Hey sweeties, i'm back and sad to say i was a little home sick or should i say i had blogger celibacy symptoms! lol lol yah blogger celibacy… As much as my hubby understands and supports my passion for blogging he jokes around all the time saying i feel like your'e having an affair with that damn laptop. It gets more attention than me..* C'mon we all know that's not true..* but seriously i was jonesing for my laptop, i needed it, and the fact that i couldn't write to you guys exept for that ONE time! drove me insane. I hate to think that this has taken over my life, but hey this is my passion, and its what i love doing apart from spending time with the fam!

Anyways apart from all of that, i did have fun, We did the disney trip and that was superfantastic!  Now i can gladly say i've been to disney world, such a great experience… My son who is a little too young to understand all the excitment around him still had fun but my daughter on the other hand was all smiles from ear to ear! I'm glad that she had fun but most of all the memories will stay with her and she has something to share with the rest of her bff's!

I can't wait to do this again in August except it won't be with the fam, just my big sis and i!  And this time for sure we will be going to South Beach, so i will be sure to take more pics on that trip. Overall it was a great experience and the food, not even words can explain…..  I barely took any outfit posts, i was more taking scenery pics …………..so enjoy

WARNING: Pic Overload
Good bye Toronto
we stayed at the Sharaton villas in Orlando Florida
just beautiful
villas across from us

Poolside View

looking towed up lol…. eating fruits no makeup and hair needs help!

where all the magic happens…..
street Parade
Walt  *The man behind it all*
Mickey and Minnie

Fire works at disney

Street parade *AFRICAN THEME* they really know how to have fun…

the DJ

grinding spices
beautiful handcrafted animals
so creative!
carving a turtle

street parade!

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  1. Wow. Great pictures. Love your toe nail polish. Looks exactly like the color I have on my toes right now.