Just like Sorbet!

So I guess I hit the jack pot! My visit to F21 was a very successful one! I got so much cute stuff! I will be sure to do a post pretty soon! Anyways The top that I'm wearing is also from F21! I am in love with this color and the quality is quite impressive! I'm not gonna ramble on today, just a quick post!

 My shoes has finally arrived and I got to wear them for the first time yesterday! I love them and they are the new rave in my closet right now! I went through hell and and back to get those shoes! 
I also got a few accessories from F21 as well! :)
What I'm wearing: F21:necklace, top, ring Zara: pants, Steve Madden: heels, Mackage: Jacket
 xoxo Ty

Time for Friday's


So I recently seen this topic on the Fashion Bomb and I thought it was a great conversation starter! 

Question: a) How much is too much to spend on an outfit? and  b) What's the most would you spend on an outfit?

My answer: Well personally my weakness is shoes, I splurge a  great amount on shoes, but when it comes to my outfits it has to be something that I really really like to put down crazy money on it! If its something I know that I can find somewhere else for a fraction of the price, then why drop hundreds  on it?  (I'm sorry I'm not a celebrity, I do look at the price tag)  But then again Quality is a big thing in my books. Once upon a time I would drop hundreds ($400) on my outfit *covers face* but now I've learnt the beauty of thrifting, and shopping for better deals, and of course there are times when I'll just buy something because I really want it!



Can we all say it together TGIF! While you guys are reading this post I'm probably already on my way to F21 to get some shopping done! Usually F21 is a hit and miss for me, today is definitely a HIT! I did some quick browsing yesterday so I know exactly what I'm going for today! *let's keep my fingers crossed and hope there's still sizes left* I'm mostly going for chunky knits and a few tops, but you know that never happens right? I swear every F21 is set up where the jewelery section is directly beside the cash register! LOL and guess what they're #WINNING cause it always works! (On me at least, or maybe that's just my compulsive shopper syndrome kicking in)
Wearing: BCBG blazer, Marshall's top, Zara Leggings, Icon booties, Gucci bag, Dior sunglasses, Aldo earrings
I will be sure to do a post on my purchases! On another note I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner! 2012  O_o  It feels weird just writing it! If you're a procrastinator like I am then chances are you haven't started shopping as yet. I'm thinking of giving gift cards for everybody this year, I know the whole point of gift giving is putting the thought into it, but who doesn't get excited about gift cards? You get to pick what you want! Sounds like a plan to me! 
Anywho, The blazer from my last post was from BCBG, a few people wanted to know! The blazer that I'm wearing In this post is also from BCBG. Can't get enough of their blazers quality and detail is always on point! 
 Okay so time for Friday's Hot topic 


Is it cool for your bff to copy your style? (like down to having the exact same wedding dress you had on your wedding) and everything else that you do? And how do you deal with a friend like that? 
My Answer: Personal style is called that for a reason! Immediately when my reader suggested that I brought that up as a hot topic I immediately remembered this pic...
(Khloe Kardashianand BFF seen wearing the same outfit)

Now why would you want to look like your best friend,matching outfit and all! I just think wearing the same outfit as your girl the same night, same place, is just crossing "girl-code" as we know it! You can't help if another woman walks in wearing the same outfit as you but not your side kick? Copying someone down to the T just tells you that she secretly wants to be you, there's something that you're doing right that she likes and wants to mimic, And there's nothing wrong with that but there's a limit! There's a way to say things to people without hurting their feelings! If that was my friend I would help her find her personal style as oppose to copying mine, when you go shopping, TELL her that this top or skirt would look amazing on her and that she could pull it off better because she more busty or curvier (highlight her best features and make her see that you and her have two different body shapes) so what looks good on you might not look good on her!)  Eventually she'll see the light, and come around!


Fade Into Black

Hey Yall, Sorry I know it's been a while but What can I say I'm a busy lady! Hope every one is enjoying the start of the week so far! I was reminded earlier today how much I hate daylight savings! By 5 o'clock its dark as hell already, leaving me no time to snap pics! Grrrr ... Even though I am using a professional camera, I still prefer day time pics rather than night pics!

So leather has been appearing on almost every fashion Mag and runways this fall! I personally thought that it never went out of style, but it's a bit more refreshing to see how it's styled on the runways and in the fashion magazines! I was definitely inspired by all these leather looks, and couldn't wait to create my own! This blazer is such a classic and investment piece that I can wear for years to come!
Wearing: Old Navy vest, BCBG boyfriend blazer, Vero Moda leggings, Aldo booties, Gucci Bag

I've gotten tons of compliments on this blazer, and it feels good to know that my money was well invested! On another note, I've changed my hair yet again, (this one's a short wig) I really liked my previous look but it didn't last too long because it was glued in, I am however going to do it again, same style and color for the Jayz and kanye' WTT concern!

 xoxo Ty