Gettin Wiggy Wid It

Hey Everybody  Happy Monday to all! I had an awesome weekend! Hope you"ll did too!

So remember my "self-made"wig that I was telling you guys about? I received so many compliments on it! I was literally getting stopped  in the malls to ask who did my hair? LOL Now that's a funny question because its been years since anyone has done my hair, and even with my short do, I just usually get it lined up! Nothing drastic! But I was a little surprised at all the reactions because I've been making wigs for as long as I've known! I even have a few personal clients that I make wigs for! I like being able to switch up my look from time to time! And like most women I get bored so easily when it comes to my hair! 

If you're one of those people, how about trying something new for the summer! The littlest changes makes such a big difference!

  • BANGS~ they will drastically change your look, low maintenance, a fun do for the summer, and can soften the face! Another option is you can even try clip in bangs to see how it looks before doing the big chop! Be sure to consult with your stylist when getting such a style, not everyone's face shape is the same, and different type of bangs can be recommended, side swept bangs, blunt bangs, wispy bangs etc. 
  • COLOR~ every one has tried it once and even if you think its not for you, then you are absolutely wrong! Color can totally enhance your look and features and can sometimes change your identity! sounds like fun? LOL Sometimes when you've had such a bad color experience you choose never to dye your hair again! Well let me start by telling you box color is not the way to go! You are slowly damaging your hair when using box color! If you're thinking of getting color for the summer but you're not too sure I advice you to look up a colorist in your local area, not a hair stylist but a colorist, make sure to ask how many years of experience they've had under their belt talk to them and tell them exactly what you're looking for! Then take it from there! 
  • TIP: Always do a patch/skin test first because you just never know what you might react to! coloring your hair during the summer months is better than coloring it in winter, however if you do continue to color your hair throughout the year make sure to go darker throughout the colder months and lighter throughout summer! A semi-permanent dye is the best recommended dye for women who are trying color out for the very first time! 
  • For black hair: NEVER do a chemical relaxer and color, stick to one, and if you do decide to do both because you're stubborn like me make sure to use a rinsed dye which means it washes out after 1week!
  • WIGS~ are fun and the best part about them? You can put them on and take them off in just a mere second! It's a great alternative if you are trying to grow your hair/layers out, if you suffer from hair loss or postpartum hair loss, Alopecia, loss of hairline or if you're just having a bad hair day! If done right no one will never know you're wearing one! The best wigs are ones that are custom made especially for you! Store bought wigs are nice but needs too many adjustments to give the right fit! Have your stylist construct your wig directly on your head or take your head measurements! It'll be worth it in the end! They also give your hair a break from all the heat tools used on a daily/weekly basis
  • Long & short Layers, Bobs, symmetrical cuts, pixie cuts,highlights~ whatever you decide to do consult with your stylist! The shape of your face can determine which style will suit you best, enhance and highlight existing features! Never bring a picture to the salon and expect your hair to look dead on! Every ones hair, face and features are different, and every stylist has his/her own way of styling, cutting and skills. Trust that you have the best stylist and that he/she is individual in their own way that their work speaks for itself! If you don't like something open up your mouth and say it! Never leave the salon without saying exactly how you feel! Stylists hates that, an its our job to fix what you don't like!We don't mind if you say that you don't like it! You are paying your money for what you want! It is a service but we want you to come out of the salon feeling like a new woman! Try these and I promise you, that you and your stylist will have a better relationship! But most importantly confidence is the key, which ever style you choose strutt it with confidence and own it! 
  • Extensions, clip ins, Weaves ~ladies Pls Pls Pls if you do decide to wear a weave make sure it looks natural! That's the point of a weave! Yes while everyone might know that it's not your hair you still payed for it so at least make it look like your own! There's nothing that turns me off more than a bad weave! It's not cute! At no time should your tracks be showing, or loose threads sticking out :(  Once again if done right a weave can be your best friend! 
  • clip ins are amazing! It can be quite scary at first because of fear that they will fall out to easily! Well I'm here to tell you that is not the case! A lot of celebs have taken to clip ins! Kourtney kardashian is famous for those while her sister Kim prefers to get hers sewed in! Kourtney's hair is very thin and her clip ins has yet to embarrass her! Yes it can be used in black hair also because our hair is more textured it will hold the clip in very well! I do advise however when using clip ins in black hair go to your local beauty supply store and buy the hair of your choice, then have your stylist attach/sew in the clips! The reason for that is with black hair clip in extensions the quality of the hair usually sucks! So perhaps choosing your own will last longer in the future! They can be washed and conditioned and reused again and again! 
  • Natural Hair ~ Keep it moisturized on a regular! NH tends to loose its moisture quite fast because of its texture! Deep condition twice a month, and always follow up with a moisture balance conditioner! DO trim ends every 6wks to ensure healthy growth and leave no room for split ends! Fun do's for NH can consist of; twist outs, cornrows, krimpy do's, and heat straightening!
What ever you choose to do this summer just have fun with it!And strut it because you own it!
Sorry for the rant!


Bcbg; silk top
H&M; jeans
Prada; heels
Louis Vuitton; bag
Micheal Kors; watch
Nails; Essie (Vermillionaire)


  1. Well don't you look ready for summer. Great informative tips for readers!

  2. Great tips, hon!You look great with long hair, I honestly can t believe it s a wig!xoxo

  3. The hair is really nice. You can pull off any length I see. Love the outfit too.

  4. you look amazing!!
    I was a big fan of your previous hairdo but you look stunning even with these hair.
    It doesn't look as a wig at all, i bet with a wig hair are always styled perfectly!
    Thanks for all the tips!
    You're right only a colorist picks the right color!

  5. Great post...very informative. I really like the hair. The bangs are too cute. You look like a totally different person. Love the outfit too!

  6. Love the hair long or short!!! Cute pumps!

  7. Love this look. You look stunning. Great hair style too.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  8. with a face like that you can do anything with your hair and still look like a diva..LOVE

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    Cortnie at http://stylelustpages.com

    Stop by some time!

  10. I absolutely love your short hairdo, but this long wig looks great too. You could probably pull off any length.
    These are all great hair tips. I am dyeing to be a red head, but am a little afraid of putting color in my hair, but i'm thinking it is time to just jump right in to a change.

  11. love the hair.it looks very natural, its exactly what i am looking for. its very difficult finding great wigs. Ihave been anxiously waiting for this post.lol. you are truly talented. i am very interested in purchasing one of your wigs for the summer or for whenever. have you ever considered starting your own line of wigs? maybe i can email you and we can discuss your fees. thanks!!

  12. wow... you made that wig... impressive
    you should start your own business of making wigs...


  13. You look great, the wig is absolutely amazing, pls add me to your list of wig client, im so interested :)

  14. i love this look , post after pose is never a dull moment ! you look fierce ! i am envious of ur facial structure , u cud literally pull off any hairdo , its amazing ! & i agree , make ur wig line or something girl ! why not lol , fierrrcee !

  15. If I lived in Toronto, I would be at your shop ASAP. I would love to wear a wig that looks natural.

    Fashion Without Guilt

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  17. LOVE that bag and those shoes are to die for!!!
    Fab blog..Now follwing :-)


  18. been following your blog for awhile and this is my first comment(strange, because I'm on here like every day stalking =)). LOVESSSSSSSS THE HAIR!!!!! Ive always been scared of wigs because of what I have seen on other people and may I add that you have some talent because it looks fabulous. Werk!!!!

  19. Girl!!!!!! You look fabulous, you DID that! and you made it too! Gorge!!! I wish I could rock the longer hair it just doesn't look as chic on me!

    Thanks for all the tips!!! :)

  20. the hair looks great on you!! i've been wanting to try a wig for a while but i never go through with it. my mother swears by them! lol. love your heels too. great post!


  21. I remember these rules from the hair days. My sister is a stylist.Has been for 20+ years. I don't miss it at all, lolol. You look ready for lunch with the girlfriends. Is it me or does nude heels just take a look to another level?

  22. About 2 years ago I made my own clip ins and LOVE them. I wear them only when I want super duper long hair and NO one can tell the difference. Wow! I knew Kim K had extensions but never knew that she did a sew in... interesting! Great post!