Fuchsia Fatuation

Hey Ya'll, I cant believe I waited till the end of month to drop another post! I've been extremely busy, with work and everything else life throws at you in between! April is literally around the corner, and toronto's weather is as bipolar as ever! Just when I thought I'd be ditching my jackets for shorts and stilettos, Instead I'm back to layering as if it was winter! Sucks don't it?

With that said these pics were taken, last week when it was warm and sunny! Pink has become one of my newest obsessions! I've never been a pink (or should I say different shades of pink) fan but lately I seem to have a lot of it in my closet! I got these trousers from zara a while back on sale, and I must say they fit like a glove! I regret not getting them in the teal color as well! I love that it has a tailored look and can be dressed up or down! Cant wait to wear them with printed cropped tops and coloured blouses! Just wish the weather would warm up already! 
Wearing; Oliver peoples: sunglasses,Winners: necklace, H&M: top, Zara: pants & heels, BCBG: ring, F21: bracelet

I got some real cool thrift finds at my local Value Village. I got 3 silk tops and a couple belts! Thrifting is a great and inexpensive way to stay on trend, or for just buying classic/vintage pieces! Theres everything you can possibly imagine under one roof! Wish I was bigger on thrifting, I must admit that I've spent less money and gotten more items thrifting than shopping at regular retail stores! lastly the thing I love most about thrifting is that you'll be the only person wearing it, what a great way to set yourself apart from others who are wearing the same things, especially fashion bloggers! Stay true to yourself, and whatever it is that you wear make it your own! 

Thanks for the continued support guys you are truly amazing! Special thanks to my newest followers, dont be a stranger!  Have a safe and fun week and stay blessed! 

xoxo TY


Think Pink!

THANK.GOD.IT'S. FRIDAY! Like always, I never have anything planned for the weekend, but doesn't mean I cant look forward to it just the same! I'm going to forget about my mountain piled laundry this weekend and pretend that it doesn't even exist! I'm going to read my fashion mags, sip on some home made marguerite's, torture myself with online goodies from ASOS and catch up on blogs! Yupp that's what im going to do!  AHHH! Let the wekend begin! 

So I loved the way this outfit turned out! Something refreshing about wearing the same color but in different shades! I've had this blazer for years, finally starting to put it to good use! There's so many pieces in my closet that has yet to see the light of day! *covers eyes* and still I keep purchasing more crap *like the hubby would put it* Going to start reinventing these old pieces and modernize them again! I believe a true fashionista can work with whatever is in her closet, old or new and still look fabulous!

These are currently my fave pair of jeans, comfy, amazing fit, and wears well with almost everything! 

What I'm wearing: Jacket-Tommy Hilfiger, Top,necklace -F21, Jeans-Nudie, shoes-Christian Louboutin, Bag-LouisVuitton 

I love this above pic! 
Stay safe guys and enjoy your weekend! Party hard and be safe! 
xoxo TY


Colourful. Casual. Cool

Hey Yall, its been a while! Been such a busy week for me! Can't believe the month of march is already here! Anyways I've been fighting the urge to shop but with all these sales going on I find it almost impossible! I'm loving all that spring has to offer this year! 

What i'm wearing: BOD&CHRISTENSEN-jacket, BCBG-tank, H&M-clutch, G-Star-jeans, Converse-sneakers, Michael Kors-watch, OPI nail polish "fly" from -nicki minaj collection

I was cleaning out my closet a few days ago, and I came to the realization that I owned way too many trendy pieces! When you're a compulsive shopper such as myself, you tend to buy a lot of things for "liking" sakes! It does feel good to know that I didn't splurge on these pieces but at the same time I have a closet filled with outdated clothes! At this point do I stop wearing them, or do I find new ways to reinvent them? I know it might sound stupid to stop wearing clothes you once thought was the coolest, but trends come and go and no one wants to be seen wearing something that is not considered "fashionable" I think I've grown out of that brainwashed way of thinking!

My goal for this month and the year of 2012, is to limit the amount of trendy pieces that I buy! Classic pieces are always better investments in the end, like blazers, pencil skirts and form fitting dresses for a more clean and sophisticated silhouette! I am a very trendy person overall, but I think I need to find a balance of both classic and trendy! At the end of the day I still buy and wear what I like! Am I the only one who suffers with this problem? Took these pics a few days ago and didn't get to post them!

Enjoy the rest of your week guys! Stay Safe!!!
xoxo Ty