Smells Like Leather

hey guys whats going on? Thank god Monday is gone 1 down 4 more days to go before the weekend! Hope that it goes by fast enough! Why you ask? Well i get to bring the kiddies trick or treating. Can't wait, their outfits are sooo adorable! Wish i was a kid again! 

The kiddies and i went pumpkin hunting today. I don't know what it is but im always looking for the perfect pumpkin! (is there such a a thing as the perfect pumpkin?) haha since we wont be giving out candies this year i figured why not bake a pumpkin pie i've never done it before but there's a first time for everything right?

Not much's been going on just work, work and more work! and a little bit of shopping!  I always try to make time for that :)  Took the day off work tomorrow to do some house shopping and run a few important errands! 
My hubby and i have neglected our house lately :( seems like we've been spoiling our selves and the kids with purchases but not our home! When it comes to decor i must say that i do have expensive taste, i wish it wasn't so but i believe in waiting until i have the money to buy something of good quality no matter how much. Especially my furniture. Good quality furniture should always come with warranty and last a long time from wear and tear! Our home is newly built and we've been living in it for about a year and a half, so it will take time to completely decorate the house, to our liking but its what we call home for now! 
My hubby(like most men) is more into pot lights, back splashes, tiles, and fixtures while I'm not too gung ho over that kinda stuff, I'm more into painting and shopping around for wall art, flowers, cushions, console tables, mirrors, candles, you know just adding a woman's touch and simplicity.....that's where i come in!

But i will post some before and after shots and you guys can tell me what you think! but tomorrow should be tons of fun! I get a little too excited sometimes and literally wanna bring home everything that i seen. but then I'm always constantly reminded with "we're only looking for a dining table remember?" .......says hubby and its like oh ya! it suddenly strikes me that he's the one paying! it happens all the time! lol
Anyway dolls busy day tomorow so im off to bed. Leaving you guys with a few pics..its been like forever since i've posted an outfit!
xoxoxoxo Ty

ooh yah i'm back to long hair again but not for long, just having a bad short hair week!

I love the smell of new leather.This was a recent purchase of mine! 

love it when the trees change color.....Aaahh fall is here! 

Leather Jacket; Danier Leather
Cargo Pants; Zara
Shoes; Vince Camuto
Rings; Le Chateau, and Ardene
Bag; Lacoste

And another Recent purchase, given to me by my hubby.
He surprised the hell outta me with this LV bag! My reaction? Priceless! I must say he knows my taste quite well, splurging on a bigger and roomier (is that even a word?)  bag than a small bag! I love my big bags! I especially love the bucket shape of this bag and all the other details that has almost every woman on this planet wanting one! Thanks babe for the best gift ever! You sure know how to make your gal feel special! xoxoxoxo



  1. OMGGG I'm loving this outfit! Especially the shoes!!!!!

    And your very lucky! My hubby wouldnt know a nice handbag like that if it jumped up and bit him! LOL

  2. Love your jacket, I bought one similar on Saturday. Two snaps for awesome hubbies :)

  3. I love this look. It definitely represents the Fall. Especially when the weather is still warm enough to wear sandals but breezy enough for a leather jacket. Love it.You definitely inspire me to edge up my classic looks.

  4. I love the outfit!! especially the shoes and pants.

    I would love to go for fashion week. I was checking your page to see if you had an email available, but i couldn't see any. You can contact me when ever you feel like. My email is on my blog.

    Take care :)

  5. love the colour scheme :)