Olive Leopard

Finally tomorrow is Friday! I am so anxious for Friday to arrive that I kept thinking today was Friday! LOL Dont you hate when that happens? Anyways This top has been worn 1000 times too many! I've worn it with everything you can possibly think of! I don't believe in not repeating clothes! That's bull! If you payed for it then get your money's worth no matter how cheap or expensive it is! 

I paired it with my Old Navy cargo vest! This vest is also another piece in my closet that works with almost everything!I love how it cinch's in at the waist!
I was originally going to wear my new suede booties with this outfit but didn't, maybe next time, I cant wait to start experimenting with them! Also a few of you have asked me to share my fall wish list! WITH PLEASURE... I will be sure to do that on my next post!

Have a fun and safe weekend, Let's drink to that! 
xoxo Ty


Zara; top, heels
Club Monacco; necklace
H&M; skirt
BCBG; clutch
Old Navy; Vest
Micheal Kors; watch
Random; jewelery



Life has been extremely hectic for me as of lately! sigh.... I need a vacay! ASAP! Finally getting the chance to post these pics! I wish I had taken these pics earlier on in the morning! My hair was all curled up nicely when I left home that morning, and by the end of the day when it was time to take pics the curls were completely gone! So I ended up tying it back in a side ponytail! Nothing special! 
I love anything Crotchet! The details on that dress captured me the minute I walked into the store! And for the low price of $19.99 you didn't have to tell me twice!  LOL It reminded me of a spider's web! The details are just gorgeous! I received so many compliments the first time I wore it! 
I decided to keep it simple with minimum jewelery! And I could have replaced my over sized bag for a clutch but I only carry a clutch when I don't feel like lugging around a big bag full of crap! (mind you not everything in that big bag of mine is crap but you get my drift!) 


Zara; dress
Micheal Kors; watch
Gucci; bag
Prada; heels
F21; earrings


Stripes, Studs and Sparkles

I wanna say a special Thank You To Inez from http://www.stylechic360.com/ I was her Friday feature! She's a beautiful person and I would love to meet her in person some day! Her style is off the chains and someday I hope to wear a turban as fierce as she does! (she is the Queen of turbans) LOL Once again Thank You Inez for sharing my style with everyone!
 Moving Along! I just received my Giuseppe look alike booties today! They are to die for, Ive already worn them twice! I will do a post on them soon! I totally forgot about this sequin skirt, and how much I fell in love with it! That's what happens when you have too much clothes! Anyways I didn't want this skirt to be a "one wear" so I decided to casual it down with the striped top! It totally switches up the look and proves that sequins are not only a "night time look"
 I paid $10 for this skirt and I will take it to my grave! LOL
Anywho I'm off to watch a movie! I'm thinking of watching "The Help" I'm gonna pop some popcorn and chill and enjoy the movie! Talk to you guys soon! 
xoxo Ty


Zara: Top
Winners: skirt, and necklace
Steve Madden: Shoes
BCBG: Clutch
Micheal Kors: watch
Random: Jewelery and Ring


Nude Attire!

YESSS! Its Friday so happy! This week has been a great week! There's so much to share I don't even know where to start! Looking forward to fashion week once again! I already have my outfits planned I am so excited! My lovely friend Mark will be accompanying me to the event! Can't wait I'm super pumped! 

On another note If you follow me on twitter you'd know how long I've been on the hunt for the GORJUSS leopard Steve Madden heels! After kicking myself multiple times for not getting it at the sale price ($49.99) I decided to hunt them down only to find out that they were sold out everywhere! I even went as far as to call a Steve Madden Rep to locate the shoes but still no luck! Yesterday the hubby surprised me with the receipt! How the heck did he do the impossible! I'm beyond excited and I cant wait till they arrive! 

The weather here is unpredictable! One minute it feels like fall is here the next its warm! Oh well I'm slowly getting my fall clothing into gear! As much as I love and will miss summer fall awaits me! Anywho have a fun weekend and be safe! 
xoxo Ty


Marshalls: Dress
H&M: belt


Your Vote Counts!...14 days left!

sneak preview: stay tuned for more pics

So I have a really big favor to ask! Remember the bloggers wardrobe project? Well we are entering the final stage and I need each and every one of your votes! I am among several bloggers fighting for the same opportunity! It so easy to loose yourself along the way and forget why you're fighting for this amazing opportunity! For me its not just for first place but it's fighting for something I truly believe is my dream! So please from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate if you guys took this journey with me and vote for my picture on the bloggers wardrobe face book fan page! I have 14 days to make this happen! Thank you for all your support thus far!   xoxo Ty



Mid Week Remix

So happy that the week is almost done! I am so exhausted! Even though I still won't get to relax once the weekend is here, but who doesn't look forward to weekends! 
I haven't been putting much effort into getting dressed lately! I've been wearing my hair in that stupid bun for almost two weeks now! I'm also slowly trying to transition my wardrobe from summer to fall! Haven't been shopping in a while, so believe me when I tell you how long my WANT LIST is! 

On another note I am so excited that in a month from now I can order from Zara online! YAAAY! I love that store! I really don't know why they didn't think of that earlier!And Topshop is finally coming to Canada! I'm sure its not as good as the one in London or Soho (NYC) but hey until I can get to either of these locations, I'm stuck with this one! 
Anyways gotta jet, hope every one is enjoying their week thus far, and 
be safe and take care! 
xoxo Ty


Zara: top and skirt
Club Monacco: chain
BCBG: clutch
Old Navy: belt
Oliver Peoples:sunglasses
Prada: Heels