Mom can we pleeeeeeease have a cupcake date?

Hahahahahah! My daughter's been begging me for the last three weeks to bake cupcakes, So last night we finally made them together, we had lots of fun making different colored icings, and licking the bowl of leftover cake mix…( If you never did this as a kid you are not NORMAL)… lol i got a killer stomach ache from all that icing, but the cupcakes tasted great. Oh well, besides licking bowls, and baking cupcakes that's all the excitment going on around here! For those of you who have kids you'll know how tiring it can be sometimes to keep up with them, and giving them your undivided attention at ALL times! but i would trade it all in the end to se a smile on my kids face! 

Cupcake Pics

(:))… gap cupcake


  1. Mmm...that looks great. I was suppose to bake a different thing each week while I was at home for summer break but that has not happen. Sad day. I still have a few weeks so I may try and make something shake.

  2. if i could i will eat all!! :P