So Much To Do So Little Time.....

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great week and is not as hectic as mines! December has me looking like a really unorganized person (which I'm not) between work, home, the kids and trying to have a social life I'm drained.... So much has been going on these past few days! 

I've been going through a personal struggle with my career. It is something that i personally love and enjoying doing but i think i'm ready to step it up a notch! I've been cutting and styling hair for three years now (I'm still considered new talent) and its a lot of competition in my field! Everybody wants to be the best at what they do and one day make it as a Master stylist ( A stylist with years of experience) but its very hard to make it up there when the support from the salon is lacking! Its a really long story to get into, but lets just say there's a lot of people who prefer to see you fail than succeed in this world! And its quite sad that this is the world we live in!  I never thought that i would ever cross paths with those type of people! But regardless of what anybody does or says i will pursue my dream of becoming a session stylist! For those who don't know what that is, its a stylist that styles hair for commercials, or fashion shoots, movies, runway shoes, etc. I must say the journey will be long but nothing comes easy in life! I will be resigning from my current salon next year January, in order to pursue my career further. I will be taking a few classes, so hopefully that starts me on a positive note for the new year! Well with that said and done

Christmas is 13 days away, are you'll excited!  I do have a few events planned and i've been just about everywhere looking for a few holiday dresses found one so far! So this is what my december scedule is looking like!

December 17-My girlfriends Christmas Party (still trying to get that day off at work)
December 18- My big sisters b day dinner (her bday is really on the 22nd)
 December 19- Company's Christmas Party
 December 24- Christmas eve dinner with the fam and in laws
 December 26- holiday vacation to an ? destination (says the hubby)

Ok i have the tendency to do a lot of unnecessary talking sometimes or should i say typing, so i will stop right here! :) These pics were taken a few days ago before the big snowfall, behind our house in this forest looking spot! i love it there... Came home from a bit of Xmas shopping and decided to take some pics while the dog ran around in crazy circles!

 Yes i carry this book every where i go! i have yet to finish it but its very interesting!

Ok i wasn't really reading, but i was reading this one line that i love out loud to my hubby and he decided to take a pic! Back in summer i'd always come here to do some quiet reading, while listening to the outdoors..


Diesel; Toque
H&M; sweater dress, and over sized scarf, Leg warmers
Zara; Combat boots
Steve Madden; Bag

 xoxo Ty


  1. love this look and the shoot hun


  2. love this loook!!! amazing style :)