You See Right Thru Me!

I'd like to say thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post! I hardly ever bring up my mom because It's an extremely hard thing for me to talk about and at age 26 I still don't think that I've had closure! As the days go by I am slowly healing! Any-who the comments were greatly appreciated!

So today's outfit was quite Interesting! I think I almost gave the senior people of Toronto a heart attack! Not to mention my hubby! The weather was extremely beautiful today, it was a breezy 19 degrees in the city, so I felt like wearing something airy and colorful! I've had this ASOS top for quite some time now but I decided to save it for summer! I'm happy I did! I love the color and the sheerness of it! 
While I was getting dressed this morning my hubby asked me if I knew that my shirt was "see through" Can I just express how much I hate the word see through? See through to me is clear! Like a glass is see through! Anyways then he goes on to saying I thought for minute you weren't wearing a bra! Well now since when did I become so risque'? And not to mention I was at my beauty supply store getting a few products and hair stuff for the salon when I over heard this older group of ladies whispering about my "see through" top while shaking their heads. *Lets not even get into what they were wearing*  It's always those type of people who have the most to say!
I am not one to get easily bothered by others and I could care less if you're talking about me, but every one has their own sense of style and for some one to directly frown upon another person's style is just an act of ignorance! I might not like what you're wearing but I will keep that to my self and not let it be known to the world because its your business and its your style, so why would I make it my issue? If you ain't paying me by the minute to pick you an outfit I could care less what you wear! Case closed! 

And because I am a stylist I have the freedom of dressing however I want In and out of work, so why am I going to be walking around the city wearing dress suits to please some one else! Like Tamar would say "Get a life.com"
* This is my new picture spot its so deserted and that's what I love about it*

Other than all that drama I had a great day, the weather is getting warmer and I am getting happier, Can't You tell? LOL Oh and thx to my sis Elle for taking these last minute pics, (my hubby was M.I.A) I needed to show you guys this amazing top!

xoxo Ty


Asos; Top
Pink; Skirt
Prada; heels
Thrifted VV; clutch
H&M; belt
sunglasses; Oliver Peoples


  1. wow! i feel so stupid for not having the read the previous post in its entirety. I was thinking it was going to be the typical I love my mom post so I kinda jst schemed through it.
    So sorry abt your loss but I am sure she is watching over you everyday.

    Nice outfit as usual.

  2. Another classic pull, I love me some colour! You look super chic and oh yea I know about those people that just judge people by just looking at their outfits, #soannoying!

  3. love the top!!! chic look!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  4. You look amazing, honey!People will always talk, cause sometimes that s what they have left and that s what they do better.Love the top and it looks great combined with pink!xoxo

  5. I see your Sis came through =) Great outfit as usual, those old birds were probably just jelly since their hot mama days are other with, lol.

  6. You are too fly for words seriously....Im digging the whole look BUT..a fly colorful bra maybe..would have really took this to another level...other than that you are truly gorge!

  7. This top!!! OMG!!! I am at a loss for words. This was an amazing buy! You look fabulous as usual...Oh and I see the Move Somethin skirt! LOL

    People are haters. Do you! End of story!


  8. this outfit is fab and really enhances your curves and your beautiful body! I really like women that dress in a feminine way,this maybe sound like a non sense but sometimes they forget to dress up and have jeans+tee+all stars uniform.
    I like the sheer top,i've collected some sheer blouses over the years and i continue to like and buy them!

    Don't mind about criticism, this outfit is perfect!

  9. You look FAB!!! Keep up the great work!

  10. The back of this top is amazing. People are always gonna talk. Love the outfit.

  11. Girl, shut up and mail me that top!!! I need it!!! the back is amazing. It looks great paired with pink. You know Im gonna me trying to recreate this outfit.. .somehow.. someway... it will happen.

    Girl, Fab had a FIT when I put on a lace top with just a bra underneath. Can you have your husband call my husband, and tell him it's okay? Thanks!

  12. LOL @ ^^^! Too funny!
    I love this color combo... it's always been one of my favs! You look nice!


  13. Umm that top is GORGEOUS! & as always, prada shoes are stunning!!!!
    The way I see it, work these kind of outfits while your body still bangs, chest doesn't sag, and skin isn't wrinkled....


  14. I am loving what you put togther. You look Fab : )

  15. So fabulous girl...I am loving sheer tops this spring!!!!!

  16. Finally get to comment or did I and blogger removed it, lolol. This look is all that I hope to be able to wear when I grow up. You look ready for the partay! I'm in need of a pink, green and red skirt. Checked out one on Zara's site. Suggestions? Yes, I thrift.

  17. I am so in love with your blouse!!! It looks great :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  18. Your fit is giving me LIFE!! Absolutely love!


  19. LOVE this out... super cute. People will talk let em talk. Yes to pulling a Tamar lol

  20. I love this!!!! I don't know why folks get so "scared" when it comes to sheer. I mean, its not like you have your bare ta-ta's out. LOL I mean, everyone HAS seen a bra, right? So I don't get what the big deal even is. I think they are just not comfortable with themselfes!! LOL This is in very good taste. I lvoe it and I would DEF rock this look. :) You look FAB!!!

  21. I love the color combination of this outfit. The cut-out on the back of the blouse was such a pleasant surprise. But honey, I am in love with those nude peep toe stilettos. They are the perfect shade for my complexion. I have to get a pair like them.

  22. Bravo! I love your whole look, but that top is Killin'em.com! I agree with Charee Lenee, i too think most people are just too uncomfortable with themselves..to be themselves. They probably wish they had the guts, shape, and swag to wear what you are wearing!

  23. WOW! :o
    I hope I look THIS hott when I've had kids.....shesssh!
    *fans down blazin' screen* You're burning up the place
    And don't mind the haters hun....as me and my friends always say. You look good when guys check you out; but you're HOTT when girls start bitching about you :)


  24. People who have something to say about what somebody else is wearing just wish they could wear what you are wearing. You have some sick style. Love it. I would totally rock this outfit.