Winter is my least favourite season. I am not into winter activities or anything that calls to be in the outdoors during the winter season. Getting dressed for these cold and harsh winter months is rather annoying, but when you leave in a country like Canada, well you have no choice but to get used to it. 

Dressing for the season is one thing, but how do you keep your skin from looking sucked out, dry and just drab looking? Well let me introduce you to some of my favourite products that gets the job done. 

1. Glysomed- A trusted name in skincare. This cream is literally magic in a bottle, and it gets the job done. I make sure to keep a smaller sized bottle in my purse at all times. Its a little heavy in texture, however lasts a very long time. This cream ranges from $5-9, and can be found at your local drugstore. 

2. MFE (24 hr Matt Velvet Skin Foundation)- Ive worn this makeup for the last 7 years and nothing has ever came close to taking its place. I've tried so many other foundations, but I keep on coming back to this holy Grail right here. They've recently changed the formula and packaging, and I would love if the foundation was a little more full coverage like the last formula, however it still gets the job done, gives me a radiant smooth finish and not to mention flawless and dewy looking skin, especially through out these cold days. Find it at your local Sephora. $45 will get you 30ml of fabulousness. 

3. Vitamin C Exfoliator (Glow Boosting) - Can I just rant on how amazing this  product is? 
5 Star reviews by almost every customer who purchased. Refresh your dull and tired skin with a boost of Vitamin C. Use this exfoliator at least x2 a week, for a brighter and more radiant complexion. You can purchase this at any Body shop store for $18 a pop. I know it’s a bit on the pricier side however if you won’t regret it! 

4.MAC (Soft & Gentle Highlighter) - Sis everyone loves a good glow! This one is a new favourite of mines. I love wearing a little extra highlight during these drab winter months. Place it on the highest points of your cheek bones, cupid's bow, inner eye duct, tip of nose and your temples. What are you waiting for? Glow along!!! This Highlighter is waiting for you at your nearest MAC store. 

5. Blistex - Not your average lipgloss. A medicated, tingly, minty lipgloss that heals your lips almost instantly from the brutal cold temperatures. I carry one in my car, jacket, office desk and in my purse. Good to have a few on back up as they always seem to go missing. This retails for about $2 and can last you all winter if used sparingly. 

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