Act Like A lady think Like a Man

Thanks for all the sweet and sincere comments on my last post! Also a warm welcome to all my new followers I see yall, and to all my old followers thanks for kicking it with me for so long! You guys have been amazing! For all those seriously interested in a wig, or wants to know a little more information feel free to email me at Tysha_james@hotmail.com I currently work with my own personal clients when it comes to wig making, but if you're truly interested we can definitely talk! Just a few words and a quick out fit post! Nothing special just jeans and a tank!

These pants are on some heavy rotation! :)

Have any of you ever read Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man? Well in it he talks about Relationships, Intimacy, And commitment! When you work in a salon like I do, "MEN" topics are bound to come up, and trust me it's hard trying to keep your mouth shut and not scream out what exactly you want to say or feel, but of course we do, and it usually ends in either a heated discussion or every hormonal female in that room thinking about their own relationships! Now I'm no relationship expert because my hubby and I still haven't quite figured it out yet after all the years we've been together but we can tell you that we are still madly in love and that's the most important thing! 

I personally think that as females we are way to quick to lay our heart on the line while men are not! We are very hormonal creatures by nature, but why do we care so much to the point that we don't realize when our heart is being stepped on! 

My favorite Chapters

If he's meeting the Kids after You decide he's "the one" It's Too Late
(very important to women who are dating and has kids)

The five Questions Every Woman should ask before she gets in too deep

The Ninety Day Rule- Getting the respect you deserve

(Now since we're all adults I'm not going to hide and talk, The ninety day rule applys to how long you take to get sexually involved with that person! Some people click on the first day for some it takes months either way know your self worth, would he be the type of guy to hit it and beat it, or stay around and genuinely get to know you!) Only you can make that decision and by knowing that person for at least ninety days I'm sure you can be a good judge of character! Is he the one for you or not!

 How men determine between the marrying type and playthings

(once again very important to know how a man chooses his queen! What kind of qualities and standards he looks for!

Since I've introduced this book to the ladies at the salon it's been passed around more times than you can imagine! Some swear by it and others it's just a take on a man's opinion, maybe the closest thing to finding out how their soulmate/husband/bf thinks! While I  don't live my life following the rules of a book I must say it gave me lots of insight on how men think! Or just thoughts that lingered in my head for ages! I think he puts that all into perspective! It's a great little book to have! 
It was #1 New York times bestseller so it's worth a read or two or three LOL
sorry about the rant but I just had too! xoxo Ty


H&M; white pants, tank, and Cardi
Vince Camuto; heels
Value Village; thrifted clutch



  1. I am one woman who loves Steve's Harvey take on things. I grew up without a father and his manly take on things for me is a way of thinking I didn't receive. I hear alot of women saying how can a man tell me how to be a woman, or he cheats how does he know...etc.

    But his take on things to me are very well put. I admit a lot of stuff in his is book for me is common sense but I love the way he breaks things down and how he is able to read in between the lines. Especially on his show during the "strawberry letter" segment.

    You look really pretty in you leopard print and white!

  2. I always look forward to reading ur post! Love ur style girl! Almost as much as I love Value Village Thrift Store! I do serious damage in there atleast once a week LOL

  3. Another fab look! Hey girl I was thinking, since there are so many tdot bloggers out here, a few of us could find a day to just hang out and chill or whatever we decide to do sometime this summer...what do you think??

  4. Hey girlie! I'm a fan of Steve Harvey's take on things. He has a radio show here in my city, so I listen to him every morning. He makes you look at things from a man's prospective.

    Anyhoo, loving your outfit. So chic. I think I want that cardigan!!! The teal tank just pops from underneath.

    P.s....I think we're wearing the same ring in our posts!


  5. I have that book since it first came out. I like it and thinks he gives great insight into the way a man thinks. I love your outfit..the turquoise with the leopard is divine. We both did leopard today! Love the shoes and your hair too!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. nice cardi. hmmmm!!! looks very familiar

  7. Yes...I listen to his radio show every morning mainly for the strawberry letter to hear his take on things. Loving this outfit. The shoes, cardigan and pop of color in the tank....GORGE! Like you hair as well!


  8. Adorable outfit, I love the pop of color in the tank. I have that cardi and love it.. I actually have to STOP myself from throwing it on with everything, hehehe! and CUTE hair.

    Not familiar with Steve Harvey's book, but he is hilarious on the radio, LOL!

  9. Beautiful look!Love the green and animal print combo!You ve don it before and it looks great on you!xoxo

  10. i love how you put this look together! comfortable, chic and classy...no comment on the steve harvey book :)))

  11. love love love the combo!!
    owww jealous of your hair...i've been wanting to do a side shave for a while now but I just don't have the nerve.


  12. I absolutely love this cardigan so wish we had an H&M. You look great!

  13. love the outfit...where did you get the necklace? it's too cute!

  14. Oh this animal print cardigan must be sold in a store near me. I love that you did the white jeans but added the pop of color with a tank. I own a gazillion Old Navy tanks and I can use em to spruce up or down a look. As for Mr. Harvey I was a huge fan until I realized the current wifey was a jump off. I'm single, praying and actively waiting. I can't deal with the issues. I think men know what's up and women do too. We just like being in denial.

  15. HEADED TO MY CLOSET TO COPY THIS OUTFIT HEAD TO TOE! I need your hair!!!! LOVE THIS and I love how your like "Oh, nothing special, just jeans and a tank!" lol

  16. Why did get a shiver up my spine because of the leopard cardi?? I need it in my life. I love how simple you styled it.