Chanelling Carrie Bradshaw's SATC2 Genie look……...

Since her appearance, in SATC2 i just knew that her outfit was gonna be a BIG time hit! or should i say trend.. How can you forget that beautiful genie inspired outfit that carrie wore in the abu dhabi dessert!  Every thing about it was chic, i had to have it, wether it be a splurge or a steal i was willing and ready to break the bank for that look. Even the whole turban look grew on me, a trend that i swore you would never cartch me in dead or alive, but now i'm eating my words. 

So i started my hunt for the genie inspired pants and a bandeau top to go along with it, and a turban? yes for sure!  Of course i haven't came across anything as nice as carrie's but i have seen some great look- a-likes. Most of them are black sheer, i found a white sheer one on asos with the slits down the sides, cute but not really feeling  it!

 I ended up purchasing the black one from American apparel, it has a nice fit, but has to be worn high waisted. I'm on the hunt now to find a bandeau top, i want it to be the same kind of sheer material and also in black, i thought of my sheer, black scarf which by the way looks so fab with the pants, i think that i'm gonna stick with the scarf, but still shop around for something better if not the scarf will do. I will complete the look with a skin bronzer/glow, and lots of gold stacked bangles, and strappy heels.
Anything black and sheer is a summer must! 
 check it out!
Carrie's outfit was the only one that stood out! The runner up would have to go to miranda

The heels are fierce!
The turban……..

Now my Picks…..

This retails for about $42.99 and is from Asos

Also from Asos

Side View.. As much as i like it, i think that the slits at the sides eliminates the chances of it being worn as an everyday look it 's more beachy with the side slits.

American Apparel Retails for $47.00 but fits way better than it looks

The real deal…….

Im happy with my pick!

*****RUNWAY PICK*****

Black and sheer? I love it xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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