I am always late when it comes to wishing you guys a new year.   Forgive me,  hope 2014 has been good to you all thus far! How fast time flies.  I was looking at my kids, 
(my daughter especially) and cant believe she's going to be 11 this year! Time really waits for no one. However, it would be nice if it did, cause there are a few moments I wouldn't mind reliving myself.  

Wearing; Zara- blouse, Winners/Marshalls- Necklace, H&M- skirt, BCBG-  ring, belt, Value Village- clutch Christian Louboutin- So Kate, MAC- RiRi Woo

I'm not good for making new years resolutions, and neither do I plan to, BUT what I do plan on doing this year is saving more.  Funny coming from someone with the blog name  "Shop Now Save Later" lol  but yes that's on the top of my list for 2104.  What are some of the things on top of your list?  
Do share.  

In fashion news, this was what I wore to celebrate a good friends birthday.  I was hesitant on posting these because they were taken inside, so the quality is not all that great. Its been a deep freezer here in Toronto lately. Literally, and I haven't been dressing up much! We're recovering from a really bad ice storm, that left many without heat and electricity (everything you can think of you name it, it was frozen) Its been too cold to even show skin, so I apologize but my posts for january are looking kind of scarce.  I promise though once it warms up a little so will my wardrobe! :) 

Talk to you soon....

xoxo TY