Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality. ~Miranda (sex and the city)

Hey Dolls hopefully next time I speak to you I will be lounging away somewhere in NYC! Yes, I'm supposed to be going this weekend! I'm more looking forward to shopping than lounging but I'm sure it will be a good experience overall! 

So those of you that follow me on twitter, knows that I was working on a wig! Which I twit pic'd when It was complete! Finally I can get to wear it now! I am going through a transformation where I'm going to let my hair grow out a bit! I will still be working with my short do but just a tad bit longer! The transitioning stage from short hair to long hair is not pretty, especially when your sides are shaved low like mine! So it does start to look all wild and crazy, which was why I decided to make a wig! This is a good tip for ladies trying to grow their hair out, wigs make it faster, very low maintenance, and its cute! It also gives your hair a break from the constant heat styling! Best of all if done right no one knows you're wearing a wig! (forget that I just announced to the world that I'm wearing one) LOL so stay tuned to see my wig! 
You guys have never seen me with full bangs!
For those who asked, I'm wearing Essie Vermillionaire on my toes! I've gotten a pedicure twice and applied the same color! I'm in love with it and not quite ready to move on to another color just yet!

On another note where's all my New Yorker followers at? Where in is Manhattan Top shop located? (now I know there's probably tons in NYC so just give me the closer or easiest location! I love that store and I've been swooning over everything online! Unfortunately we don't have any top shop stores in Canada, however, there is a place downtown that distributes top shop but its not the greatest selection! So hit me up on twitter, or by email or even down below in the comment box! There's no way I'm going to NYC and missing Top shop!

I just discovered a new shopping spot here in my city, I love it!  Don't you love it when that happens? I'll show you all my cool finds in another post!  Talk to you guys soon enjoy the rest of your week!
xoxo Ty


AA; pants
Diesel; cut out top
Prada; heels
Club Monaco; necklace
VV; thrifted clutch
H&M; skinny belt


  1. You're look so chic and hot. Top Shop is located on Broadway near canal street and that store is everything you can imagine. 3 floors of goodness. For your style I think you should definitely stick with shopping in Soho. Great stuff that's eclectic and you will not see a lot of people with.

  2. Also, because I'm from Brooklyn, you should also check out the boutiques on Atlantic ave. Very cool stuff. Michelle boutique is my fave.

  3. Those pants with the belt? I love. =) Have fun in NY. Oh, the shopping that will ensue? I can only imagine. LOL

  4. You look amazing, Ty! I love those pants. I love the vintage look of them & that color! OMG!!! You are killin'em with these backless shirts!! LOVE!!!


  5. Oh awesome you're hitting NYC! This is such a cute, chic relaxed fit. Love the colors on you.

    TopShop In SoHo is the way to go! In SoHo alone you'll have a grand time..great shopping, great eating..Yes!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here


  6. While in NY, if you need directions for the train...check out hopstop.com.

    Have fun! I recommend walking in areas. Sometimes you find the cutest little shops an boutiques. If you like topshop then you should also check out Zara.

  7. Gorgeous outfit!Love the top and the pants!Gorgeous color!xoxo

  8. So cute, girl! I've been wanting those pants forever. I need to suck it up and just buy them. Lol!

  9. You look amazing! I love the diff ways u wore your necklace in the pics! I love that tank nice surprise at the end. enjoy nyc

  10. You look amazing. loving the whole look especially those pants. I want them =) Im going to get me a wig too

  11. I really like the salmon color and shape of the pants.

  12. omg!! drooling!! love the top. very sexy!!!

  13. You did it! I love the color of the pants and the tank top is fabulous!

  14. Love how you put everything together! That necklace is amazing!

    Stop by my blog some time at http://stylelustpages.com!

  15. those pants as cute and you look fabulous with the whole outfit

  16. www.travelhousetz.blogspot.com

    i love those pants....beautiful

  17. Love this look girl! Nice mtg you on Chictopia, I'm following. Check me out and K.I.T. :)


  18. I agree with Prissy! Backless tops are YOUR thing! :)

    While in NYC, I would suggest you make your way down to SoHo. I was there last weekend, shopping around for a birthday outfit. I spent ALL day there, because there were so many new shipments in stores! TOPSHOP is located on Broadway and Broome Street. Along the same strip, you'll find your Zara, A/X, H&M's, MANGO, Levi Store, etc.

    Enjoy! :)


  19. I'm so jealous about your NYC trip, I KNOW you're going to find some fab things! I love your pants, I found some thrifted ones that are a similar style but haven't found the perfect top yet. I can't wait to see your new things from your new place you've found and your things from NYC!

  20. love this look! the cut out back on the top takes it to another level! make sure to check out the mystique boutique (not far from topshop) it's trendy, but you can find reasonably priced goodies in there, and daffys a couple doors down :)))

  21. LOVE this look! WOW! Its like tres official yet fun lovin' and cute all at the same time. I envy the way you can just decide to traipse off to NY anytime you want *sigh* I wish I lived in America :(

    Cut my hair even more hun....be sure to check it out! SO excited to have fun with fashion with a new look


  22. love these trousers!!
    hot look


  23. So cute your heels and your pants, loving your style and blog

  24. I love that clutch, I thrifted one just like it. The high waist coral pants are fabulous. And I love the cutout back of this top. Fabulous Look!

  25. Did you wear this gorgeous top to stir up trouble with the little old ladies? Hope the world was rocked as mine was when I saw the back. The pants are hot and I'm not a fan of wearing any type of pants (I can never find good lengths).

  26. this look is HOT!
    Oh my garsh, the cut and color of your trousers is AMAZE.

    J x