Cherry Blossom

Alas spring is here! Already feeling like summer! Once again I've been kicking it in another floral number! Looks like KIM K and I got something in common! LOL I love her style but seems like she overdosed on the floral! Definitely not a good luck! 
Ahhh,,, well thats fashion fa ya! 

I love spring! Especially when the trees start to bloom! Such a pretty site! I know, it sounds so corny but I really do enjoy the littlest things! 
I decided to embrace spring with some colour! Something I thought I had a lot more of in my closet, but unfortunately not! Sometimes I get the urge to just throw away all of my clothes and start over again! I know it sounds crazy and all but tell me I am not alone?  

J.Crew -sweatshirt, F21- jeans, Christian Louboutin -heels, Super -sunnies, MK -watch 

I absolutely love the floral print on this sweater! Its fresh and screams spring! Cant wait to pair it with ripped denim shorts and distressed boy friend jeans on cooler nights! I decided to pair it with my lavender jeans to add to the soft colour palettes, and of course even brighter shoes for a fun look! 

Enjoy and talk to you guys real soon!
 xxx Ty


  1. love this outfit! pink and purple always look great together!


  2. such a cute outfit, luv the color combination

  3. Hello, I love your blog. Check out mine: www.styleandbehappy.blogspot.com
    i gave you a 'like' on this post, but do you have a facebook page as well? couldn't find it? looking fwd to your next posts!

  4. Those are pretty SICK neon pumps! Love them! and I really like the tip as well!


  5. Lookin good girl! Love the color combo!


  6. So happy to see you back doing your thing.

  7. Dress is looking very good Pink And purple combination looks great.
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