I must address something very quickly, I would appreciate if people would STOP posting their ads on my blog! SPAM has taken over my comment box and I don't appreciate it! Giveaway links are fine as well as the link to your blog but PLEASE NO ADS! Don't let me have to get evil! I come in peace!

Now with that said,Hey luvs, God heard and answered my prayers cause the weekend couldn't have came fast enough! I'm going to relax this weekend and surf the net for some delish Christmas recipes! I'm also going to teach my self how to mix drinks! Can't entertain if my bar-tending skills are not up to par! I want something that both the men and ladies can enjoy! Like a cocktail! Please feel free to email me with any delicious holiday recipes as well as drinks! 
Today I wore all black! Just one of those days when nothing seems to make the cut, but good ole black has never failed me yet! My bff couldn't stop laughing when she seen me today, Her exact words, "girl you look like you are about to do a drive by dressed up in all black! " Bwahahahaha.... uh and who does drive by's dressed up in tights, wedged heels and a skirt so tight I can barely walk? Yah she's as crazy as they come! I know I've been killing those booties but they're really the only shoes that I wear! With winter here, my heels has to take a back seat for now! 
What I'm wearing: Bcbg: blazer, skirt, F21: accessories, H&M: tights, Nine West: bag, Zigi: booties
 xoxo Ty
Anyways Now for Friday's Hot Topic:


I'm sure every one is familiar with the show "GIRLFRIENDS" The dynamic four I called them! Tony the materialistic one, Lynn the sex addict, Mya the family girl, and Joan the big career woman but never any luck in the Men department! They were by far TV's best BFF's They had a love, hate relationship with each other, fought like sisters, but they were always real in the end! And that's what kept them stuck together like glue! Another one of my old time faves "Sex and the City"

My Question: Do you think it's possible to have a relationship with a group of women like the girlfriends did? or is it just something that happens in TV world? And if yes how many of you come from a group of girlfriends where trust, envy, jealousy, and bad talking each other is not an issue?

My Answer: I always envied the TV relationships that I seen on most TV shows! It must be nice to have a group of ladies achieving the same things together, uplifting each other and most of all confiding in each other without the "hate" Me personally I never had that and although at 26 years old I'm not short of friends, I would still love to know how it feels to belong to such a group of friends, as stupid as it may sound. I've been there in my younger days and female friends always brought drama! It never seemed to work out! Maybe that explained the reason for me hanging out with strictly guys in my younger days! #drama free 
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who feels this way, and if so how stupid do I feel right now? LOL




Hey Yall, I'm sitting under my comforter sipping on some hot Chocolate whipped cream and marshmallows sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon on top! Mmmmmm. It's freezing outside so there's no place else I'd rather be right now! I'm usually not really into the holiday festivities too much, but this year I really do feel like entertaining! Let's see what happens!
I'm thinking, black, silver and white for the table decor! All kinds of crazy things are running through my head right now! I'm a very creative person, and decor would have to be my absolute most favorite thing to do! So I feel like the black Martha Stewart LOL Im going nuts with all the Christmas decor in the house, but I'm actually loving the outcome, and how it changes up the mood in the house! I love coming home to a lit Christmas tree, and the smell of fresh pine! Let"s just say I'm definitely enjoying my decor! 
What I'm wearing: Marshall's top, clutch Old Navy vest, forever 21 skirt. accessories, necklace,  Zigi: booties,
 Anywho I'm not going to bore you any longer with my talking! Let's talk hot topic!
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So I'm sure a lot of us women are guilty of doing this!

Question: Have you ever been to a salon where you were extremely dissapointed with the outcome of your hairstyle? Instead of saying something you bite your tongue, pay the bill and promise to never set foot back there again!

Are you the silent type? or do you speak up?

Answer: Me personally, because I learnt and knew how to do hair from a young age, I never had those visits to the salon! However, I remembered sitting between my moms legs for hours getting my hair braided (you know black folk style) lol and there was lots of times when I hated my hairstyles but I had no choice but to go with the flow! Wouldn't dare argue with mom if i knew what was good for my behind! LOL  However I think its a whole different story when you're paying money especially lots of it not to get your hair done the way you wanted! 


Fur,Knits and Wedges

Hey yall, what do you know Christmas is literally just around the corner and I haven't started shopping as yet! I've been so swamped with work! I managed to get a few pics before the sun went down! Grrr 
Nothing spectac, just jeans and a knit! I had so much running around to do today so I wanted to be extra comfy, but yet still dressed up! This is MY version of extra comfy! Sorry I don't do Uggs and sweat pants that just comes off as being waaaaaay too comfy for me! I like to think of it as "house attire" (no offense to anyone who wears Uggs and sweats) To each his own! 
December has been awfully warm, but I'm really secretly wishing for a white Christmas! It doesn't quite feel like Christmas without the snow! Call me crazy! LOL 
Anywho, I'm off to do some Online Christmas Shopping before I hit the sack! I've noticed that a lot of sites are offering FREE SHIPPING! *Woot Woot*
Wearing:F21 top, arm candy, H&M:fur scarf,G star:jeans, Zigi:booties, Gucci: Bag
I will be having an awesome Giveaway for you FABULOUS people! You guys continue to support me and take the time out everyday to leave the most heartfelt and funniest comments!  I love you guys! Stay tuned for that, on the next upcoming post!

xoxo Ty


Blisstful Moments ....

Thought I'd share with you guys my recent buys, no regrets just a grin from ear to ear for scoring such  good buys! Enjoy

1. Foreve21 suede pants and knit. Such a nice pop of color for winter Days
2. Love wearing this bra with anything sheer! can't get enough sparkle 
3. The prefect reindeer duo (my daughters favorites
4. This necklace has such a vintage look! Loving the details
5. My newest obsession right now
6. Can never leave the mall without one of those bags! My fave store
7. I smell Christmas! Goin Martha Stuart on ya"ll
8.The back of my new Zara top
9. New Accessories
10. Neon, Leopard & Tan = beautiful combination
11. Stripes never get old
12. Cant wait to wear them together
13. My sis beat me into purchasing this clutch, well she did see it first! LOL now I'm a proud owner of one!
14. Zara sequin skirt. courtesy of hubbs. Can't wait to wear this outfit!
15. A taste of my decor
Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Ty