JULY- Fibroids Awareness Month

Hey All.. 

Did you know that July is Fibroid Awareness Month?  Every month of the year sheds awareness on different medical issues, but this month I really wanted to focus on Fibroid Awareness, as this has been a very common issue for so many women, which means MOST of us can relate. 

(Fibroids) Medical term for Leiomyomas and myomas, are "solid like" muscle tumours (benign)that appears on sometimes the inner, outer or sometimes within the walls of the uterus. This can sometimes cause a woman to have excessive bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary problems and the most common of all bloating. The cause of fibroids is unknown.

Working in the health care field for almost 10 years, and along side gynaecologists for almost 5, I have seen my fair share of women suffering from uterine fibroids. 1 in 3 women will develop them at some point in their life. Although fibroids is not something you can prevent, being aware and bringing awareness to others goes a very long way, a lot more than you think. Here are a few reasons why awareness is important.

1. Black women are hit the hardest by fibroids. (ages mostly ranging between 30-50, but lately I have seen a lot of young black women age 25 and younger suffering from this)

2. 90% of the time Fibroids are detected through ultrasound (There's been many incidences where the woman was unaware of her existing fibroids until an ultrasound was done) or a pelvic exam. 

3. Black women are 4 times as likely as white women to receive a hysterectomy 

4. A Hysterectomy is NEVER your only option. If you're not satisfied with your physicians advice do seek a 2nd or even 3rd opinion. Removing your uterus would perhaps lessen symptoms, but it would also make one permanently infertile. (which is crucial to a woman who is planning to have kids or wants to expand her family some day or in the near future)

5. Invest in a gynaecologist that can not just help you, but educate you on the issue. The more you know, the more knowledge you can pass on..Your Dr. should be able to answer 90% of your questions and concerns whilst finding the right treatment for you. 

And lastly...

6.  Talk to someone who you trust . As women we tend to go mute about these issues, out of shame, but so many women are suffering in silence, and we have to change and break that cycle. 

For more info: make sure to visit: Thewhitedressproject.com 


The Ultimate Holiday dress guide

We all know what time it is. You guessed it! Eggnog, peppermint candy canes, and matching pj season.

The Christmas season can easily be one of the most overwhelming times of the year especially when you are not ready for it. So I've put together a Holiday dress guide to make your shopping a lot easier. Also, to give you some ideas. This guide will be a bonus to those who already own similar pieces in their wardrobes, and if not, well make sure to add these pieces to your wardrobe, to create similar looks or just for some inspiration.

My first look was this Forever 21 lace top which is no longer available (sorry guys) due to the sudden closure of Forever 21 stores across the country. However I will link a similar one below. (I got you!)
The pairing of this lace top and sequin skirt was so easy and fuss free and looks so well put together. The best part, I did not break the bank. This entire outfit (excluding the shoes) totals in at $50

If you're not as adventurous as I am, and would rather not show your bra, feel free to replace with a black camisole.

Wearing- Forever 21 Top, Dynamite-skirt, Ardene- Earrings, Louboutin- heels 

Shop similar looks below 

The second look Is one of my favourites. Red is my favourite colour so how fitting for the holidays? So simple yet glam. A red blazer, tuxedo style leggings, and the same lace top pictured above. Throw on a red lip and Voila! This is one of the easiest looks to recreate. 

Shop Similar looks below 

Red Blazer  (affordable) Red Blazer (pricey)
Tuxedo pants (pricey)  Tuxedo Pants (affordable)

3rd Look is a top favourite to most. Almost everyone owns a flannel top , and if you don't what are you waiting for? I pared my flannel with a sequin skirt as I was going for a more casual chill look on top. There's so many ways to wear this top and thats what I love most about it. 

see how I wore it in my last year's Christmas post 

Wearing: Zara Flannel, Dynamite Skirt, Louboutin heels 

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And last but not least. Outfit #4. This one shouldered cocktail dress. Theres not much to say, about this dress. It delivers and thats all that matters. The lace trim detail completes it perfectly. Shop this look if your'e looking for something similar and don't forget to use my code "tysjam" for 20% off. I mean why not look good on a budget. 


Black Dress Holiday Edition

Sparkly season is upon us, as well as a new decade, and I know this time of year can get super hectic for most with all the holiday festivities, work parties, family get togethers and all that fun stuff, which can sometimes have you searching for a last minute outfit. 
So I've started a little early on my holiday looks, hoping to make life easier for a few of you. 

Don't underestimate the power of a black dress. No matter how much glitter and sparkle you serve for the holidays, black will forever be the most classic. 

 I was quite impressed with the fit and texture of this dress. It's very stretchy and hugs your curves in all the right places. If you're not into sparkles and all that jazz then this dress is for you. It's right up elegant lane, with the one shoulder and lace detail to spice it up a little. Whilst browsing the website, I also noticed the mommy and me section. Such a cute look, if you're into matching outfits with your little ones.

The lace detailing is actually my favourite part of the dress. 

I wore minimal accessories, as you can see. A red lip and sparkly earrings to finish off the look. If you're feeling adventurous, I would up the shoe game, perhaps a barely there sandal and a sparkly/sequin clutch, and BOOM you got the sauce. lol 

Wearing: Pineapple (black Onyx Dress), Ardene- Earrings, Louboutin- So kate

Get 20% off this dress when you use my code. Tysjam  #happyinpineapple



Would you believe me if I told you I designed and sent these cards in just under an hour?
*pinky promise I kid you not! Technology is taking the world by storm.

Im a busy mom of two, with a 9-5, I'm a blogger, a soccer mom 4 days out of the week and a chauffeur to my kids 7 days a week. I must say I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of digital cards. I'm more of an old school girl who doesn't mind putting a pen to paper, but I must admit that it's been quite a while, which means.... who am I kidding?

I can barely even find time to wash my dishes much less send a happy birthday or congratulations card to my loved ones, and now you're asking me to get out of my car, find my nearest mailbox and mail a card? Well not going to happen because Im spoilt now. Thanks to paperless post. They do all the hard work for you, it's as easy as selecting your design, color theme, entering the info, entering your email contacts and pressing send. You even get a card tracking info that tells you when and if  your card has been read. How cool is that?

What I loved most about paperless post is that there is something for everyone. Bachelor party, weddings, kids events, brunch with your girls, Get togethers, birthdays, you name it! And to make life easier they're all categorized. With my girls brunch event coming up in just a couple days, I took full advantage of creating a couple invitation cards. It was so convenient to just do everything online, besides the new reality is we live busy lives, but we also live on our phones. I was impressed at how fast I navigated through the site and sent my cards in record time.

Lastly the Paperless Post coin system is very easy to follow.  Coins are sold in packages and can be bought according to your design plan, which will be calculated in the top right hand corner of the page whilst you design your card. Please use at your own discretion which coin system works best for you. So for ex. 100 coins will cost you $20. 200-$30 and so on.

Paperless Post also offers a free invitation and greeting card using the 'free' filter available under all categories, and allows you to send up to 2000 guest emails.

I hope I've made life just a bit easier for you. Now that I've found Paperless Post, I'm able to connect with friends and family in such a fun but convenient way.
What better way to celebrate important life occasions....Choose Paperless Post.


Femme Luxe Clothing Collab

Hey guys I'm back again with another collab! I am so excited to show you the pieces I picked. Unfortunately my most favourite piece out of the bunch was a size too small so It did not make the cut! Anyways lets get right into it!

I fell in love with the frill action and one sleeve detail on this dress from the Femme luxe dress collection . Also my obsession with polka dots made it a no brainer to add this piece to my shopping cart. I'm glad I did! What's not to love? The length is perfect for my 5'5 frame and the ruffles adds a bit of cuteness to this fit. I believe I took a UK size 8 which is a sz 6 US. I could have gone for a size up, as it was a bit snug. 

I love that it came with a waist tie, which helps to accentuate the waist. The Alea dress comes in 2 colours and 1 print (leopard).
It could be worn for a night out with the girls. If you live in a colder place like I do, try throwing on a leather jacket and some killer ankle boots. The-downside to this dress, it is not lined so be sure to wear the appropriate undergarments. 

Wearing: Femmeluxe -dress , F21- purse & sunnies, Zara- shoes 


The next piece that I chose is from the Airport outfit collection. 
 The material is so soft to the touch and has just the right amount of stretch. 

I've been reaching for this set almost every weekend, to run errands, take my son to soccer, or to just lounge around. If you're looking for comfort, this it it! I like that the pants are cuffed, which allows you to wear heels or sneakers. I decided to wear sneakers for a chill and laid back look whilst grocery shopping.

 This Maria Loungewear Tracksuit set comes in 5 colours.I took a size UK 8/10. 
The crew neck line gives off a polished look. I can't wait to throw on my camel jacket with this set once the temperature starts to drop.

After trying on this set, I promise you you don't need any other tracksuit, just this one in every colour. lol