2010 fashion Week

So…..let me start off by saying that i seriously needed to vent in my last post! Felt good! But where there is a will there's always a way and i found a way! Fashion Week was awsome, I ended up enjoying it all by my lonesome self but thats okay because i got to network and socialize with alot of cool people! I would totally go again to experience this amaizing event!

People every where, models running in and out preparing for hair and make up, Socialites lauging and talking over glass filled Moet. faux fur jackets spoted on almost every fashionista, studded handbags and toronto's best to impress fashionisto's…. 

I attended this event by myself (the hubby stayed home and watched the kiddies) but met this really cool chicka named Jess, we laughed lots and blushed at the ken dolls that passed us every 5 minutes. lol We literally wanted to package them up in their cute little boxes and take them home! lol sorry hubbie.. We completed eachothers sentences, posed for pics like true divas, and got interviewed about using some vibrating shaver device on our bikini line! :(  dont ask! lol quite funny… Anyways it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for making my day fun!
 xoxoxoxo Ty

I missed the first show! But luckily got to see the last two. Pink Tartan (Too die for collection) and Line Knitwear ( Loved everything about this collection)  From the hair styles to the shoes these girls rocked the runway! So imma stop talking and leave you with some of the pics and the beautiful collections. 




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  1. Just found your blog, its really nice. following you now :)

    ps: i really want to attend a fashion week. hopefully next year!!