pt 2

 why you wearing the same dress as me bisssssssh! lol we bought to fight! 

 My belly looks huge in this pic! that didn't stop me from stuffing my face though!


 American Apparel; dress
Zara; faux fur vest
Christian Audigier; clutch
Nine West; shoes

Having a sisters is like having best friends you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  ~Amy Li


Zara; Blazer, and pants
La Senza; Bustier
Steve Madden; Shoes
Forever 21; Necklace


H&M; top
Zara; leggings
Bcbg; knee high boots


  1. You don't really know me I'm just a silent follower of your blog but I just had to say about that picture where you thought your belly looked huge.. comee ooonn, you are beautifull!!!!!!!!

  2. You ladies look absolutely beautiful! So classy and chic. You stomach does not look huge in that picture! You have wonderful curves.

  3. well thank you very much PD for your lovely comment! sometimes i just say what i feel :) i couldn't stop eating that night, i literally felt like i was eating for two :( and my belly felt like it was gonna blow!

    Thank you very much anna! xoxox to you both! luv ty