Best of 2010: Fashion Bombshell of the Year

One of my favourite things to do when I have spare time is browse for upcoming fashion trends, designers, fashion blogs, and so on. When I started this fashion blog back in November 2009 I didn't know what to expect and I still don't know what to expect lol ! I didn't know if I would even have have followers, but to my followers thank you so much for supporting me. I am extremely thankful ! With that being said, I love going on Claire's fashion website fashionbombdaily and it just so happens that I am in the Top Ten  Best of 2010 : Fashion Bombshell Of The Year ! I am so ecstatic for this opportunity, and blessed to be categorized with the other fierce fashionista's as well ! I am really excited because who would of thought that people would really like me and my style, or even knew who Tysha James , a mother of two, from Toronto is haha, this is sooo surreal at times, anywhoo lovelies Check it out and don't forget to vote ! http://fashionbombdaily.com/2010/12/17/best-of-2010-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year/


“Hello lurver,” said Carrie Bradshaw

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I know i am a bit late but merry Christmas to all and hope to ring in the new year with good vibes and a positive attitude! I ate lots of cake, drank lots of wine and i've been in lazy mode since.. 

 So what better way to ring in the Christmas with a shoe box, with the famous "Christian Louboutins" signature splattered all over it! A gift that will have a girl's heart stop beating for a second or two! (which means i went to heaven and back! lol) Call me crazy but it almost felt as if i needed to be on the set of sex in the city while opening up theses babies! Carrie Bradshaw would mos definitely cosign these loubys! I've already worn them twice, and no BS i swear to you they are the most comfiest pair of heels that i own! But then again ringing in at about a grand and change, hell they better be comfortable. I'm starting to sound a little too materialistic, but I've dreamt of this day, when i will get a chance to make this shoe a part of my wardrobe! 

 The bottoms got scratched my second night of wearing them, on a rocky pavement! :(

"Most women remember when they bought their first pair of Louboutins. You probably can’t say that about any other item in your closet."


Happy Birthday To My Other Half Pt.1

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.  ~Marion C. Garretty

So proud of the woman that you've become! You're smart, outgoing and such a wonderful person to know and be around! I am so happy to have a sister like you! Everyday we grow closer, letting nothing come between us. We had tons of fun and reminded me of old days when we were kids laughing and acting silly! Where has the time gone? Now we're grown women, with families living our own lives.
I am so proud of the women that we've become, and that we have each other! We might not always see eye to eye on everything but we do value each others opinions. Our personalities are no where close to similar.

We've learnt over the years that all we've got is each other, and that's pretty much all we need! I admire the "mom" in you always putting our needs before yours, always giving us a "lecture" that a mom probably would! You bring lots of joy into my life and for that I'm grateful for having a mom big sister like you! lol Enjoy your day and hope you live to see and celebrate many more! xoxo Ty

pt 2

 why you wearing the same dress as me bisssssssh! lol we bought to fight! 

 My belly looks huge in this pic! that didn't stop me from stuffing my face though!


 American Apparel; dress
Zara; faux fur vest
Christian Audigier; clutch
Nine West; shoes

Having a sisters is like having best friends you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  ~Amy Li


Zara; Blazer, and pants
La Senza; Bustier
Steve Madden; Shoes
Forever 21; Necklace


H&M; top
Zara; leggings
Bcbg; knee high boots


Its Starting To Look Alot Like Christmas!

Christmas is 3 days away! How scary..... soon the big day will be gone as if it never existed until a next year comes around! The crowded malls will die down and everything will be back to norm! Anyways nothing much happening on my end! I'm proud to say that i didn't break the bank this year on Christmas gifts! (pat on the back, well deserved) Every one got just what they asked for, neither did i go all out! Got the hubby the hottest piece of technology on the market! Can anyone guess what it is? 

So Off Topic: I got to see a lunar eclipse for the first time in my life! My daughter and i stayed up and waited up till 3am to witness this event that only happens every so hundred years! CRAZY!  Not like anyone cares but it was pretty cool actually! 

Enjoyed lunch and shopping downtown with the hubby! 

:( put on a bit of weight

 These shoes are soooo uncomfortable couldn't wait till i got home to take them off! Now i remember why i shoved them to the back of my closet! :(


Danier; Leather Jacket
Louis Vuitton; Hubby's Scarf
Zara; cargos
Express; shoes
Gucci; Bag


All White Everything

Did anyone peep Gwyneth Paltrow's daring "All White Everything" Emilio Pucci Dress at her movie premiere " Country Strong"? Truth be told, that was dope ! I always admired Gwenyth Paltrow fashion sense when it came to her crazy shoe game and now she just killed it with this one.


So Much To Do So Little Time.....

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great week and is not as hectic as mines! December has me looking like a really unorganized person (which I'm not) between work, home, the kids and trying to have a social life I'm drained.... So much has been going on these past few days! 

I've been going through a personal struggle with my career. It is something that i personally love and enjoying doing but i think i'm ready to step it up a notch! I've been cutting and styling hair for three years now (I'm still considered new talent) and its a lot of competition in my field! Everybody wants to be the best at what they do and one day make it as a Master stylist ( A stylist with years of experience) but its very hard to make it up there when the support from the salon is lacking! Its a really long story to get into, but lets just say there's a lot of people who prefer to see you fail than succeed in this world! And its quite sad that this is the world we live in!  I never thought that i would ever cross paths with those type of people! But regardless of what anybody does or says i will pursue my dream of becoming a session stylist! For those who don't know what that is, its a stylist that styles hair for commercials, or fashion shoots, movies, runway shoes, etc. I must say the journey will be long but nothing comes easy in life! I will be resigning from my current salon next year January, in order to pursue my career further. I will be taking a few classes, so hopefully that starts me on a positive note for the new year! Well with that said and done

Christmas is 13 days away, are you'll excited!  I do have a few events planned and i've been just about everywhere looking for a few holiday dresses found one so far! So this is what my december scedule is looking like!

December 17-My girlfriends Christmas Party (still trying to get that day off at work)
December 18- My big sisters b day dinner (her bday is really on the 22nd)
 December 19- Company's Christmas Party
 December 24- Christmas eve dinner with the fam and in laws
 December 26- holiday vacation to an ? destination (says the hubby)

Ok i have the tendency to do a lot of unnecessary talking sometimes or should i say typing, so i will stop right here! :) These pics were taken a few days ago before the big snowfall, behind our house in this forest looking spot! i love it there... Came home from a bit of Xmas shopping and decided to take some pics while the dog ran around in crazy circles!

 Yes i carry this book every where i go! i have yet to finish it but its very interesting!

Ok i wasn't really reading, but i was reading this one line that i love out loud to my hubby and he decided to take a pic! Back in summer i'd always come here to do some quiet reading, while listening to the outdoors..


Diesel; Toque
H&M; sweater dress, and over sized scarf, Leg warmers
Zara; Combat boots
Steve Madden; Bag

 xoxo Ty


Of All The Things You Wear, Your Expression Is The Most Important !

Hey guys! Don't you just hate how fast the weekend comes and goes? Wow tomorrow is Thursday already and then in two weeks Christmas. I'm not even half way done my Christmas shopping! Is gift shopping supposed to be fun? cause if that's the case its taking an emotional strain on me! This year i have absolutely no clue what anyone wants, which makes it harder for me to complete my shopping! I'm thinking of just getting everyone a gift card! :(

The hubby and i went downtown today to do a bit of Christmas shopping for the kids! It was so festive down town with all the lights and decorated Christmas trees and stores playing Christmas carols! On repeat "Baby all i want for Christmas is you" by Mariah Carey. I swear almost every store played that song! Sorry i couldn't take pics of the beautiful decorated trees and all the lights, but my cam was dead!

I'm still in search of a really nice dress to attend my company's Christmas Party! Finally you'll get to see all the crazy people that i work with! lol i will posts pics! I have my eyes on a few pieces from BCBG. Have you seen their holiday collection? Three letters ... FAB!

These pics were not taken a few days ago! This was just a quick outfit post before getting dropped off to work! And i hardly ever get dropped off so i took advantage of the photo op! :)

W. I .W

Zara; combat boots and leggings
Fairweather; Jacket 
Bag; Gucci 
Forever 21; knits
H&M; Sweater and fur scarf