Hey Peeps hope every one is having a great start to their week! It was a long weekend here in Canada, with lots of festivities going on in the city, I got to enjoy it and spend some quality time with the people that matter! Its been real hot these past few days and I've been living in my high wasted jean shorts, cropped tees and jordans! (yah I do have those days)

On to the outfit! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'd remember me posting a pic of these tropical themed pants! At first glance I knew that I had to have them! I had already premeditated at least 10 ways to wear it in my head! Which made me want to purchase them even more! I love the print, the fit and that they're the perfect pair of cropped pants! I can't wait to bring them on vacay and more excitedly into fall! I got a few blazers in mind that would go perfectly with these pants! 

What I'm wearing; Zara- & pants F21- bracelet & earrings Betsey Johnson- heels Value Village- thrifted clutch OP- sunglasses OPI- cajun shrimp

On another note, remember when I said that I would never be caught dead wearing peplum again? ...........I LIED  I decided I'd give this peplum top a try before completely giving up on this trend that I am so obsessed with! I can appreciate this top more than the last one because the construction is so much better, I'm happy that I could find one that works for me! I completed my look with my betsey Johnson bow shoes, which I have totally neglected! Sigh,,,, Too many shoes, dont get a chance to wear them all! Don't you hate 

Have a safe, productive and money making rest of the week! :) 
xoxo TY


  1. YESSSS!!!!

    That peplum is great! Glad you gave them another try!

    You look fabulous! I wish I had that shoe problem...hehe. :)

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  3. You look great girlie!! Love the pants!! Oh yea I been stalking your shoe game! LOL

  4. Fab dear loving those pants!!!!!!!!!

  5. awesome outfit!love the pants :)


  6. I'm SO glad u tried the peplym again it look amazing on you!

  7. Adorbs! Love the pants but the Clutch <3!!!

  8. Love this look!!!

    Carsedra of:



  9. Lovely outfit, Ty!! As per usual :).


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  11. i had the same reservations s you regarding the peplum top. It seems to be an instant hit here in the UK, every other woman seems to be wearing it. Personally, i'm i'm not too keen on buying one, i haven't seen one yet that has been made my liking. It's a trend i may have to watch pass me by.