Yellow Fleekuation

How delicious is this yellow duster coat? I drool every time I put it on. Money well spent 
*pats self on back* You know its a good purchase when_________ (fill in the blanks)  Lets hear your comments down below. 

I know its a good purchase when...
 1. I want to wear it everyday and 
2. I don't have to justify the reason for purchase

Wish I felt the same way about most of the clothes in my closet! Perhaps I should rephrase. 
Let me re introduce my self.  I'm Tysha and I'm a clothes hoarder. I rarely get rid of clothes 
(not sure why) however I've outgrown a lot of the clothes in my closet (physically and emotionally) Perhaps purging out my closet will allow for me to get rid of some things and fall back in love with my pieces all over again. 

Anyways Get into this look...

Wearing: Zara-everything \\ Ce'line- handbag


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