What a weekend! I'm drained! I went to a few cookouts, went out to celebrate my bestie's birthday, (I didn't bring my camera but I will tweet a pic of what I wore)  and chilled out with the fam! Couldn't ask for a better weekend! 

Anyways for those who follow me on twitter, knows how much I've wanted this shoe, Now its in my possession it's just been sitting on my shelf! I really gotta wear them more often! I can't wait till fall comes around so that I can wear them with tights! I think they will look a lot more chicer with tights on!  

And of course I'm sure you guys are familiar with my white top by now LOL the top that I wear with literally everything! LOL I paired it with my coral shorts instead of jeans it was way too hot out for jeans anyways! 

I don't know whats been going on with my hair lately, but you guys will freak once you've seen what I did to it now! You gotta sit down for this! LOL It's platinum blonde at this very moment as I type! It's not quite completed yet because It does need a bit of toning, to get it all one color but I will work on it today, if it doesn't turn out quite right i"ll still give you guys a sneak preview if I decide not to keep the color! I'm gonna tone it down to a honey blonde! 

xoxo Ty


H&M: Top, Shorts
Zara: heels
F21: necklace
Micheal Kors: watch
Gucci: bag


Red Nouveau

Hey Guys, Hope every one is having a productive and fun week! Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post! You know how it is sometimes, emotional battles are the worst but I always come out smiling! Team #winning LOL 
Anyways I scored this red blazer from VV this is my second Red thrifted blazer! I love it! It's not too heavy, and can be worn on breezy summer days! Although I threw it on to complete my outfit, it was quickly taken off because of the scorching heat outside! I originally wanted to pair a yellow blazer with this romper, just haven't got the chance to shop around for one! Red is just way too predictable a color to pair with this romper but then again red always works!

It's been a while since these shoes has made an appearance! It's funny because when I do remember them, I wear the shit out of them with almost everything, then back up on the shelf they go! I swear I do that with almost every shoe In my closet!  And of course I always carry a pair of flats in my car since I cant walk a mile in these! 

Before I go I would like to say Thank you to all my new followers, hailing all the way from Bermuda and the rest of the globe! Fashion and Inspiration is a global affair and I love that! Love you guys, and thanks for the continuing support! 

xoxo Ty


VV: blazer
H&M: romper, bracelets
Betsey Johnson: heels
BCBG: clutch
F21; necklace
Micheal Kors: watch
AA: NEON lacquer collection



Hey guys HOW YOU DOE'N *insert the Wendy Williams face here* My week has been pretty rough! Bad and good emotions mixed up into one! I hate those days but I got to keep it moving! Can't always let your emotions get the best of you! It's been pretty hot here in Toronto! Try 40 degrees! No breeze just straight humidity! 
I keep cool by wearing light weight clothing,  sheer materials and silk like shirts! You got to think of ways to dress for this weather! I've seen some people wearing scarves, Are u serious? Leave that for fall! Wouldn't want to die from a heat stroke! On another Note, I've done a bit of last minute summer shopping! The sales were irresistible, so you know I had to check it out! I also bought the new NEON nail lacquer collection from American Apparel! I love them and I've been wearing them non stop! The perfect shades of neon! Also seen on Kimora lee Simmons, and other celebs! They are my new summer favorites! 
 Kimora Lee Simmons wearing the AA NEON collection
I love this sheer top, its the perfect shade of purple and the pleating details are what caught my eyes! Although I bought it a size to big (large) I had to get it because it was the last one there! I hate the fact that my bra is so evident under the top but I had to wear one since it's too big! Maybe I'll try wearing it with a bandeau next time! Bra straps are annoying when wearing tops like these! 
I want to say hi to all my new followers, thanks for visiting my lil ole blog! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the comments and feedback Love yall! My phone has been acting up lately which is the reason why I haven't been tweeting much I miss all my twitter friends, and I will be back soon enough, I just need to activate my new phone! Yeah I can be a  big PROCRASTINATOR at times! take care guys and talk to you soon! 
xoxo Ty


Zara: Top
H&M: jeans
Nine West: heels
American Apparel: NEON lacquer
F21: necklace



Hey Yall I've been extremely busy lately! Although the week went by pretty quick I barely even noticed! Sorry I've neglected the world of blogging! This week was a good week! I've been on cloud 9! Found these pics in my archives, Don't know why I never posted them....

I'm loving the weather, And although it can get real hot and humid at times, It 100 times better than winter! I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of my summer! And ending it with the best of memories! 

I love this blazer! The fit and color amazes me every time I put it on! It was definitely worth every penny and even more worth it when I seen the fabulous celebrity Stylist June Ambrose rocking the exact one! I heart her, and no one has style more than Ms. June! Who knew she shopped at Zara? She gains extra points in my book for mixing high end and low end pieces so flawlessly! 

Talk to you soon, and have a fun and productive week! 
xoxo Ty


Betsey Johnson: heels
Zara: blazer
Pink: skirt
VV: clutch
Gucci: tortoise shades
Micheal Kors: watch


Sequins. Sushi. Saturday Night

Hey Dolls, Happy 4th of July to all! My long weekend started from Friday, We celebrated Canada Day on July 1st! I had loads of fun!

Anyways these pics were taken last weekend! Hubby and I made a pact to have "date night" at least once a month! For those of you with kids, you know how it is! Having alone time is very important! It makes the relationship stronger and just keeps things fresh! So we decided that dinner and a movie was the way to go! I took the pics while the sun was still out!

This has been  our second date night thus far and I'm enjoying it! We finally got to watch Hang Over 2, the best part about it was we had the theater all to ourselves! I guess we were really late on that one huh! Oh well we enjoyed each others company, laughed as loud as we wanted to and hung our feet on the seats below! We were so care free almost like two teenagers going on a date for the first time! We ended our night at a sushi bar! Yum

I cant wait for our next date night! I found this top that I'm wearing a while back and instantly fell in love with it! But then I seen the sleeves and hated it! I immediately wanted to put it back and walk away but surprisingly hubby liked it and convinced me to get it! I still don't like it and I'm thinking to get the slits sewed up! What do you guys suggest? Would I ruin the top if I sewed up the slits? 
xoxo Ty


Bcbg: top
Zara: shorts
H&M: belt, bracelets
Chinese Laundry: Leopard Heels
DIY: clutch