Confessions of a Shopaholic!

Florals are one of springs biggest trends! A couple days back I took photos wearing the pink version to this floral blue skirt! This skirt was a purchase from last summer, and also a smart investment. And hey what do you know florals are in? Can you say shopaholic? can u guys believe i have two of the same skirts just in different colors! For only 14.99 how could i have passed up such a god deal! That's why my blog is called shop now save later! I'm officially broke :(

Disney on ice!

hey guys! hope everyone had a happy Monday, i know i did! So i took the kids out on sunday to disney on ice, oh boy it was so much fun, i think i had more fun than the kids:) Sorry i didn't get the chance to take pix of my outfit :( my effing camera died just before i decided to take some pix. I guess its my fault i was to busy snapping away at the characters on ice. I wore my f21 studded leggings, white polo tshirt leather jacket and jessica simpson heels.



For people like moi who can't afford the read deal, can totally spurge on a bag like this for only $125.
Designers Alex Wang and retailer Opening Ceremony have "come together on a tote bag" The tote bag features Wangs signature bottom-studs. And get this the studs are offered in either gold or silver studs. How FAB! This baby is selling like hot cakes! I want one!


That's Some Creative Shit

New and up coming designer Daniel Michetti! His shit is dope! like I'm talking off the chains, never seen anything like it! Here's a few Omg i have to have it shoes from his spring/summer 2010 women's shoe collection.
Daniele Michetti far right!

I can just imagine me wearing those bad boys!
Love the whole fringe embellishment!


The last set of pictures from my new york trip!

Iv'e been so busy lately that my laptop is overflooded with past due pics. I actually had to organize my pics and put them into folders. It was just too much so i decided to just put up all my past due pics that was supposed to be posted up ages ago! I can't wait to see the movie Alice in Wonderland some says it sucks, and others says its 50/50, so ill be the judge...

Thanx to all my followers, i officially have 9 followers as of today thanx so much for your support, you gotta start somewhere in order to be recognized and you guys are the greatest, xoxooxoxo. lets drink to that. CHEERS!

My hubby and i in NYC!

He hates pictures! i pretty much forced him into taking these pix :)

Danier leather Jacket, h&m jeggings, browns knee high boots, gucci bag, glasses oliver peoples 

I pretty much lived in that tshirt for the three days that i was in new york, its so comfy and i'm loving the vintage look and print on the front. h&m, Club evermore tshirt, jeggings, cardigan and f21 accessories.

So in love with this poster ......

Danier leather jacket, no name jeans, dirty laundry wellies and steve madden studded bag

He is so trying to smile! 


On the Lake!

I love this outfit! The studded bag photod in the pic below was also one of my fab finds from winners.  oh how i love that store!  and one of my favourite designers steve madden, im in love with his bags, good quality!

Danier: jacket, F21tank, accessories h&m: dress worn as a skirt, sandals, Steve Madden Bag

"It takes more muscles to frown than to smile"


By the lake

Today i got everything done on my to do list! So happy that's out of the way. Sometimes i think i procrastinate alot, its not a good thing but i promised myself it will be one of my new years resolution that i'm working on...... so bump that, so on my way home today, i decided to take a different route to avoid running in to traffic (my biggest pet peeve: TRAFFIC) by chance i ran into a lake, it was breathtaking a place of serenety, ofcourse i had to check it out. Jaw dropping gorgeous, it was the perfect scenery! Sometimes we need to take our selves away from the world and find that place of serenity and enjoy the out doors and all the beauty it has to offer. Here's a few pics of the view!

"I got to take myself away, from all those things that's hurting me i go to make my life so free"
Sizzla Kalonji