A lil bit of this and a little bit of that!

Winter is finally here! Not that I'm embracing it or anything but the cold gusty winds leave me with no choice but to switch up my summer/Fall wardrobe to Winter! Today was -5  degrees with  a windshield that felt more like -10.  Brrrrrrrrrr Regardless winter is here to stay (I'd be rich for every time I've said that) but weather in Canada is so unpredictable  It's sunny today and snowing tomorrow! 

Haven't had a photographer for quite sometime now, which is the cause for my lack of posts. Our schedules has been crazy busy as of lately! but like i said before with my profession i hardly dress up! Using color and washing hair on a daily basis can eventually ruin your clothes! (it's happened before and its not a wonderful feeling especially when its the most treasured thing in your closet)  So you're really not missing anything much i try my best to take pics when ever i do go out because it is when i dress up the most! Anyways just thought I'd share a few of my inspirations, I love texture and patterns and how much of a difference it makes to an outfit with the two combined!

xoxo Ty

"Sister Souljah" one of my favorite Authors, Danzy Senna another great author, And "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byrne 
(this book will have you thinking in ways you never thought before! How to live Positive and think Positive and ignore the negative energy of the world)

Fell in love with this lamp the first time i saw it! I love the circle details going on!

It feels good to write down your thoughts sometimes... I pretty much write everything in here. My Christmas list, To-do-list, Shopping Lists and every type of lists you can think of and that i haven't mentioned.

Camel is the new  Black! These are the most uncomfortable pair of heels that i own, but had to get them cause i really liked the color! :( 
"Heels hurt to walk in, But they go with the clutch that you carry your lip gloss in"

Aldo Suede Pumps

 I'll never get bored of this scent! Love,  Love, Love it!
YSL Parisian perfume'

#7 what? i was probably half asleep when i wrote that one! I know its a long ass list! What can i say a girl has needs :)

My new bling! purchased from the flea market

 xoxo Ty

 Rich Cashmere by Lancome, I swear by this lipstick! It's the best, mixed with a bit of Mac lip glass!

Gosh Eyeshadow 

My sequin Jacket that i have yet to wear! Got lots of ideas

My metallic fringe bag!  I love the texture

Forever 21; Rose Shirt, H&M; faux fur scarf

xoxo Ty



  1. I am so bad about writing stuff down. I need to buy a nice leather journal like the one you have here and just make a habit of it!

    I love the funny face pictures, by the way. You're too cute!

  2. you look so adorable ! ur the most relatable blogger that i've ever seen , the rest have an image like how can i put this, snobby, but u look real down to earth !

  3. love your blog name.defines my way of thinking...lool..
    i have the H&M fur collar aswell...its the best

    check out my blog


  4. @ ife' i dont know what it is but there's something mind easing about just writing down my thoughts! the funny face pics i was just being silly! i have those moments… xoxo

    @anons thanks for the sweet comments why did you have to be anon? :( i like knowing and interacting with ppl who comment on my blog. im glad that i dont come off as snobby cause im not! and im happy that i can relate to you and others through my blog. xoxox love u guys

    @Lolade hahaha have we met? lol isnt the fur collar the best? I've been getting my moneys worth out of it! :)

  5. Where did you get the cute silver bookends?