Hey guys! I swear my eyes are close while im writing this.. I'm in serious need of sleep! My last two weeks has been the busiest yet! Did some one say vacation? I'm in desperate need of one! Anyways besides my busy life i hope you all are doing great! 
I havent been taking any pics of my outfits lately. Jeans and blazers has become my look for the past few weeks! (due to all the madness at the salon) my schedule has changed and i've also gained some new clients so…. i guess that equals more $$$$$$$ but also more busier days/nights. I will be back to posting on a regular i just need to recuperate. 

These pics were taken a while ago.. totally forgot about them! My handsome son and i hanging out together. I cant belive he's growing up soooo fast, and did i mention he luvs to read! He's my little champion! 
This was a no make up day! 
Jessica simpson flats

Jacket; Canada Goose, Ny yankee hat, Zara; jeans Sneakers; Jordans

American Eagle; plaid top, Nudie jeans, Leather jacket, Gucci; bag


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  1. Hey Tysha:

    Another great look! I love the simplicity of it all. Where did you get those earrings? They're fab!