The Ultimate Holiday dress guide

We all know what time it is. You guessed it! Eggnog, peppermint candy canes, and matching pj season.

The Christmas season can easily be one of the most overwhelming times of the year especially when you are not ready for it. So I've put together a Holiday dress guide to make your shopping a lot easier. Also, to give you some ideas. This guide will be a bonus to those who already own similar pieces in their wardrobes, and if not, well make sure to add these pieces to your wardrobe, to create similar looks or just for some inspiration.

My first look was this Forever 21 lace top which is no longer available (sorry guys) due to the sudden closure of Forever 21 stores across the country. However I will link a similar one below. (I got you!)
The pairing of this lace top and sequin skirt was so easy and fuss free and looks so well put together. The best part, I did not break the bank. This entire outfit (excluding the shoes) totals in at $50

If you're not as adventurous as I am, and would rather not show your bra, feel free to replace with a black camisole.

Wearing- Forever 21 Top, Dynamite-skirt, Ardene- Earrings, Louboutin- heels 

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The second look Is one of my favourites. Red is my favourite colour so how fitting for the holidays? So simple yet glam. A red blazer, tuxedo style leggings, and the same lace top pictured above. Throw on a red lip and Voila! This is one of the easiest looks to recreate. 

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Red Blazer  (affordable) Red Blazer (pricey)
Tuxedo pants (pricey)  Tuxedo Pants (affordable)

3rd Look is a top favourite to most. Almost everyone owns a flannel top , and if you don't what are you waiting for? I pared my flannel with a sequin skirt as I was going for a more casual chill look on top. There's so many ways to wear this top and thats what I love most about it. 

see how I wore it in my last year's Christmas post 

Wearing: Zara Flannel, Dynamite Skirt, Louboutin heels 

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And last but not least. Outfit #4. This one shouldered cocktail dress. Theres not much to say, about this dress. It delivers and thats all that matters. The lace trim detail completes it perfectly. Shop this look if your'e looking for something similar and don't forget to use my code "tysjam" for 20% off. I mean why not look good on a budget.