Mom can we pleeeeeeease have a cupcake date?

Hahahahahah! My daughter's been begging me for the last three weeks to bake cupcakes, So last night we finally made them together, we had lots of fun making different colored icings, and licking the bowl of leftover cake mix…( If you never did this as a kid you are not NORMAL)… lol i got a killer stomach ache from all that icing, but the cupcakes tasted great. Oh well, besides licking bowls, and baking cupcakes that's all the excitment going on around here! For those of you who have kids you'll know how tiring it can be sometimes to keep up with them, and giving them your undivided attention at ALL times! but i would trade it all in the end to se a smile on my kids face! 

Cupcake Pics

(:))… gap cupcake


Hey guys, hope every one is enjoying their week so far… Mine is looking really chaotic and busy leaving me no time to keep up with posting. I hate when that happens… Lately i've been dressing very casual, it's been a while since i've worn heels. God i hate not being able to dress up all the time, especially that i am always messing around with hair die at the salon i dont want to risk getting my clothes ruined. It's happened once too many times. I will however be going out this weekend and you guys can finally get to see how i put my going out outfits or should i say clubwear together!

 Here in Toronto we celebrate something called Caribana, its a celebration or i should say annual festival with food and music. Its a celebration of caribbean culture, and their love for reggae, Soca, Calypso, and Steel Pan music. Its really fun and People from world wide fly in to experience this event. It's really fun and its a way to show people our culture, being from carribean descent myself. So i will be going to a few after clubs to celebrate Caribana, i won't be going to the parade this year, way too much people, i hate really overcrowded places sometimes.

These pics were taken on Tuesday night, at my daughters soccer game, which she won! Yaaay
Anyways ill keep you guys posted with more outfit posts. I was just thinking to myself while i was uploading my pics wow i did get tanned, Thanx to Miami's hot summer days… Can't wait to go again!

This was some random pics from last years Caribana      
Toronto 2009 caribana pics

Dancing, and having a good time!
Street Parade…
Trinidadian Band
One of the costumes
Another Band...
And another….
Even the kiddies are having fun, winning up their waists to the reggae music
Love her costume……

ok so that's what Caribana looks like just giving you an inside peep hopefully one or some of you guys would like to make the trip down to Toronto to experience it for yourselves and we can have a blooger meet up while we're at it! ohhhhh how fun, i'm getting excited just talking aboout it! 

My supastar! #15
So cute watching them play.. they're as rough as little boys…

My fav nail polish for the moment O.P.I shocking girl

H&M skirt, and Sandals
Peek_a-Boo highlights, Ardene rings
Ardene Necklace, G-Shock Watch
Silly Face  (:))
H&M tank


Shop Steven Shein NEIVZ Collection

Hey luvlies… as you know im always on to the new shit.. Always Finding new and interesting things to satisfy my impulsive shopping habbits (:)) Anyways i think you guys are gonna love this one! Never before has jewelery looked so fun and interesting. (Well except for diamonds) But thanks to Steven Shein's new collection, he deffinitely adds personality to this collection, and if you askme its a show stopper!
Check it out!

Shop his collection here http://shopstevenshein.com
Square Bangles $65

Triangle Grid Earrings Retails for $45

Bow necklace Retails for $45

Mind.Body.Soul Stacked ring Retails for $19

Stacked Necklace Retails for $39

Texts Rings Retails for $29


wow, nowadays designers are really stepping out of the box, this year alone, i've seen some of the illest designed shoes… like what's next? And don't get me wrong i'm loving it! check these out the new Cardona Bonache Accordian Shoes (spanish Label)

Shoe game stupid!
You're on a different level with those shoes on, girls be asking you where you shop at?



This is just a random pic that i found, can't remember exactly where and when i took those!  Enjoy…..

*Louis Vuitton* evidence sunglasses i see you haters! 
Bcbg flats, Club Monacco shorts, Forever21 shirt, hubby's LV sunglasses