would have thought that pink blazer would be so versatile, but it looks GREAT with everything!

  18. Gorgeous jacket! I love the pink combined with the stripes.


  19. The Pick....is beautiful.Bold Colors is the way to go.

  20. B
    And love the look and the hair

  21. Love those shoes they go perfectly with that blazer.

    C for me.

  22. Love the hot pink, tan, and stripes!

    Matching your bra and panties are a MUST!!!

  23. and I say c!
    I don't match all the time!
    I love cotton underwear, and most of the time because I'm heavy on top I cannot always find undergarments in sets! :( unfortunately

  24. i have a suggestion for a hot topic Is it cool when your friend copies everything you do your style etc etc. Went to my best friends wedding this week and was shocked that she had done her wedding exactly as mine, blow by blow. So it will be interesting to hear what people say.

    as for the hot topic of the day . it depends with my mood really.

  25. You look great, I am in love with color jeans. An for the hot Topic questions definitely C.

  26. pop colored blazer, dramatic shoulders- how can all my favorite accent trends be rolled into one...amazing ensemble!
    love your style,
    check out our giveaway

  27. A. When I was younger, I didn't have any issues with wearing mis-matched underwear; however, now I love matching my underwear - I just feel sexier and more polished. Great blog by the way! Keep up your excellent work.

  28. As much as I'd like to be an A, I'm a C.
    Lovee the outfit, the color combination is awesome. and the color block shoes are amazing!

  29. love your hair is it an invisible part or do you have leave out?

    I have to go with C for my answer!


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