Quality Time

The years are going by extremely fast! My baby girl is soon to be 8 next month! It seems like it was only yesterday I was changing her diapers and spoon feeding her ! As much as I would like to hold on to these memories forever, reality is she's growing up, a little too quickly but that's beyond my control! Being a young mom has taught me a lot! I was only 18 years old when I had her and knew absolutely nothing about parenthood or even where to start, so why was I having a baby? 
Things happen in life, and if we are to turn our backs or pretend that they don't exist then you're not at all in control of your life! I decided to take on this huge responsibility as a parent because It would change me as a person, It would allow me to grow up and be responsible, and look at life from a different perspective! The journey has been long and hard at times but I thank god everyday for her and how much she's changed my life as a Person, but most of all as a mother!
Now I know what it felt like to have my mom worry about me, the look of concern in her eyes when I fell off my bike or when I was sick and she couldn't really make the pain go away but she tried her hardest! Now that she's growing up, I take total advantage of spending more quality time with her! I take the time to listen to her, and our conversations at times are hilarious! I love that she confides in me and that she is so much like me in so many ways it's scary! 
So I picked her up from school and we spent some quality time at the park! Anyways guys take care and have a fun and safe weekend!

xoxo Ty


American Eagle: Top
H&M: dress 
Aldo: sandals 
Hubby's glasses
F21: Earrings



Hey Yall, Hope every one is having a great Monday! I had so many errands to run this morning that I totally forgot to schedule my posts for today!

Have you ever been guilty of wearing a certain piece of clothing way too much? Umm I am! This top is the reason why...

This top has got to be my best purchase! It looks good with 90% of my wardrobe which is a good thing right? It feels good to know that your money was well spent! I've worn this top so many times that I've lost count! However, I didn't take pics of all the times I've worn it because I don't want to bore you guys with this top, but I promise I did take pics of a few of my looks! 

These shoes are overkill, like my top I've been wearing these every where I go as of lately! But hey comfort get's an A+ in my book!

Lastly, of course you know my hair has changed once again! I kept this style in for a week and couldn't stand it in for a minute longer! The things we women go through sigh..... 
xoxo Ty


H&M: top,skirt,clutch
Micheal Kors: watch
Miu Mu: Heels


Cognac and Green Kinda Day

Happy Friday to All! Got a busy Day ahead of me so no words just pics! Enjoy and have a fun and safe weekend! xoxo TY

My Trusty Prada shoes

Love this bag


Zara: Skirt
Aldo: Bag 
Winners: top
Prada: heels


New In My Closet!

These are just a few things that I've added to my closet, bought them a while back but didn't get a chance to post! My purchases this time around were super girly, frilled lace shorts, chunky heels, diamond charmed earrings, corals and stripes, and my new fave hot pink shoes!

Those shorts look really cute on...

Finally re united with these bad boys!  I knew that I had to have them, unfortunately the mannequin was wearing the last one in my size! "Can't I just take them off her feet and leave her shoeless?, After all it's not like she'd notice!"I begged the employee but she said that they weren't allowed to undress the mannequins and that if I wanted those shoes I would have to go on a waiting list! WTH? Are u serious?  Never heard of that in my life! 

So yes I went on the list only because I badly wanted them! BUT... the good news was that I was the first on the list *WOOT -WOOT* so I would be the first to get the call once the shoes were removed off the mannequin! I guess it was worth the wait because I have been wearing them like crazy! I haven't had the chance to take pics of them yet but I will! They're a bit uncomfortable, but I can survive in them, seeing that I've walked in way more uncomfortable shoes than those! They're worth the pain!

Zara ~Hot pink sandals
F21~Earrings, laced frill shorts and striped shorts
Miu Miu~heels
Zara~Multi colored strapped shoes
YSL~ parfume (my fave)


Pink Lust

What a weekend! Did some thrifting, did a bit of furniture shopping, and of course shoe shopping! LOL Went to a BBQ/bonfire and ended my weekend with a delicious father's day dinner with my hubby and kids! I am exhausted! But it was all worth it! I thrifted some really cool pieces that I can't wait to show you guys! As I was uploading these pics my hubby brought to my attention that, my toenails and my finger nails are both orange! (he's says "you never do that") which is true, I have NEVER EVER matched my nail polish to my toes, I opt for different colors because I think it just looks better!

 (I think toe cleavage is so sexy)

On Another note, there's been some really good sales going on, H&M, Zara, Mango I guess they're getting ready for fall, even though summer has just begun! (You know how they do!) I haven't been yet to check out the deals for my self but I was told by a few friends that It was worth going! I'm trying to stay out of the malls, because hopefully we will be making the trip down to NYC at the end of this month, and NY deals are worth waiting for! SOooo let's see what happens..

I love the contrast of this outfit! My favorite blazer at the moment, The fit, and details amazes me every time! Who in their right mind would give up this blazer! Oh well, I'm not complaining because now it's all mine and It won't be going anywhere either!

xoxo Ty


Value Village: blazer
H&M: body con dress
Mui Mui: heels


Yellow Mellow

Hey Yall, I'm in relaxation mode today catching up on blogs! I'm so far behind in my reading, and comments!

So once again I've switched up my hair again, I am so dissapointed in the way it turned out, and that's never happened to me before, being my own hair stylist I've always known what I want and how to do it! I literally look I'm growing dreads, I love dreads but not on myself! LOL Anyways the hair that I chose was wet and wavy and it's just way to poofy and voluminous! because I have a small head I choose to not go so big with the hair! I took a few pics while wearing it, so you guys get a peek at what it looks like! I'm about to take it off and rock a short do that I recently stumbled upon on Tumblr! It's fresh different and so freakin cool! Can't wait to show you guys! 

These pics were taken at a cook out that the Fam and I attended on Sunday! I love this denim cut out top! The details are head turning! Once again I'm wearing my white jeans, A pair of sandal clogs would really set this look off, but I don't own clogs so I wore my Old Navy Sandals. I've had these for 3 years now and I've never worn them! Another one of my favorites, this Yellow Mellow nail polish that I bought at my local beauty supply store! I always avoided yellow colors because I could never find one bright enough, this one isn't the brightest but I'm content with it!

Talk to you later xoxo Ty


Bcbg; denim Top
H&M; jeans,bracelets
Aldo; Bag
Old Navy; wedges
No Name;Yellow Mellow nail color
F21; earrings